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Why do you like to play pokemon Reward $2
Created by thuan, 660 days ago, 1100 views

Why do you like to play pokemon
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pustoi11660 days ago

Search and excitement.

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Aravi659 days ago

Hi @thuan

Super game and awesome to can meet new people very frequently.


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tuankudo659 days ago

you can hack it ☺

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Halterenvironment654 days ago

Able to capture a variety of Pokemon can have fun!

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MrDeng651 days ago

You can get suprise from the game, you also can get some cute sprites from the game,the sprites are like your children, you like your children,so you like the game. So I like the game very much.

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123_434649 days ago

because pokemon fun and cool to play.

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Sifra123649 days ago

Pokemon go gamr is the best game for people who dont go out and it makes them to search on open to see if they can cach some pokemons or even meet some new people;)

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Lifeforce639 days ago

Pokemon is a very fun simple game to play. It appeals to Hardcore fans and Casuals. The best thing about the Pokemon games is you can play on a DS which lets you game in unconventional places. You can also pause the game at anytime and resume later. The art style appeals to young players and older players. The gameplay is addictive and fun! These are the reasons I play Pokemon!

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nihal29639 days ago

Hi @thuan
because of childhood memories involved with the Pokemon and eager to catch and train pokemon is now possible by the pokemon go , it fulfilled the demands of the late 90's kids how now be able to catch pokemon and there is a lot of fun !

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gaby2003639 days ago

pokemon is super game because is awesome :)

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Abhinav00789607 days ago

hi @thuan

this game is just awesome
and when you are free and getting bored of all tech things and all that this game is something different.

According to me I play it when I am free.
and believe me it's fun and exercise both

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Michke599 days ago

That's a question I want to know the answer too! Hell yeh, Why?!

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