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Crashing browser every version of firefox Reward $2
Created by pengie62, 687 days ago, 1164 views

Everytime i go on firefox it crashes then get the message plug in container stopped working ive tried everything in the end i had to uninstall firefox and go to opera browser
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pustoi11687 days ago

chrome a good browser. Of course, if you install additional extensions, it will consume more resources. but look at the number of extensions certainly some do not seem to you superfluous. why he is so popular. make it to import bookmarks, and you do not lose anything.

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mohamad1122687 days ago

Perhaps the version that you have installed is in his favor, try this version
Just press as shown in the picture:

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sanbooly687 days ago

uninstall it and re-install it again.
and it's better to be last version from here.

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khaledmus687 days ago

try this link and it may help you Allah 's willing :


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Aravi687 days ago

Hi @pengie62

Try to reset your Mozilla. Open the below link and click on Refresh Firefox button.

If still problem persist, try to reinstall your browser.


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brendaniel687 days ago

Firefox is my number one choice of internet browser, I've had same issue before, the problem is a plugin installed on your Firefox browser, here's what you should do..
1. Reinstall your firefox.
2. Go to the menu on your firefox browser.
3. Click on extensions and disable all extensions
4. Click on plugins and deactivate all plugins
5. Restart your browser and browse for a while and watch if it behaves fine.
6. If it does behave fine, try activating and enabling your plugins one by one and find out which of the plugins or extensions is causing the issue.
7. With that you should be able to choose the right plugins and extensions needed to run your firefox smoothly.

1. Uninstall your firefox browser
2. Go to drive C:
3. Click on program files, if you're using a 64 bit os click program files(x86) and look for a folder named Mozilla Firefox & another named Mozilla Maintenance Services
4. Delete both
5. Download and install a fresh copy of firefox from their official site.

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ha14687 days ago


which version of windows you have???

Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed

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Flashwind687 days ago

Try the browser Pale Moon.

Pale Moon is an Open Source, Goanna-based web browser available for Microsoft Windows and Linux (with other operating systems in development), focusing on efficiency and ease of use. Make sure to get the most out of your browser!

Pale Moon offers you a browsing experience in a browser completely built from its own, independently developed source that has been forked off from Firefox/Mozilla code, with carefully selected features and optimizations to improve the browser's speed*, resource use, stability and user experience, while offering full customization and a growing collection of extensions and themes to make the browser truly your own.

In this browser, no frills.
Most of the additions, extensions and applications compatible with Firefox.
You will enjoy the app fulfill the role of start page -

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Flashwind686 days ago

Chrome has lost its authority and popularity:
- he had long ceased to guarantee the confidentiality;
- a week ago, the administration Pale Moon has informed me that they officially refuse to Google search engine and use Google search - this is my personal choice (I left Google as an additional search engine);
- and Chrome and Mozilla and even Opera began to consume a lot of resources;
I chose as the main browser to Pale Moon.
This browser owes its birth differences in the group of authors and developers of Firefox.
The browser has retained the best qualities of Firefox and continues its development.
Privacy and protection at a high level.
I'm happy with.
Anyone who values rationality, speed and security this browser like.
This is not advertising.
I don't do advertising.
Browsers Chrome, Opera and Firefox also have in my Luggage + Maxthon (interesting, fast browser) & CyberGhost - for "covert operations" )))

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MrDeng685 days ago

There are many kinds of browsers you can use ,for example ,google,maybe it will bring surprise to you.

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Rdmnred685 days ago

@pengie62 Every so often that happens to me also I uninstall run a scan such as CCleaner or Windows Defender than reinstall Firefox . Usually works for me

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wim685 days ago

There is a very easy solution; install Comodo Ice Dragon which is based on Firefox.

Features of Comodo IceDragon:

Fast, easy to use and light on PC resources
Scan web-pages for malware right from the browser
Lightning fast page loads with integrated DNS service
Privacy and performance enhancements over Firefox core
Full compatibility with Firefox plug-ins

and you won't regret it.

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Flashwind685 days ago

Comodo - this browser is not updated long time ago unfortunately.

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jeetkml675 days ago

OPERA and CHROME both are good choice ,but Mozilla different from both. Sometimes it crashed due to old version, and some times because of history, caches, plugin, scripts. According to your question, this is due to plugin container, So, if want to surfing through Firefox or other browser always choose and install trusty plugin to your browser. That keep your surfing smooth and secure.

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azzzaza674 days ago

because firefox uses too many resources of CPU and too much RAM for that it crashing all the time chrome is the best

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Adot673 days ago

Try these steps. They worked for me when I had an issue with the plugin container.
Uninstall Firefox.
Delete any programs folders associated with Firefox.
In Windows Explorer click on the view tab-click the hidden items box.
Go to users/your username/appdata/local and delete the Mozilla folder.
Go to users/your username/appdata/local and empty the temp folder.
Go to users/your username/appdata/roaming and delete the Mozilla folder.
Clean registry to remove any traces of Mozilla Firefox.
Reinstall the latest version of Firefox.
Open Firefox and go to tools/add-ons/plugins.
Click the link "check to see if your plugins are up to date"

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AbdelbasetCrasH673 days ago


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