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How to speed the ram of computer Reward $1
Created by 123_434, 569 days ago, 910 views

How to speed the ram and internet of computer
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khaledmus569 days ago

to speed ram do these steps :
Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
search in the list for SuperFetch and click on it and choose properties
in the next page we choose disable after click on apply and on stop
finally restart your computer and see the different.


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pustoi11569 days ago

not the first time I give this answer.
the first thing is,turn off unnecessary autostart programs that "eat" resources. check for viruses. clean up the registry.
also defragment disk.
the most obvious, of course, increase the amount of RAM.
speed of the Internet depends on the service provider. there are certainly programs, but they do not affect the speed of the Internet.

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ha14569 days ago


if you have plenty ram you can make RAMDISK

RAM Disks Explained: What They Are and Why You Probably Shouldn’t Use One

Speed up Chrome & Firefox by using a RAM disk

SG TCP Optimizer

you can try to overclock ram, but new processors have better memory management so you might not get what you want

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Aravi569 days ago

Hi @123_434

Ram is a hardware and their is no way to speed it up with software. I will ask you to not to try any RAM optimizer software. Because they crashes the application in PC's.

By setting SuperFetch / ready boot / virtual memory you actually reduce the requirement of ram by compromising the speed program execution as compare to program in RAM.

If you wish to speed up the ram.

If your RAM is older then 3 years --- try to replace it with new RAM of same modal and make.

If you want to upgrade RAM and if your PC that also supports DDR4 and you are using DDR3 then upgrade --- try to find out the compatible RAM modal for your device make and modal.

If your PC becomes slow because of lack of sufficient RAM --- then add additional RAM slot. However, you may user high speed USB flash driver to make ready boot to suppress the requirement of additional RAM.

For the speed to internet, try to install WISE 365 and run it under recommended mode. Because, it automatically sets all the required setting, clean and defreg the disk, etc.


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123_434567 days ago

Thank you for your answer

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1man565 days ago

get internet speed software

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JeremyS563 days ago

upgrade for about 12$ a gig

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