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Created by talata, 544 days ago, 996 views

The ideal place to travel
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pustoi11544 days ago

This country has long been synonymous with safari. If you have a lifetime dream to see near the elephants, lions and antelopes - Welcome to Tanzania!
The island, located 240 km from Australia, offers tourists different kinds of exotic holidays, such as spending the night in the bush Aboriginal. It is worth noting that the flora and fauna of Tasmania is truly unique: a large part of the living creatures and plants that live here, you can see only on this island.

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brendaniel544 days ago

it will depend on your preference, here is a list of the best and choicest places to choose from based on travellers experience

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starparticle543 days ago

Italy, the history, the food, the art the people! Theres Rome, Venice, Florence, Sicily!

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Aravi543 days ago

Hi @talata

Try Paris. You may visit for business trip but can still enjoy it like holiday. It is a beautiful city for lovers, racers business man, adventure sports players.

It is a beautiful place for travel or settle. People here are really friendly.

The city will be totally different and more beautiful in night.


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nuklin540 days ago

It depends on what fascinates you the most because you cannot be everywhere at the same time. Australia, Newzealand are know for hospitality, China has grown in technology, syngapore is beautiful, Japan is the best in Asia. Take a look at this link on the Huffingtonpost to find a reliable website that will direct you the best:

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Oknametra538 days ago

For me it's Amsterdam for legal weed

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yogisugandi25538 days ago


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vickyph84524 days ago

Hawaii!! i been wanting to visit there its so beautiful!

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hsr3012524 days ago

undoubtedly... its PARIS.... Actually depnds upon your situation...
1- couple than paris
2- bachelor but adult than Las Vegas
3- want an adventure than there is a whole list of countries having beautiful hill stations and terrains.

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Pravy519 days ago

I would prefer Japan. The reason being I want to know how such a small country could have such a big impact on the world commercially. Also why is the mortality rate so low there. I want to know what makes them different. I want to see Fuji-san there. I want to have weird food there. I want to visit a genuine katana forge there. I want to view shrines there. I want to visit Yokohama & Akihabara there. I want to watch the village scenery there. I want to visit many places there. PERIOD!!

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igor490 days ago

The ice caves of the glacier Vatnajökull, Iceland.Giant glacier Vatnajökull (Vatnajokull), bearing the status as the largest in Europe and the third largest on the globe after the glaciers of Antarctica and Greenland. Its area equals 8133 km ², representing 8% of the whole territory of the island. The average ice thickness is equal to 400 meters, and the maximum reaches 1000 meters.

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chakramed456 days ago

hi ,

no one can say this is wrong do visit MARRAKECH on morocco you will be suprised on whzt you will see there .

regards ,

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Nyikango450 days ago

you have to visit Kenya. everything from African culture to nature and wild animals you'll leave this place a happy person plus a warm reception from its citizen. 'kuja kenya' come to Kenya 'hakuna matamata'

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igor405 days ago

Bangkok-Singapore route by train Eastern & Oriental Express

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