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Created by WAJID, 470 days ago, 996 views

How to install windows xp sp2 alongside windows 10?
Please give me a complete answer
Thank you....
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brendaniel470 days ago

what os is currently installed on the system, windows xp or windows 10 ?

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Aravi470 days ago


Kindly find the below link for details of the procedure:


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Caio470 days ago

You can install windows xp and windows 10, in this order, to windows 10 automatically recognize the dual boot environment and create a boot menu where you choose which OS you want to start. By default, it's a 30 sec countdown menu, and if you don't interact it will enter on windows 10. You can easily customize this menu with the EasyBCD free software.

Remember to create the partitions for each system, with software like EaseUS Partition Master Free. You can install more than one windows in the same partition, but this can become a huge mess, and it's not recommended.

Prepare the installation of each windows with a 8gb pen-drive (maybe a 4gb pen-drive works too) and the free software Rufus. It transforms your pen-drive into windows bootable media in a fast and secure way. You need to have the .iso file of each windows installation to do this. Or the CDs/DVDs, of course.

Enter in the bios when you restart your PC and choose to boot first from USB, to start the windows installation from the pen-drive.

BUT, depending on your purposes with the windows XP, I recommend a better and more flexible solution. Install only windows 10 and use free software like Oracle VirtualBox to install windows XP virtually inside windows 10. You can execute them simultaneously and you can share a folder on your windows 10 with the virtual windows XP to work with your files real-time between the systems. Actually, this is what I setup for a client that need to run an important program that only runs on windows XP. He open the windows XP, use the needed program and share the program output to the windows 10 to continue the work.


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ha14470 days ago

How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Previous Windows Versions

I suggest you to use this tool also in case
Dual-boot Repair Windows 10 (8.1/8/7/Vista/XP)

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mohamad1122468 days ago

This is very easy my friend all you have is to divide the hard disk into two or more sections
  For example, (C) and (D) and are installing windows 10 on the first disk drive and just about any other windows you want on the second disk and you can benefit from this video
exactly the same way:

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sanbooly468 days ago

In short, reply,
make 2 partitions for every version.
install winXP on 1st partition and win10 on 2nd one.
then you will have at boot menu a screen to choose which windows you need to enter every boot time.

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