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What job let you can travel the world? Reward $2
Created by boyz, 1521 days ago, 1942 views

What job let you can travel around the world?
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alienflyer1512 days ago

Roadie for a major pop/rock band. . .

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pustoi111521 days ago

volunteer work, allows you to travel around the world.

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talata1521 days ago

tuor guide, staff travel company

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charlielan1520 days ago

Air plane pilot or flight attendant.
Or if you work on a cruise ship.

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brendaniel1520 days ago

Get a job with UN, WHO, UNIFEF or their kinds with that you will be given a diplomatic passport, and sent on various diplomatic missions

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sanbooly1520 days ago

It's Flight Attendant or Pilot

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serezha1520 days ago

Hi! You can work as emcee, camera man, makeup man, director... in program which is about trips. You can become a member of the national offices of tourism. Y can be a testing department specialist travel agencies, archaeologist, teacher of languages or translator. Photographers, journalists and specialists in social programs travel a lot too. And of course, pilots, sailors, stewardess.
Good luck!

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Aravi1520 days ago

Hi @boyz

1) Commercial international airplane pilot.

2) Recurrent sports many of your country.

3) Crow member of commercial ship

4) archaeologist in USA / western countries

5) languages translator for a deplomate.

6) Wildlife photographer

7) Presedent of a country


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harry92141520 days ago


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rageye011520 days ago

undercover travel graded for airlines

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MrDeng1513 days ago

diplomatist ,are't they? They are cool and they can really travel the world.

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