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Created by Anjum, 833 days ago, 1462 views

What is the formula of citric acid?
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brendaniel833 days ago

@Anjum In its pure form citric acid is a white crystalline solid and is sour to taste like all food acids. It is sold as a food addictive for cooking and can be found in most supermarkets.
The IUPAC or systematic name for citric acid is 2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylic acid. The molecular formula of citric acid is C 6 H8 O7
The chemical formula for citric acid is best shown by a diagram of its complete structural formula. This shows how the atoms are arranged in the molecule

Citric acid has three carboxyl or - COOH groups and is triprotic in nature. It weakly dissociates in water producing a weak acidic solution.
Citric acid(aq) ==> citrate ions + H
92.1% 7.9% 7.9%
The pH of a 0.1 M solution of citric acid is 2.1

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ha14833 days ago

the chemical formula C6H8O7

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omarwa79833 days ago

he formula of citric acid: C6H8O7

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kellykevin830 days ago

Citric acid is sometimes referred to as sour salt when being sold as an ingredient for cooking. However, it is most often referred to by its technical name, citric acid.

Molecular FormulaC6H8O7
Average mass192.124 Da
Monoisotopic mass192.027008 Da

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kimbunn794 days ago

Great! Thanks for your documents, its been very helpful. Thanks again for sharing your information. | |

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