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USB Mass Storage Device Reward $2
Created by Shadowjay, 1317 days ago, 1337 views

I have an ASUS Notebook with an X551MA processor running Windows 10.

I am also A } Older then your father
and B} got my degree in Microelectronics with a 286 on my desk.

I want to recover a 3T internal drive and if you think it is getting close to either of my primary systems, rethink that. That is why I am using the Notebook. That drive has about 15,000 {15K} individual audio files and I want them back.

I use EZ Connect for power and data transfer.
The Drive shows up in Device Manager but there is no access.
Sometimes it is in USB as a Mass Storage Device but I can not access it.
Sometimes it is in USB as a Mass Storage Device but marked as not connected. If so I uninstall, reboot and there it is. Still can't get to it, but I can see it.
Disk management shows it but no volume, which is "Q" in this case. Think, Bond. Q had all the fun toys.
I also get the, "This Device Not Ready" if I try to do ANYTHING.
Recuva can't see it. Period.
DMDE - Look it up. It IS a Virus / Worm / Trojan
Photorec is Photos Only. I want my MP3 files back.
MiniTool is a partition recovery. The partition is intact.
Paragon is just like Recuva. Can't even see it.
Easus File recovery is a scam. It supposedly finds the files but then you have to pay to actually USE it. If you want to sell a program that's fine. Lies and rip offs are not allowed.
PCI File Inspector can see it as a Physical Drive but ask it to find a Logical Drive and it freezes up tight. Oh yeah, and it only works on Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. I have windows 10.
Phoenix Recovery Maybe yes, Maybe no, but if I can do this for free or close to free I'm not paying for Phoenix.
There are 3 or 4 more programs I have tried but you get the idea.

Okay, let me see some ideas.


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Aravi1317 days ago

Hi Mr. @Shadowjay

Windows 10 have strongly enforces of anti virus protection. So, if your data in external device have a single stain of malware/ virus, it will not allow you to open the device.

I will request you to first, try to insert in older O/S like WIndows 7 and scan Microsoft malicious software removal tool.

This will remove the virus stain due to which your Win10 OS is blocking the external device. Further Kindly also scan with Malwarebyte too, because it have more strong anti malware definition.

I will request you to try to recover the data later in windows 10.


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Aircatcher1317 days ago

firstly, how long that you have been using this drive? Like 4 to 5 years probably? or even further?

secondly, you might want to get a clean usb drive for a bootable antivirus, bitdefender is a good one. There are also some open-source alternatives too.
scan through all of the 3TB drive with that, just be careful not to execute anything from the drive yet.

third, I use easeus file recovery professional too, and it did worked for me on two wd blue 1TB and one Seagate 4TB before, not sure that it didn't work on yours, it's probably your drive, what is the manufacturer of yours?


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ha141317 days ago

once i recovered media files from accidently formatted hard drive with Ontrack EasyRecovery, the scan took 10hours for 500gb files, it was xp machine

maybe HDDregenraor can help

both can help to windows detect your hard drive??? then you can recover files

Quick Fix Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem in Windows 10

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Pravy1316 days ago

That's one elaborate question. Thanks for all the clarification but I still am wondering what the actual problem is. Whether it is caused due to virus infection or the drive being too old now. Anyways let's start discussing some ideas.
1) The first thing would be to get the drive recognized. As per you the drive is not being recognized correctly and you also mentioned using the ezconnect for power and data. Have you checked if the ezconnect is working properly with a different hard disk.? If not then please try getting a different dock for the HDD.
2) If it was indeed the ezconnect being problematic and you now got a different dock which I assume to detect the HDD. You would probably be able to use any recovery software you already have tested to recover the data.
3) If it's virus infected and assuming the HDD & dock is OK. You can still extract the audio files to your internal hdd irrespective of any virus infection. Virus infection is the least of our worries here.
3) Assuming the ezconnect works fine and this not being a virus issue. The HDD you are currently working on is at the heaven's door. You can try a few tricks I learned the hard way. As you have already mentioned the partition is intact. You can use a partition cloning software to clone the partition to a new hard disk on another dock. And then use the file recovery software on the new hdd with the old partition. I would recommend Miray HD clone for the job.

I sincerely hope you get your files back. Hope this suggestions will help you. And please do report us back on the update. Would like to know if anything worked as for my own future reference of events.

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jeetkml1314 days ago

need to update USB driver , I got same problem when I attached SDCARD to Windows 8.1 but when I update my Realtek USB Driver then problem solved. Download Driver according to your Hardware.
TRY command in command prompt admin mode "chkdsk e: /f" where is e: disk assigned letter and help chkdsk for more commands but commonly used "chkdsk e: /f" or "chkdsk e: /r"

and try EaseUS Recovery Wizard to recover files

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