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Who was the most important leader /person in human history? Reward $3
Created by Aravi, 578 days ago, 1583 views

Kindly briefly explain your answer.
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sanbooly578 days ago

Hello @aravi The best person who changes the history of the humiliation is Albert Einstein.
He developed the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. also, he received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his "services to theoretical physics"

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Pravy578 days ago

Adam & Eve probably. And i don't need to emphasize their importance as they were the first humans. If theology is taken to be true from history.

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alexseyiayo578 days ago

Jesus Christ is the most important leader/person in history, because he was God in flesh... and nobody could be more important than God himself. Cheers!

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19mitch65578 days ago

well I will tell you on my deathbed because as of right now it is extremely hard to say, and in 50 yrs or so someone even more important might come along, It's anyone's guess or opinion

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gajmw77578 days ago

пророк Мухамед

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jeetkml578 days ago

* * * T H E A N S W E R I S R E M O V E D * * *

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maren578 days ago

Most important leader in history was Jesus Christ.

Why? Is Holy Bible most important, qvotet, and reading book or not?
Is Christ and Christianity world largest movement in history?

After Christ, second leader was Muhammad who created Quran.
His followers make second world religion.
Largest was Christianity. And this is reason why is Christ is largest and most
important leader in History.

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Aravi578 days ago

Hi @jeetkml

That is a good solution to overcome this question.


Sorry, please tell me the name of normal human. No name of god. No name of messenger for god. Please no character name from any holy book.

I am looking from history book which is religion and politically neutral. The answer may also be a scientist name, dictator, President, freedom fighters,etc.


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cjg2486578 days ago


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pustoi11578 days ago

Charles Robert Darwin
perhaps it is not a leader.
I largely disagree with him, but certainly he was very much influenced the worldview of all mankind. in Communist Russia, millions of people believe only in it. This theory greatly changed the way people live. largely controversial theory, but it is still quite serious study in many prestigious institutions. I think when people stop believing in God, it radically changed the life on the planet. You just think, before the advent of Darwin's theory, the belief in God was unshakable. Sure, smart people will understand me.
but in general, a lot of people severely affected the world order. I also would like to mention the people (many) who invented the transistor in electronics, without which it is not conceivable modern development of science. of course, possible to provide examples of fantastic characters or people who unleashed the war stopped, or vice versa, but the science is much more important for me. without geniuses of science, there would be no civilization. yes my friend, I'm sorry, not very compact, has turned out, but I would like to write more, and had to think about it and highlight one.

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omarwa79578 days ago

Prophet Muhammad.What most in need of the world to solve the problems of Mohammed sipping a cup of coffee:George Bernard Shaw

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Pravy578 days ago

As i said it bro. If theology is considered to be true in history.
Anyways in other regard I also consider J. Robert Oppenheimer as a important personality. He was at the helm of the Manhattan project which gave the world the atomic bomb. And trust me when I say this. The peace we are enjoying now is a gift from the creation of the atomic bomb. It showed us how destructive we as humans can be.

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nihal29577 days ago

Mahatma Gandhi
Civil rights leader


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pustoi11577 days ago

according to you, the Americans after the bombing of Japan, there is peace throughout the land? you do not know what is happening in the world? only who helped the invention of the atomic bomb is America. which was to impose their ideology on other countries. even Russia, to build an atomic bomb, not to be under the influence of America. the discovery of atomic energy, it is a huge step, but to kill people for the sake of the world, this is nonsense.

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igor577 days ago

The aliens created the human race.They own the lead in the history of man.

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Aravi577 days ago

Hi Friends, all your explanation and the suggested persons are supper.

---------------------------------------------------This is want I found about them ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Charles Robert Darwin works had opened the eyes of entire world and served as base for modern study of human evolution as well as all the relative filed. I believe that his work is not against Christianity. Friends you need not to disagree with him.

Albert Einstein is the father of modern physics. It is believed that this great persons works are still kept as secrete by USA secrete service. Nearly after a century, we are now able to better understand and research on his wormhole theory.

J. Robert Oppenheimer not only provides nations security but also foundation for clean energy in modern man kind. His work is expected to save entire world from global warming , if applied in correct way. He also worked with Albert Einstein. His contribution to science is similar to Albert Einstein. His major works are in the field of theoretical astronomy, nuclear physics, spectroscopy, and quantum field theory, including its extension into quantum electrodynamics. He also Gravitational Attraction, space science. He calculated the photoelectric effect for hydrogen and X-rays, obtaining the absorption coefficient at the K-edge.

The Great George Bernard Shaw reevaluation entire Europe with his works. Really countless contribution in the field of Playwright, critic, political activist.

Mahatma Gandhi not only contributed freedom to India But revolutionized the freedom fight in Africa.

Sadly nihal29 had failed to explain the contribution.

All the great person's contribution are countless. I personally thing all are the best answer. But I will be able to select only one person's answer.

So I will be selecting the first person, who will be able to provide more important contribution of their respective great hero of the our human history.


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pustoi11577 days ago

I do not claim to be the best answer, I just thought of Einstein, but his works are well known, mainly scientists (yes relativity heard everything, but only heard), but about the theory of evolution, even a child knows.

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Pravy577 days ago

This is my explanation why the atomic bomb had a effect of world peace right now. As i said the atomic bombs showed us how destructive we as humans can be. And at the moment the amount of atomic bombs each country has if they were to be leashed upon the world, every country will be up in "puff". The amount of destruction will be so great that no nation will be able to recover from it. Physically & financially. This impacts every one. The rich and the poor. That's the reason why countries now talk diplomatically.
@pustoi11 Would you please let me have my view? My answer was not up for discussion with you. It was directed to @aravi for his query. I am liable to answer to his ideology. I understand that you have your point but don't expect me to correct myself to your ideology. Let me keep my nonsense.

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pustoi11577 days ago

no offense please, but you allow yourself to argue with me (on other issues), I have no animosity, just, I often hear this point of view, it sounds everywhere, but you are an intelligent man, and this propaganda for those who can not think of people...

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pustoi11577 days ago

the funny thing is, I am absolutely certain that the greatest contribution made by people of whom we know nothing, including the names of ...

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Aravi577 days ago


Please don't fight!. Instead why don't one of you just explain your more about your history hero and win the best answer.

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pustoi11577 days ago

I do not know what else to say, I repeat, I am seriously thinking about this question, then you can remember, and Nikola Tesla, he was ahead of science in general for many years. Even today science can not explain these findings. but to turn the world view of people and do this, I stress theory, the only one that recognized science, unconditionally, for many years. it is in our time, to prove that God is the ocean. also delusional theory it sounded in the days of blind faith in God. People realized that they could do anything for fear of punishment only human.

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thelicencee577 days ago

Winston Churchill.
Without his grit and determination ALL of Europe would have been of German decent, which in time this would have spread, worldwide.

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abdelrahman577 days ago

there is someone who changed the world he is,
Abraham Lincoln without him America wouldn't be like it is now
because America is the one who created the devices
without Abraham we would not even know how to chat in here
thank you
hope you get it

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abdelrahman577 days ago

there is also ineshtain

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abdelrahman577 days ago

science,math creator

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abdelrahman577 days ago

the best answer from those two mark it as the best answer

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MounirMiller577 days ago

The prophet Muhammed PBUH for sure !
this was mentioned on the book of "The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History" by Michael Hart
for more :

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misam577 days ago

Hello @Aravi ,

The most important leader in human history is Alexander The "Great" . Why "Great", have you ever wondered ? He was not only a leader but also a great military commander who always ready to face his enemies. The main reason behind his title "Great" is that he never lost any battle due to his intelligence in the form of clever tactics and bold strategy. Alexander in his first battle in Asia, used only a small part of his forces, perhaps 13,000 infantry with 5,000 cavalry, against a much larger Persian force of 40,000. Alexander placed the phalanx at the center and cavalry and archers on the wings, so that his line matched the length of the Persian cavalry line, about 3 km. By contrast, the Persian infantry was stationed behind its cavalry. This ensured that Alexander would not be outflanked, while his phalanx, armed with long pikes, had a considerable advantage over the Persian's scimitars and javelins. Macedonian losses were negligible compared to those of the Persians.

Other than this his mother had huge ambitions, and encouraged him to believe it was his destiny to conquer the Persian Empire, which he later proved. He not only conquered Persian Empire but also invaded Syria, and most of the coast of the Levant. He also later captured Egypt in 332 BC.
Besides this his extraordinary achievements, coupled with his own ineffable sense of destiny and the flattery of his companions, may have combined to produce desire to conquer the world. Besides this the best leader in the human history!!!

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voineaadi577 days ago

The most important leader in human history is the one that is able to influence you to grow to a new level. It can be a writer, a musician, a body builder, whatever. Leaders come and go and nations have leaders, companies have leaders, teams have leaders, families have leaders and so on. Leaders come in various shapes and colors, and picking a good leader is such a subjective and personal thing to do. A leader is defined by their ability to influence others, to lead. Influence can be achieved in many forms: coercion, bribe, personal example, etc. A good leader is the one who can influence others with integrity. From that perspective, a mother can be considered a great leader, and all mothers in the world should receive heroin statuses in their own right. On the other hand someone who is able to lead their lives effectively and take the right decisions and live with passion in the direction of their dreams is a leader. Regardless of what the history books tell you, or regardless of society's general consensus on the subject. A leader us basically someone who can live their lives on their own terms, and be able to influence others to live with integrity. Thus, dictators are not real leaders, they are just bullies. Leadership is a matter of power and integrity, that's how I see it.

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maren577 days ago

@Aravi : In this case, this person can be - From political side, Mahatma Ghandi

From Scientific side - Nikola Tesla - without inventions this man we can't type today in PC this man invented electricity like we know today, not
useless Edisons power electricity.
Nikola Tesla is changed world.
Eisnstain is not proved his theory, this is still just theory. Can you run into space and catch time? Bullshit!

From far history it will be Roman Imperator Julius Caesar.

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maren577 days ago


NIKOLA TESLA, CHANGED THE WORLD, BUT THIS MAN is not important. Why we still known so little about this man?
This man is born in Serbian family, father was priest, but he loved mathematic. With 19 years Nikola Tesla leave Balkan and going to America
to make dreams real. And he make a lot of new things what we used today.

Read about him

And about inventions.
And what have Einstain? Nothing!
If you choose from scientifist you have better than Einstain, you dint choose Tesla, but Einstain, its terrible!
Why not someone from history? Caesar, Ghandi? Kenedy, J.B. Tito?

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Aravi576 days ago

Hi @maren

Friend, I was suppose to select Darwin or Oppenheimer. Those 2 friends of us made me cry. Fighting with each other, 25 messages (all double messages) within 10 mins. I am an Indian and I can select Mahatma Ghandi but one of my brother failed to explain. So I left with only Einstain. Einstain is not also bad.

I am too said that

Edision, who is called as father of Innovation? No American told JF kennedy. Who saved millions of countless life in poor nation? No one told Mother Teresa. No Sultan Malik Shah. No Alfred Nobel. No Coral Marx. No OMAR KHAYYAM. No Marie Curie.

Further for the question about catch time. Kindly find the below article.

wormhole is no more science friction or Einstain theory.


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Aravi576 days ago

Further, the reason why I have selected Darwin or Oppenheimer is that, they will fight more in this post.

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sedov58576 days ago

самым заметным и кровавым гением был ленин .Он перевернул сознание миллионов людей и только в России жертв не меньше 60 000 000 человек.Вот такой эффект.Пока никто не переплюнул.

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Thraciana576 days ago

The most important leader/person in everyone's history is the mother.. Mother Earth is suffering, like many mothers today, because of those important leaders/persons who often forget about the meaning of a simple word - Humanity. We are all here to learn and to love, not to compete our prides..

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maren575 days ago

OK, this is your decision.
You say that. But this link say that is PROJECT? Or I'm wrong? This no exist still?

Numbers of Einstain realized projects still zero.

Numbers of Tesla's realized projects ... uhm, nobody can think about building this tunnel without Tesla invention's

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Aravi574 days ago

Hi @maren
I agree with you bro!

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