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What's a good program (free) for frame by frame animation sketches (surface Pro 3) Reward $25
Created by zrodfects, 838 days ago, 1689 views

I am looking for some great software, preferably free to use on a Surface Pro 3 using the stylus pen.

I would like to sketch one frame then move to the next frame and still able to see the previous where you can draw over so you know where to draw your next frame of animation, even if it is grey'd out...

I believe what I am looking for is also known as onion skin....

Any help would be much appreciated..

Thank you
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Pravy838 days ago

I don't know much about free software but atm I am trying out the same with Moho(Anime studio). It's a paid software and I got it from "Cough Cough" sources. And the software is good for animation.

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zrodfects838 days ago


Does it have some sort of ghosting where you faintly see the previous frame so you can sort out the next so it flows smoothly, this is what I am after, kinda like see through paper but on screen, you know how say Disney animators they will sketch a bit flip up the previous page every now and then to work out where to put the next lines of sketch, kinda like this but all visible like layers, I have Photoshop so nothing like that I need, something deisgned for animation a bit better

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Aravi838 days ago

HI @zrodfects

Try About Illustrator. It is the professional sketches tool used in our office. It includes animation sketches tool.


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zrodfects837 days ago

@Pravy @Aravi
I found Animation Desk and Animation creator on my iPad, this is very close to what i need, but I mostly need something for my Surface Pro 3 (So need a program to work with Windows 10) as it has better drawing capabilities than the iPad, plus it has better resolution and larger screen and the stylus pen is miles better...

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Aravi837 days ago

Hi @zrodfects

You may Auroar3D. Kindly refer the below free trial link.

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imspecialwinner812 days ago

For me it's blender ! game animation grease pencil 2d animation 3d animation pbr , arts lighting VFX tracking video editing frame edit !
phyton camera tools addons and simple size Cartoon film maker

and always sketch shaders

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zrodfects812 days ago


Thank you kindly, does this have some form of onion skin to sketch the next frame of animation, an onion skin feature I would really like to get hold of to use. Thanks

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imspecialwinner812 days ago

Yes Enjoy

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