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What is your favorite Asian country? Reward $2
Created by ohayo, 1526 days ago, 2252 views

What is your favorite Asian country?
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lonelyspirit1518 days ago

This question is completely base on personal experiences so every one has their own favorite.The selection of the majoraty doesn't mean that country is the best cause people from the same country can upvote each other. To be fair, i will not chose my own country. I chose japan becuse i have a lots of respect to the people of this country. It's not only people but their culture also has the beauty of it's own. If you have a chance to come to japan you will see.

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Mymine1526 days ago

China and vietnam

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pustoi111526 days ago

is Tibet, I am inclined to believe that it is, nevertheless, a separate country.

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Pravy1525 days ago

It just has to be JAPAN.
There are various reasons for this. Apart from the various awesome anime's Japan provides. It is such a small country yet it has left it's mark globally. Survivor of 2 nuclear bombs, the people are survivors there. Highest life expectancy. Beautiful countryside etc etc. I could just keep on and on.
Personally. I would like to spend my retirement in a Japanese countryside.

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sanbooly1525 days ago

it's Indonesia, I love this country and like to visit it in the nearest time.
it has a lot of natural views and landscapes

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toribio1525 days ago

Japan, so many beautiful and weird things =)

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khaledmus1525 days ago

for me i think china is the best.

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Shogi1525 days ago

Israel is my favourite Asian country. After 1400 years of Mohammedan crusades only two countries held out against the Islamic Apartheid which swallowed up the region. They were Christian Lebanon and Jewish Israel. Since then Lebanon has fallen but Israel continues to be the area's steadfast bastion of Infidel resistance. Israel is a testament and an encouragement to native peoples everywhere who stand against Muslim colonialism.

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Aravi1525 days ago


It is India.

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Aravi1525 days ago


Good bro! Make Tibet a separate country.

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maren1525 days ago

I only visited China and this is my favorite Asian country, including Tibet.

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ohayo1525 days ago

Why do you guys concern about Tibet?

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Gorge1524 days ago

Viet Nam is a nice place. Beside that, Singapore and Thai Lan are also good places

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ijontichy1524 days ago

It is Bhutan

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igor1523 days ago

Maldives-unique exotic islands.

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omarwa791523 days ago

south korea is the best.

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pustoi111523 days ago

Tibet The inclusion of China as a result of military intervention remains a complex and controversial issue until now. Nevertheless, it is quite, peaceful and beautiful place. you will not believe, but there finds peace of mind.

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sanek_kg1523 days ago

Kyrgyztan Kyrgyztan Kyrgyztan Kyrgyztan Kyrgyztan Kyrgyztan Kyrgyztan

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olja2255881523 days ago

South Korea and Japan. I would like to within this to country ASAP.
I heard a lot of interesting things about this countries so it would be pretty good if i could visit them.

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anikin1523 days ago

China. А developing economy.

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nihal291523 days ago

Country in East Asia
Japan is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean with dense cities, imperial palaces, mountainous national parks and thousands of shrines and temples. Shinkansen bullet trains connect the main islands of Kyushu (with Okinawa's subtropical beaches), Honshu (home to Tokyo and Hiroshima’s atomic-bomb memorial) and Hokkaido (famous for skiing). Tokyo, the capital, is known for skyscrapers, shopping and pop culture.


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xnlover1523 days ago

South Korea, Vietnam, and China.
Those are the three Asian countries I have visited, so I know them best.
All the Asian nations have a rich history, and each has its good points and its flaws.
I choose South Korea as my favorite, because after the devastation of both the Japanese occupation and the Korean Conflict from 1950-1953, the South Korean leadership built that very small nation into one of the leading nations in the world economically and politically. Even under constant threat (however hollow) from other Koreans under the dictatorial leadership to the north, South Korea has thrived and has sought to bring a good standard of living to their people. They are also a generous country. President Kim Dae Jung received a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts at opening North Korea up to more positive interaction with the rest of the world and at reuniting the two nations into one people.
When I visited Seoul, I was amazed at both the modern development of the city and also the high value the Korean people place on their heritage. I visited a "folk village," in which actors in traditional hanbok clothing both entertained and educated us in a variety of ways, from a demonstration of tight-rope walking and acrobatic horse riding to a narration and demonstration of a traditional Korean wedding ceremony and face-reading. (The "face-reader" admitted to me that he was really an actor, but he said some very complimentary things about me, so I didn't mind at all! :-) ) The Korean National Museum in Seoul features everything from a history of the geography and geology of the Korean Peninsula to artistic adaptations of Christian stories in traditional Asian style and other artistic and historical items, often labeled in both Korean and English, which I found helpful. There are also palaces around Seoul that have been restored or recreated according to the original plans from the great Joseon Dynasty that help bring Korean history to life.
The ways in which South Korea helps visitors grieve with them the split in the nation represented by the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and hope with them for the reunification of the nation is moving and awe-inspiring. Even under continual threat of annihilation according to the rhetoric that flows from the north, they remain hopeful and always seeking to bring about reconciliation not only among their fellow Koreans but also between even the great powers of the world.
In addition, while I was visiting the country and trying to find my way around Seoul, on a couple of occasions people came to me, asking in English if they could help me. The friends who were hosting me during my visit were extremely courteous and thoughtful, and I could not have wished for a better visit. I found the public transportation system to be excellent, and there was no lack of modern conveniences. I recognize that things could be different outside of the Seoul metropolitan area,
So, it is both the beautiful country of Korea and the admirable nature of the Korean people that motivate me to choose South Korea as my favorite Asian country. Thanks for asking!

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gala891523 days ago

Япония! Мне нравится эта страна ее традиции,пейзажи,цветущая сакура.Мечтаю побывать там!

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RobertMills1523 days ago

Thailand and Indonesia for sure

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zrodfects1523 days ago

Japan, hands down :)

Mainly because of video games and anime, if you want pure gaming fun and pure anime, then you can't pass Japan...

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ihenlomen1523 days ago

you can go there for vacation. you won't come back...

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Halterenvironment1522 days ago

Taiwan!I Love Taiwan!!!

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thuan1522 days ago

Japan ! I Love Japan !!!

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rageye011522 days ago

I love my time In Hong Kong two great years WHOW!!

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nunitak1522 days ago

@ohayo Northern Japan -- Hokkaido Paradise

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jsyemaozi1522 days ago

china 中国

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tuankudo1522 days ago

Japanese @

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angolin1522 days ago

For me, Singapore is a real beautiful country in Asia!

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ruji551522 days ago


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foesh1521 days ago

China ofc :)

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serezha1521 days ago

Hi! I think China is the greatest country. It is a concentration of deep culture and modern world with wide sunny beaches and crowded cities, where people can be as healthy as their souls are.
Good luck!

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afdess1521 days ago

middlle east makkah

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Rasofficial1521 days ago

China ,, Japan & South Korea

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BuFFFMAN1521 days ago

Южная Корея и Китай!

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yoursong1521 days ago

I love everything about Japan!!!

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LucGameYT1520 days ago


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AJ66771520 days ago


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lenrique1520 days ago

India for me

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willie1519 days ago

North Korea !!!

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tnthuan1519 days ago

South Korea, Vietnam

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harry92141519 days ago

there aren't any

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Alirio1519 days ago

Japan, a small island with respectful people. This country makes the world better!

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