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What is the feeling of being a superstar? Reward $2
Created by twoapple, 1597 days ago, 1982 views

What is the feeling of being a superstar?
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nuklin1596 days ago

All superstars don't have the same feeling. It all depends on upbringing, friends and environment. Most superstars who are born with silver spoons are hardly proud because they've seen it all, They are also disciplined, they don't ride on others whereas their counterparts from troubled and humble beginnings, though not all but a sizable number are usually proud and arrogant, and always get into trouble. Generally, as a superstar: you are loved, admired, highly respected, people will want to deceive you or look for other means to con you and get some resources from you, you will have a feeling of pride and arrogance but you need to control it. Also, you will have concern for others and be willing to share. Goodluck!

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Aravi1597 days ago

Hi @twoapple

Sorry, I have never been a supper star. I think you should try and know it your self.


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MrDeng1596 days ago

Maybe feel like making love with your beloves.

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willie1596 days ago

How can anybody ask a question like that ?????

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RIPPER1596 days ago

Не знаю как насчет суперзвезды,но звездой быть приятно,волнительно,да просто потрясающе!!!

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alexey11596 days ago

be a superstar its very difficult and some of them drink a lot of beer and get drugs.but a lot have a beautiful live and work.)

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pustoi111595 days ago

Super stars love the money that you pay. you are for them a source of income. a constant struggle to maintain its image, public discussion of his personal life, etc. according to you, there is something to envy? you need this kind of life? you live a much more honest, knows you less people. do not judge a book by its cover only. you think their lives are carefree, but, in fact, he is very, difficult. no need to idealize the superstars, they are people just like you.

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JeremyS1594 days ago

when sit in the toilet and there's no funny smell. then you feel like a superstar........@twoapple

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nihal291594 days ago

hey @twoapple . simply super star life is not easy ! they have super responsibility as well !
they feel proud !

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