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Created by khaledmus, 844 days ago, 1359 views

If someone decided to travel for work which is the best country to travel regardless about the kind of work or any degrees he had? and why?
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voineaadi842 days ago

I personally would choose the USA if I had a choice, simply because it's a place where you could really get ahead if you wanted to. No, it is no perfect, but I still think it is "the land of all possibilities". Very democratic, capitalistic thinking, anyone can make a buck if they really wanted to, equal opportunity and everything, overall modern way of thinking. I am not an American, in fact I am from Romania, and I live an work here. I am not interested in working abroad. I have worked in many places, and the best so far for me was Spain. Very nice people, neighborly, friendly people, civilized and easy going, and overall a happy society despite of the really high unemployment rate, which was about 40% when I was there( about 4 years ago). I would recommend South East Spain for the pleasure of living there(living cost is not so high either), and USA for the opportunities that it can bring.

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Yuri844 days ago

I think that this is the United States. If you are a professional, you will always find a job with a good income.

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Aravi843 days ago

Hi @khaledmus


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alexseyiayo843 days ago

Although degrees and good grades have long been proxies for the kind of cognitive skills required for jobs in knowledge industries, but these credentials don’t meaningfully predict job performance because some people are very skilled in what they do, even without a degree. For instance, some people are better at drawing than others: there are people who can effortlessly sketch an object's likeness, and people who struggle for hours just to get the angles and proportions right, which may not necessarily require a degree!
Since such job opportunities can be mostly found in the U.S for a great pay, then its certainly the best place to travel for work! Regards.

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pustoi11843 days ago

I do not want to offend anyone, but the best country to work, especially for a "white" man, this is China. China appreciated the white face, and in many places their salary is higher than that of the local population.

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misam842 days ago

The best country to travel for work is Dubai . If you had a degree in your hands and had skills to do that work you can easily find job in Dubai. It all depends on your education !

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maren841 days ago

@pustoi11 has right. I was in China and I know how it is be white man in China. Like be a God.
If you are proof with English you can easy find job in school and be teacher. salary is very good,
you also have apartment, my friend last year was in China and work like teacher in school so
I know these details. Salary is about 2000 USD.

Second country can be U.A.E. - Dubai and other places in United Emirates. Its rich world, in expansion.

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Gorge839 days ago

Hi guy!

I think, the best country for work is Singapore and it's also one of the best country for travel.


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