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Why do you like to play pokemon Reward $25
Created by valen, 472 days ago, 843 views

Why do you like to play pokemon
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Aravi472 days ago


Super game and awesome to can meet new people very frequently.


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mohamad1122472 days ago

Because this game is the first of this technique, a beautiful experience something new and amusing's film reminds us of the beautiful childhood

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chienyp1472 days ago

hi @valen Because this game reminds us of the beautiful childhood

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thuan471 days ago

because it is new game

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thuan471 days ago

because it is a mobile game with unique gameplay

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Gorge471 days ago

It's a hot and funny game now, lots of people play it

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tuankudo471 days ago

because this game can be hacked

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MaxRubin466 days ago

I like to play pokemon because it is a good game and it is full of adventures and i like elite 4 as well.

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MrDeng466 days ago

I like sprite and surprise,and pokemon has many sprites and suprise.

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maren466 days ago

I don't like.

This game can induce domino effect. Its not health for you.

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nihal29463 days ago

hi @valen because of living my childhood once again . many memories are associated with them , that's a fabulous game play it as you want .

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123_434461 days ago

because playing pokemon more enjoyable and very fun.

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