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How to install Windows 10 free Reward $25
Created by nanivala, 1553 days ago, 3464 views

How to install Windows 10 free
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Aravi1553 days ago

Hi @nanivala

As per my best knowledge, windows 10 free upgrade was over by last month.

So you have to buy the product key / you have to search and install cracked which is not recommended.


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ha141553 days ago


Windows 10 free upgrade for customers who use assistive technologies
For the general public, the free upgrade offer for Windows 10 ends on July 29. However, if you use assistive technologies, you can still get the free upgrade offer even after the general public deadline expires as Microsoft continues our efforts to improve the Windows 10 experience for people who use these technologies.

Assistive Technology Products for Windows

Windows lifecycle fact sheet
Is the Windows 10 free upgrade offer still available?
No, the Windows 10 free upgrade offer ended on July 29, 2016.
Windows 10 will continue to be available for purchase, either on a device or as a full version of the software. A discounted "upgrade" version of Windows 10 will not be for sale.

Download Windows 10

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yanka4571553 days ago


both legit sites to download from hope youre happy

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Anthony130291552 days ago

If you go here:

You will be able to download the media creation tool. Use a USB flash drive, because many people have had trouble installing it without one.

1: Select Download tool now, and select Run. You need to be an administrator to run this tool.
2: If you agree to the license terms, select Accept.
3: On the What do you want to do? page, select Create installation media for another PC, and then select Next.
4: Select the language, edition, and architecture (64-bit or 32-bit) for Windows 10.

If you don't have a windows 10 license, click "I don't have a license". and it will install windows 10 for you anyways.

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mohamad11221550 days ago


This Easy I will give you links to download the version that you want, and then downloaded and installed download tool activation and watched the way the activation
  All of this will be Free:
Download a copy Enterprise:

Download a copy tutorials:

Download the full version:

Download Windows 10 Professional :
The latter, I advise you downloaded (Professional)
First, click on the version you want to show you a link to this page scroll down to the end of the page and choose what suits you best 32 or 64:

Then this page will show the press, as in the picture:

this video will explain how to activate Windows:

This link to download the tool that is in the video:!tAw2wBJL!kKJ7PlWlO7doIwc6_W4IaWwIMxxukE1hKOa2wnZ_h2U

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Rasofficial1546 days ago

rar password :

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HatsuneMiku1541 days ago

use an iso and then get a keygen ;) that's how I did it, rockin windows 10 pro here

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Hefleann1541 days ago

You have to download the torrent.You need of the utorrent or alternative software to download

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lfpe521538 days ago

How to Install Windows 10 on Your PC

Want to install Windows 10 on your own PC? We’ve got you covered with the instructions, although it’s just like installing any other version of Windows.

How to do a Clean Install of Windows 10, the Easy Way
UPDATE! If you want to clean install Windows 10 instead of just upgrading, you can follow our new and updated guide to clean installing Windows 10. We definitely recommend going that route.

Before you decide to upgrade your computer, you might want to decide whether or not you actually want to install Windows 10. It’s not necessarily right for everybody — there are still bugs and issues, and we really recommend that people hold off for a few weeks.

You should not install Windows 10 on your primary PC. Use a test computer or a virtual machine. If you absolutely must install Windows 10 on your regular computer, we highly recommend creating a system image of your entire computer in case you want to easily revert back.

Windows 10 is Out Today: Should You Upgrade?How to Create an Image of Your PC Before Upgrading to Windows 10
If you haven’t installed Windows 10 on your PC before, you’ll have to perform an upgrade first before you can clean install. If this doesn’t make any sense, that’s because Microsoft never makes licensing easy, even when there’s a free version. Once you’ve performed the upgrade and activated your Windows 10 upgrade on a PC, Microsoft will associate your unique hardware ID with an activated Windows 10 license, and you can reinstall as you see fit. But not until you’ve upgraded Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 and then activated.

Just keep in mind that Windows 10 is only provided for free as an upgrade. You can’t clean install it, there are no keys at this point. Unless you use our clean install workaround.

Step 1: Download the Windows 10 ISO image from Microsoft’s web site. Alternatively you can download the web installer from the same page and just choose to upgrade your PC, which is the easiest option.
Step 2: If you are installing on a regular PC with Windows already on it, you’ll be prompted immediately to start the upgrade process. Alternatively, you can burn it to an optical disk or create a bootable USB flash drive. Otherwise, just attach the ISO image using the virtual machine software of your choice (assuming your virtual machine already has Windows 7 or 8 installed).
Step 3: Install it mostly by clicking the Next button, making sure to choose Upgrade when prompted. If you want to clean install, follow our clean install instructions instead.
Note: Now that Windows 10 is released, you’re going to need a valid Windows license key for 7, 8, or 8.1 in order to perform the upgrade.
For posterity, here are all of the installation steps if you’re booting from a flash drive, although you could just remember the word “Next” and get through it fine. Just remember to choose Upgrade when prompted unless you’ve previously upgraded and activated Windows 10 on this computer.

When you first boot the computer you’ll see a screen like this one:

Click Next and you’ll be taken to the Install now button screen. Which obviously you should click.

At this point you can choose whether you want to upgrade Windows or install a new custom install. Since we’re recommending that everybody install into a virtual machine or on a test PC, you should select Custom here.

Update: You should probably choose to Upgrade the first time, because the license key might not work otherwise.

At this point you’ll need to pick where to install Windows 10. You might need to delete or create a partition, but if you are using a virtual machine, you can just click Next.

And now it will install.

Once the PC reboots again, you’ll be able to select the settings like whether Windows Updates are enabled (they aren’t allowed to be disabled in the preview). We’d recommend just using the express settings if you are using a test machine — use Custom if you’re really going to use the computer.

And now you can sign into your Microsoft account. We’d recommend using a Microsoft account because otherwise you won’t be able to use half of the new features and you may as well use Linux or stick with Windows 7.

If you’ve setup your account properly you’ll probably be asked to verify it in the middle. We excluded those steps from this article, but they are pretty simple.

Now you’ll be asked how to setup the PC. Since we wanted to test everything as a new computer, we chose to set it up as a new PC instead, but you could copy all your settings from another computer if you wanted to.

Want to use OneDrive? It’s nicely integrated into Windows, so we just left it alone.

And now a colorful screen that tells us things are happening.

And finally, we are at the desktop! Note that the desktop on the full release of Windows 10 looks different, and this screenshot came from a pre-release version.

Now click that Start button. Click it. You know you want to.

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Letrix1538 days ago

Get Windows ISO Downloader
- Open it and search for Windows 10.
- Select Windows edition
- Select Language
- Download ISO
- Install Windows 10 for Free

*OPTIONAL*: Activate using KMSpico (not recommended) or Skype Method (hard to find it).

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jeetkml1538 days ago

DOWNLOAD Genuine Windows 10 ISO :
Download RUFUS to create bootable USB
Download any CD/DVD burner to burn ISO to bootable CD/DVD.
you can now install it free from USB/DVD your created but this is free for only for next 30 days( if you are not registered before free upgrade of 31July).
if want to stay with Windows 10 after 30 days three option is available there,
First one buy genuine key from Microsoft official
Second tries manual KMS activation in command prompt with commands ( ask me or search online KMS activation manually if you like )
third one activate with KMS clients like KSMpico or others suggested by other users. but that make your system to victim of malwares/adware/viruses

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Hamidkhan1535 days ago

Windows 7 is the most recommended OS to do almost all work without any problem, So I recommend you to activate your existing OS being purchased its license code from ODosta Store at:
Which is distributing license for almost all types of Microsoft Products with good customer support. I personally use it and have a good experience.
You can upgrade your windows 7 or windows 8.1 pro to windows 10, But you can face some technical issues, So I recommend you to have clean installation of Windows 7, windows 8 or Windows 10 and activate it using legal license.

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ckoch1535 days ago

To be honest I'd wait a little while longer. I had fix my sound and my internet connection after I took the free upgrade. If you don't mind messing around for awhile and being frustrated go for it. To me I'm not sure it was worth it however it makes your pc like an android lots of cool apps to download. Weigh your options before you take any of the advice here and be ready for anything before you go for it. I hit by mistake I was determined to stay with windows 7 till I bought my next pc which I believe at that time I would be getting a better version of 10, just to let you know i'm not the only one who had these issues. Both times I had to pick the driver up off my computer in order to fix the issues but it took me forever doing search after search to figure that out and also bought a new router. It can get expensive.

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Lifeforce1534 days ago

Windows 10 is no longer free to the best of my knowledge. There are however ways to get Illegal copies for free or very cheap. I would not suggest doing this however because it would nullify supports from Microsoft if something happened to your computer.

Best of luck to you!

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Wonder1534 days ago

Windows 10 actually stopped being given out for free by Microsoft from July 29, 2016 but if you can install the windows 10 with crack software and free Os software being sold by local software sellers at discounted price or you could go to to download it. After downloading it, click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the window brought up,if u have a license key type it in and if you don't, click on 'Continue anyway' and your os gets installed but this will only work as an upgrade leaving all your files and data and will only work if the already installed Os has the same bit version (X86 or 32bit and 64bit) or else you will get an error message.To install the windows 10 Os if you can't do an upgrade, you have to put the windows 10 setup files on a usb storage device or on a Cd,then you have to boot your system from your Cd drive or the Usb device, some systems do this automatically while some have to be done by changing boot drive preferences in the BIOS setup. Follow all the instructions,select partition,then click next.When the installation process is done the system restarts and you are good to go on your first start on the Windows 10. If you need help you can call me on +2348140894439 or chat me up on whatsapp on that same number or message me on Facebook at

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JeremyS1533 days ago

Download Windows Media creation tool at Microsoft and download the OEM version free only catch is activating your windows 10 for free..but it will let you run all of the OS except for Personalization. But the Activation will be a little more difficult. Sorry cant give up all my goodies. but I asure you this will work@nanivala

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ff1532 days ago

Get Microsoft web site and download win10 iso and write to dvd install your pc

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James007x1531 days ago

I short to download and install windows 10 on existing windows 7 or 8 Please read below link:

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NHaa1519 days ago

Try this from Microsoft :

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