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Created by alvinjfrazier, 849 days ago, 1271 views

Why are most anime characters drawn with caucasian features, even if the character is asian? (Ex: Blond hair, Round eyes, White skin, etc.)
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koroleva848 days ago

"Back in 2010, blogger Julian Abagond asserted, "The Japanese see anime characters as being Japanese. It is Americans who think they are white." Largely, I agree with this. When Japanese see anime characters, they think they are Japanese—even if they have purple hair or blond hair—or they don't even think about it that deeply. It's often only when the characters have exaggerated Western figures or speak goofy Japanese that viewers are clued in that they are looking at a non-Japanese character." This is from an article by Brian Ashcraft
I personally never met a Caucasian with red eyes and blue hair and yet that's kinda what anime characters look like! By the way I don't think Asians have ever wondered why Mulan looks like them. I guess they are the only one to realize animation is a fantastic world and people are free to use their imagination as wide as they can.
Try to watch cosplay images or animes that was adapted in live-action films like Death Note, and you will see how the outfits looks so great on Japanese people and you might change your mind.

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Rone849 days ago

In the japanese culture pale faces were the more 'Popular' look for society. An example would be the geisha look.

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ralphfurgason849 days ago


I am thinking that it is because blonde hair and blue eyes seem to be the iconic look of the proverbial female sex symbol even for oriental people.

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Pravy849 days ago

I beg to differ. Anime is made as per the artists choices and they want to distinguish their character or implied side character. Not all characters have the same type of characterizations. A famous example would be Bleach Anime. The lead has orange hair which was done so to make him stand out than others.

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pustoi11849 days ago

almost all the characters of anime face resemble each other like twins. therefore, to transfer the difference of characters, using external paraphernalia, including hair color.

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