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Created by tfanch33, 662 days ago, 990 views

Who is buried in Grants tomb? Any guesses out there it is a real stumper.
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Aravi661 days ago

Hi @tfanch33
The last resting place of the 18th President, Ulysses S. Grant, and his wife on Riverside Drive on the Upper West Side has been the subject of NYC’s most infamous, and silliest, riddle over the years. The correct answer is that nobody is buried under the monument. This is because Grant and his wife are, however, entombed here and are not six feet under.


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pustoi11662 days ago

I wonder how old lasted 30-year war?

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Coots661 days ago

Trick question. Nobody is buried in Grants tomb. His body/casket is kept above ground in ac above ground crypt.

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tfanch33661 days ago


I would say it lasted about 30 but not exactly 30 to the date.

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Aravi660 days ago

Hi @tfanch33
Thanks for choosing my answer as the best.


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