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How do we know is it new SETI signal from HD 164595 real? Reward $2
Created by marvel211, 813 days ago, 1259 views

SETI researchers are buzzing about a strong spike in radio signals that seemed to come from the direction of a sunlike star in the constellation Hercules, known as HD 164595.

The signal conceivably fits the profile for an intentional transmission from an extraterrestrial source – but it could also be a case of earthly radio interference, or a microlensing event in which the star’s gravitational field focused stray signals coming from much farther away.

In any case, the blip is interesting enough to merit discussion by those who specialize in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or SETI – including Centauri Dreams’ Paul Gilster, who brought the case into the public eye this weekend.

At least two SETI research groups are aiming to track HD 164595 tonight. The SETI Institute is using the Allen Telescope Array in northern California, while METI International is looking to the Boquete Optical SETI Observatory in Panama.

Gilster reports that the signal spike was detected more than a year ago, on May 15, 2015, by the RATAN-600 radio telescope in Zelenchukskaya. That facility is in the Russian republic of Karachay-Cherkessia, not far from the Georgian border.

The apparent source of the signal, HD 164595, is interesting for a couple of reasons: It’s a sunlike star, about 95 light-years away from Earth, and it’s already known to have at least one “warm Neptune” planet called HD 164595 b. “There could, of course, be other planets still undetected in this system,” Gilster says.

The case has been compared to the one-time-only “Wow Signal” of 1977, or the more recent controversy over KIC 8462852, also known as “Tabby’s Star” or the alien-megastructure star.

There’s been no word of a sequel to HD 164595’s blip in the more than 15 months since it was recorded. Nevertheless, Gilster says it’s due for discussion at next month’s International Astronautical Congress in Mexico.

The researchers behind the detection, led by Nikolai Bursov of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Special Astrophysical Observatory, rate HD 164595 as a good candidate for SETI investigation. “Permanent monitoring of this target is needed,” they say.
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RAHAl813 days ago

Radio signals received from astronomers who apparently from a star called HD 164595 94 distance in light years from Earth in the constellation of Hercules is emitted have been surprised.

According to the report, international group of researchers, aspis of tracing the mysterious signali on stars HD164595 news, which last year by Russian tlscopi signali called RATAN-600 has been traced.

Seth shustak is one of the senior project SETI astronomers, he announced the news after the Institute told the mysterious signal tracking, the origin of this signal with the help of telescope series Ellen, ATA, and data about the study which did not find strange.

Shustak, and their findings for gilster clodive makonh astronomy telescope RATAN-600 with the Italian cooperation has added. This information is supposed to be two international meetings in astronomy researcher in Mexico are set to display. Based on these reports, is one of the reasons for this strange being received signal that is completely a simulation of the star HD 164595 Sun, with this difference that 1%

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Pamela0525813 days ago

HI Marvel211, first I am very impressed with your knowledge on this signal subject. I don't pretend to know much about it at all. My thoughts though are It was bound to happen sometime. Items are mentioned about false signals in the past. But how much better are all of the instruments surveying these things today? My guess would be much better.

It was mentioned that it could have been cross signals from us. I know anything is possible but wouldn't we have all of our instruments perfected in that area. Other wise why not question everything. Hopefully we will have the true answers soon. If a educated species could signal us, I would be thrilled it was in my lifetime..

But in in just yes or no, how do we know? My vote goes to yes.
Thank you for your question! :) Pamela0525

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marvel211813 days ago

I was one of the many people who received the the email with the subject "Candidate SETI SIGNAL DETECTED by Russians from star HD 164595 by virtue of RATAN-600 radio telescope." Since the email did come from known SETI researchers, I looked over the presentation. I was unimpressed. In one out of 39 scans that passed over star showed a signal at about 4.5 times the mean noise power with a profile somewhat like the beam profile. Of course SETI@home has seen millions of potential signals with similar characteristics, but it takes more than that to make a good candidate. Multiple detections are a minimum criterion.

Because the receivers used were making broad band measurements, there's really nothing about this "signal" that would distinguish it from a natural radio transient (stellar flare, active galactic nucleus, microlensing of a background source, etc.) There's also nothing that could distinguish it from a satellite passing through the telescope field of view. All in all, it's relatively uninteresting from a SETI standpoint.

But, of course, it's been announced to the media. Reporters won't have the background to know it's not interesting. Because the media has it, and since this business runs on media, everyone will look at it. ATA is looking at it. I assume Breakthrough will look at it. Someone will look at it with Arecibo, and we'll be along for the ride. And I'll check the SETI@home database around that position. And we'll all find nothing. It's not our first time at this rodeo, so we know how it works.

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ha14813 days ago

SETI researchers must net get too excited but it can be a way to have grants :)
see for example KIC 8462852 which made headlines last on 2015....they agreed that it is not alien structure...they will do the same with SETI signal from HD 164595
there are still plenty of mysteries to solve in the Universe.

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Aravi813 days ago

Hi @marvel211

Radio signal of HD 164595 can be because of 2 possibility.

1) radio emotion which normally occurs in the star and outer galaxy planets.

2) as we are keen may be from alien

Currently, the space researches are only trying to figure out the possible source of emotions. Currently human don't have technology to travel even 1light year. So it will be approached by theory with data from radio telescope.

So we can't confirm 100% and will remain mystery if source star /black hole / planet not found. Hence, scientist can't prove extraterrestrial life.

Eg: Radio signal puzzle from Jupiter surface. This had confused many scientist in early 1900.


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starparticle813 days ago

I just hope the signal was embedded with the plans for a intergalactic ship that can transport just one person to it origin!

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pustoi11813 days ago

I am sure that Earthlings are not the only intelligent beings in the universe. You know what the theory of probability? scientists are trying to prove in the first place to ourselves that we are not alone. but it's an obvious thing! Humanity develops very slowly, until recently did not know that the universe is full of water. and use radio signals for evidence of life, is like to poke a finger into the sky. in the end, what's the difference on what planet is life? life is in many places, and these, a lot of places. People, in general, self-confident and at the same time naive. evidence is required to be, they may not be any time soon. we do not understand the animals that are on the planet (though see ourselves as the crown of creation), what to speak of other civilizations. You can waste time and prove the obvious, but for what?

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charlesakinney746 days ago

There have been a couple of stories lately about possible signals and it involved SETI. Yet the two I read, one of the people at SETI basically dismissed both signals saying it was probably something else and not intelligent aliens from another world. One of those stories was about the Russian pickup of a signal. Now, the headlines were fascinating and all that but the stories were barely an article. The one who spoke who was from SETI wasn't excited about the possible signals and said as much. Headlines grab the attention of people. Most see that and fail to read the article itself. So when SETI puts out its hands for donations? You be the judge. I have seen people mention that the only reason SETI still exists is to keep the employed people there employed. Hence sensational headlines when the till gets low? Tidbits here and there to let the people know they are making progress but in fact have not ever had a clean signal or confirmed one. And don't forget all of the possibilities that it could be Earth or other natural things causing bogus signals. Way too much junk out there to really tell if in fact there is an Alien Intelligence out there. Everything about the Universe is theory or conjecture. NOTHING has ever been proven. Yet we have so-called experts slipping in "theory" when answering a question. If they answer with theory they are NOT answering a question (as/with fact) are they? lol

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