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How can we stop being jealous? Reward $5
Created by zone, 1313 days ago, 1603 views

How can we stop being jealous?
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lyazid1313 days ago

se contenter de ce qu'on a

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gajmw771313 days ago

просто нужно доверять

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Falcon1313 days ago

Hello Zone,

I have the simpler existent method: nobody can stand keeping by your side being obligated to. Someone will just be with you while is in love with you, the way you are and behave in day by day. Because of your atributes and qualities. If someone is tired of you, just let go. You must rise up your self-estime and thank God whenever you find someone you like very much, and you should treat that someone the best you can. Someone must be happy to be with you, the same way you are. Good luck, regards...

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New_Hope_For_Future1313 days ago

You must try to understand the world - to imagine various situations in life - overall, a lot of thinking about the world - over time you begin to enlighten and find out what you having a partner connects, and if it is really worthwhile - if so, and he will look up the same way and inform what you have in you so jealous of him because you do not have one for him the only possible and even if they made a mistake and deceived you so if they return to you and not make the same mistake if you will all well aware .-) ... - open your heart deeper - everything does not revolve around you and your partner .-) ... the universe is much bigger than you two try to look at it from this site and work on yourself both time and hopefully will bear fruit in your life .- ) ...

sorry for my english - i am from czech republic .-) ...

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cjg24861313 days ago


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milonsultan1313 days ago

Try to be satisfied what you have.

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omarwa791313 days ago

visit this site:

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koroleva1313 days ago

Jealousy is the reflection of the lack of self-esteem. Love yourself, respect yourself and more importantly trust yourself !
If you manage to convince yourself that you deserve everything good in your life you wouldn't be worried of it going away. Only the people who feels insecure get jealous. A person who doesn't feel good enough get jealous from other people who seem to be better, prettier, smarter, more talented etc. A more confident person would in the contrary believe she's pretty, loved, the best for the job, the more qualified etc. You should not get jealous from others success, love story, work etc. Just don't care about others lives and rather focus on your one and work hard to get what you want, you might be surprised by what you can truly accomplish.
Good luck!

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jaykay421313 days ago

being jealous is a "self" induced action, it's purpose is to alienate you from something or someone. where there is "unconditional"
Love, there brings no thought contrary to it, so love without conditional requirements from inside yourself and you will be free to be "me" !

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pustoi111313 days ago

as soon as you realize that you are a self-sufficient man, able to be happy, regardless of your surroundings, you will not be jealous. If you are addicted to your partner, alas, it is impossible. I would suggest, is less to draw in your mind, the scene of betrayal. and understand some things (such as love) to you, no matter how you try, can not affect. so why to poison their own, real, life, suspicions? live and enjoy what you have now . foolish to worry about the fact that has not happened yet. thinking about the bad, you only hasten the moment.
Your loved one may, for example, be the following thought: does not trust, then, is not love; what to be loyal if she does not trust me. Think about it and stop to drive your relationship to a standstill.

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SirSli1313 days ago

You will stop being jealous when you realise that everyone is unique in giftings and attributes and that you are the best in whatever you do and you are to the extent that you will be convinced that no one else can ever be like you...That what the other person has is best for him and that what you have is best for you and there can not be another you.Finally,when you are grateful to your Creator for the opportunity to be who and what you are,you'll see the tendency to be jealous ebbing away ...

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Aravi1313 days ago

Hi @pustoi11

I strongly agree with you.

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pustoi111313 days ago

Thank you Aravi, this is not the thoughts of others, it is all completed on my own experience.

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rainman1001313 days ago

Keep off Facebook, it's a bragging site.

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misam1313 days ago

Just sit one day and realize that " JEALOUSY IS YOUR ENVY'". And then you should get your answer. Just always be thankful to god what he has given you and be happy when you see others happy.

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pauljlew1313 days ago

Cut your head off

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ckoch1312 days ago

Well whatever you are jealous about doesn't belong to you even if it was stolen from you even then it doesn't belong to you. Its like candy in the store if you didn't pay for it you can't have it. So you just say "Its not mine" and move on. You can do it.

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Thraciana1312 days ago

Unconditional Love! So give away and to receive it. So rare those days.. If there's jealousy, there is no trust - no love. Just pride and hormons and/or other material/social focus behind empty words, never enough.

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jeetkml1311 days ago

There are several ways to stop being jealous... 1]. Try to FRIENDSHIPS 2].Try to be FAN 3].Last one IGNORE Him / Her.

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kabra471311 days ago

Jealous is negative feeling unacceptable socially. We have to educate our-self to learn new habit instead, by mindset and growth mind

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unkabob1311 days ago

Refrain from being possessive.. Try to control jealousy and envy. Nothing in life is easy but with determination all can be resolved.

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toribio1310 days ago

Being jealous is a state of mind and heart. To control jealousy, you must control these two.
But how? you ask.. Nothing really concrete formula ca do wonder in each one of us , because, each one of us is very unique... and with this uniqueness comes the reality that each one of us is the sole driver of our fate, the sole controller of everything we can in life.,, Taking first our minds, to control this thing, a meditation is required, or invited by into a spiritual domain, or whatever you belive in religious or other terms. This meditation can take you to ask and listen to yourself, and sometimes with unconscious interventions. And in this dimension, you can command your mental self that it is you, and you alone can say and do what you think. So in this special moment of being "alone", you can tell your psychological self that, Jealousy is not good for your development, both mentally, spiritually, psychologically and physically..Tell yourself that comparing yourself to others will never be beneficial foer you. Because there are people that are always above us and below us... comparing yourself to people above you will always lead to bitterness and unsatisfactory feeling, whilst comparing yourself to people below us will sometimes make us boastful or might disturb our conscience by feeling guilty... In either way, jealousy from comparing yourself to others can be detrimental to your overall humanity... So in this time of solemn meditation, you can also control and tell your emotions, or the one giving you emotions , your heart.. The mind controls your all body functions, so direct your mind to cleansing your heart from this negativity that is created from jealousy. In a broader context,Purify your heart and soul... And just do your calling. without bitterness.. and may your God bless you

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zeldafwilliams1307 days ago

mperson to be more important than yourself. This only truly comes from a heart that loves GOD, because this is something we can't do on our own. Therefore one must submit to GOD through JESUS CHRIST. This means the recognition of rebellion against GOD and His righteousness. Confessing sins against Him, and asking for His forgivenenss. Then you will be able to remove yourself from the Throne and place JESUS there. This allows you to truly and unselfishly love others. Seeking their good above yours.

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Rasofficial1307 days ago

its just simple... Love yourself & Love others ,,,than you don't be jealous again .... cuz we are Love

V= Vibrational
E = Energy .

So be Love everything will be okay ...

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zrodfects1307 days ago

The only way around this is to become un-human, as at the end of the day we are only humans, that is what we do, no different to how to or how not to love, hate, respect, care and so on....

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zone1299 days ago

I read all of your answers. There are two kinds of jealousy. What I want to ask is not jealousy between lovers.

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alienflyer1298 days ago

Then think about the people that are less fortunate than you, that should kick its ass.

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