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How to stop letting little things affect my mood? Reward $2
Created by hanabi, 1552 days ago, 1829 views

I am the type of person who easily influenced by others. How to change?
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fladykiller1552 days ago

we should dont pay attention to little things

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toribio1552 days ago

Don't be influenced by others

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khaledmus1552 days ago

neglect them and concern yourself with whats important and dnt think much about it and take these things as a jock and you might not b affected again Allah 's willing.


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joegal7771552 days ago

I just do not let Negative Nellies affect me.
I think of something positive and move on.

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Pamela05251552 days ago

Being influenced by others to ruin your mood is often a bit of low self esteem. Practice on not letting others sway your mood, possibly because you think others are right or there opionion is more important. Maybe in the morning make the decision not to allow others to ruin your good mood. Remind yourself of this all day. If need be, maybe tell someone you would like to discuss this conversation later and move on. Think of goals and focus on them especially the gains. Even little things and the big things. You deserve your mood and your space, focus on letting negative things go over your head and move on... Good Luck!

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lordwolfe1552 days ago

The best thing that you can do is ask yourself, what do I want in life? What is it that makes me a better person? Who am I without someone's help? Then think, I know I can be a better person, this is my life, my freewill, I can be anyone I want, screw what others think, what matters the most is how I feel about myself! No one has control over your life other than you, only you have the sure will to become a true success!

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Aravi1552 days ago

Hi @hanabi

We can't neglects or ignore little things. But should always try not to let them influence us. You may take some free time to find a better solution to prevent other from influencing you. Try to find, how other influencing you then you. It will will help you to find solution yourself.


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Thraciana1552 days ago

First, you must accept and reflect deep into your own definition of "the little things".
Some of those "little things" I believe are not outside (as ..your health). Your feelings, emotions, also your thoughts are created inside.
I think that the hyper-sensible people have the most beautiful hearts but are also victims, most manipulated and exploited by those around them or by mass-media, tv, even if they are great in hidding this adjective.
My recommendation is to try to change your attitude and learn to know yourself better, reflect every evening on the situations that you allowed, durring the day, to bring inside you negative energy. Spend some time alone reflecting on what you really want (or like) in your life. You'll find by youself the real cause of your emotional disorder but need to practice this exercise. Than try to make a change by accepting your life and your mission here and now, than look upon your "challenges"and try to respond different, in a positive way. Imagine your face expression in a mirror, smile, the reflection will also smile :).
And another thing, trust yourself, be carefull with your own thoughts (to be your own thoughts!) and follow your dreams and passions! Everything is possible, start with .."the little things"...
Rise and shine!

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ckoch1552 days ago

I don't run my life according to myself or others I pray a lot to Jesus put things in Gods hands he's mightier then we are and knows better. I go by the bible which says we are like sheep to God which means others and ourselves can get us in a mess. Of course God is like a shepherd he rescues us out of the thicket. But that's why I trust In Jesus because if I go to him with everything he keeps me out the messes. That's how I do it. if you want to look into it google believing in Jesus just my way and the way of a lot of others. I wish everyone could know peace. But a lot of people reject the whole idea.

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Trinity1551 days ago

alcohol and drugs should do the trick lol

(sarcasm usually works as well)

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jeetkml1551 days ago

A Person easily influenced if his life is without motive.Therefore choose one path, good or bad one, anyone . Don't think/remind, couple of words what people saying to you / about you but you don't like. Always think/remind, one word what you want to listen from them. Always keep along one path that choose by you for you.

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nuklin1543 days ago

Ignore the thought when the creep in, just place them where the belong- trash bin. For the important ones apportion a time in the future when you can settle them and you will be free, remember these worries will affect you in future when you start aging...

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pustoi111542 days ago

it does not change according to your desire. gaining experience, you become more independent. try to pay less attention to the opinions of others, you value your opinion of yourself. it is impossible to please everyone, try to please yourself first. Finally, a lot of interest around the world, knowledge, give confidence.

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cosgood19691540 days ago


It is important to understand that Feelings affect your mood. I know on the surface that sounds very basic, but the most obvious things in life are usually the things that you see every day.

The way that I make myself feel better is by closing my eyes and visualizing a place that made me feel really happy, and safe. In my mind I might even add a few things that would be good additions to an already wonderful situation. I take slow deep breaths and just focus on looking inside and making the images more and more vivid.

This is a form of creative visualization that has worked for me and it has been reported as working for many others. Positive energy and feelings will come your way as long as you do not wish for them. If you wish for them, the good feelings will not ever arrive because the energy will sense that you want it to happen 'Some Day'. To make the feeling happen now is to embrace what the feeling feels like inside as if it is happening now. That will give the energy permission to come to you and before you know it, you will feel better.

Start small with this exercise (Ten minutes first and then build yourself up to 30 etc...)

I hope this is useful information for you and I will be happy to explain more if you desire.

Have a wonderful day


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hanabi1539 days ago

Thanks for your answer. Is this method called mediation?

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cosgood19691539 days ago

You are very welcome.

Yes meditation combined with creative visualization.

Meditation is part of the process, which will bring you into this relaxed state and help balance out the energy that will either attract negative or positive. Once you are in the relaxed state really focus on the feeling like it is happening now and not what you want the feeling to be like. This is why I said to start small with this because this is challenging but very powerful.

After each session you will feel refreshed like you have just had a restful nights sleep.


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Yuri1538 days ago

It is necessary to invite into your life the Lord Jesus Christ, and all will be well.

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Whiterabbit011538 days ago

There are various tactics that yo can use. I used to be very similar but finally followed my troop officers recommendations. He said to me (after giving me a short lecture on how I was always trying to please everyone around me). Firstly, be assertive. No one is going to think less of you if you choose to say no to something, in fact you're more likely to gain respect. It's too easy to say yes to everything. Secondly, never justify why you made your choice unless it is absolutely necessary (i.e. you are going for a job interview, or someone is pointing a gun at you). Always stay true to yourself. Don't let anyone sway you with rewards/ backhanders etc.

Speak out when you think something is wrong and don't agree to anything until you've though things through. sometimes what is on offer is like a Trojan horse, with hidden depth that you may regret later. If someone expects an answer right away, there's usually some catch to it, so I'd always say no, or at least say I really need to think about it.

Sometimes you really have to grit your teeth and just get on with what you believe to be right. If someone is trying to persuade you to do something that you are not comfortable with, tell them. if they continue to insist, just walk away. It really isn't worth your health. Stress is a killer. You must stop stressing over these issues and just get on with what you believe in.

Sorry if the above is a little scattered brained, I'm full of morphine after nearly being killed by a speeding car and because of the opiates I'm half asleep. If I have time (or remember) I'll try to put things a little more logically over the next couple of days.



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Solaris1537 days ago

Once, there had been a time when I was generally miserable, and melancholic; it had been a very difficult time to overcome. But surprisingly, my school was what helped me most at that time. You see, every year we had a few days off the school, where we would discuss a certain topic - and for that year the topic had been "happiness starts inside".

Many things were said during those few days, some I agreed with whole heartedly, some I couldn't truly put my head around, but one thougt stuck in my mind. It had been a suggestion to put a piece of paper next my mirror, with "you are looking into the face of someone who is responsible of their own happiness". Seemed like a trifle at the time, but then I actually did it - put that damn piece of paper with that quote next to my mirror. Sure, there had been some teasing, almost too much of it at times, but slowly, it began to take a root.

I am the one responsible for my own happiness. No one else can do that job for me. Being influenced by the others is something that happens to everyone. But does that make you happy? Most likely, it does not. Let's try to tell them "no" once. And then again. Slowly, step by step, their influence over you will not be so significant, and you'll slowly work your way to your own happiness.

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RevG1525 days ago

Sounds like codependency is an issue. To work on that, research this word using Google. Also, find yourself some good resources for cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. Since you know the problem behavior, find the techniques in cognitive behavioral therapy that reduce your attentiveness to negative stimuli. Practice them until you make the changes you want. You might also consider dialectical behavioral therapy techniques, which were introduced into practice by marsha linehan, a doctorate whose brillance has not only pioneered the ways to change for many, but whose insights offer real personal growth. There are worksheets and practice activities, as well as reminder cards and more, in both of these techniques. Search online for websites using google and enter the any of these keywords: worksheet or workbooks or resources. Add the technique's keywords: dialectical behavioral therapy, or cognitive behavioral therapy. Youll find a wealth of free resources for your review and personal use.

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Walphai1523 days ago

Find something that keeps you busy. If you are focused on your work , or a hobby that you really like, you will be spending all your time thinking about it and you wont find time to think about the little things that would get under your skin otherwise.

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crossedeye20031506 days ago

I ask one question of myself when faced with negative situations. that Question is "How will this situation affect my life 5 years from now" If it won't affect me I don't worry about it.

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