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Saving much data 5
Created by khaledmus, 789 days ago, 743 views

Is their any way (apps&tricks) that we could by it save much of data caused by surfing net?
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Aravi788 days ago


1) Enable data safe mode in your mobile. This is as per your mobile setting (may vary from device to device).

2) Enable speed mode and disable images. You may user UC browser.

3) Enable add blocker plugin.

4) Make bookmark of all the useful pages and avoid searching for their link.

5) Turn off all net related background app / application, which can drain your internet pack.

6) Turn off all automatic update. Only turn on automatic update once in a month. This will also save a lot of data.

7) Make sure you don't have any tracking cookies / any malware that slow down the net and increase data consumption.


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yemilinks789 days ago

Mobile Internet usage can be expensive — so how do you keep your bill low while out and about without compromising on data?Use apps.Mobile Internet: Rarely UnlimitedHave you ever found yourself exceeding your data allowance on your smartphone or tablet? Perhaps you thought everything was okay, but didn’t realise that you had exceeded the amount of data you were allowed under your contract until the bill arrived.The fact is, mobile Internet is veryrarely unlimited. Even if you have a 50GB allowance, once you finallymanage to exceed this (perhaps you’reusing your smartphone as a wireless hotspot), you will be charged for any data beyond this limit.To combat this, you need to think smart. The first step you should take is to use Android’s built-in tools to setup a limit on your mobile data. This can be done inSettings > Data usage. With data switched on, tapSet mobile data limitand then specify a warning level and a limit.Ads by GoogleYou can alsoRestrict background databy opening the menu and selecting the corresponding option. Although not as accurate as your carrier’s metrics, it shouldbe enough to ensure you don’t exceed your limit.Not enough? Then go further! There are two classes of app that will compress your data for you, both relying on remote servers and forcing you to access the web via their own networks.Apps That Compress Your DataVarious apps are available that usecompression technology andVPNs (virtual private networks)to ensure your data usage is reduced.UC Browser HD for AndroidFaster browsing is made possible by compression technology, and it is this tech that also allows you to use less data when visiting your favourite websites. UC Browser HD also features ad blockers, the facility to watch videos as you download them and is basically thebrowser you should be using if you’re not using Chrome.Onavo Extend | Data SavingsPotentially able to make significant savings on a metered mobile Internet connection, Onavo Extend runs in the background androutes all data through the developer’s own servers, utilizing compression technology to reduce how much data you use. It also optimizes images and features a widget that lets you easily check how much data you have saved.Vortex VPNExtremely easy to setup, Vortex VPN requires that you select your preferred server and then tap thelarge power-style button to connect. Servers are situated in seven countries around the world including the USA, Switzerland, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, and Brazil.Once the VPN is established, the key icon will appear in the notification area. Note that this app requires that you create a free account, where 250 MB of data use is available. Additional data can be purchased via a link in the app menu. Do note that Vortexis just one of manygreat VPN apps for Android.Opera Max – Data ManagerA combined data usage monitor and data compressor, Opera Max can be used to keep your mobile Internet usage minimised and force data hogs to only go online when there is a WiFi signal nearby.The app’s description estimates a massive doubling of your data planwith Opera Max enabled, and privacy is covered as the app uses a secure VPN. Thanks to compression, data downloads quicker, and Opera Max also compresses mobile video, often the main culprit when you go over your data allowance.All of these apps are worth trying out. You probably won’t find much benefit in using all of them, so give each one a day or perhaps a week of regular use to see which suits your mobile Internet use, andstick with it!Forget Mobile Internet: Use WiFi!Don’t think you can cut down your mobile Internet use any further? A good option is to disable mobile data and rely on public WiFi. Whilean unsuitable solution for online banking, shopping and anything else that should be done with a secure connection, you can still useit to install apps, stream audio andvideo, and catch up with the news.While this solution might not be of particular use while you’re touring the countryside or remote suburban areas, it should be all youneed in metropolitan zones.My recent article coveringquitting mobile Internet entirelyexpands on this subject.How Do You Keep Your Data Usage Low?Whether you prefer the VPN approach or a browser that compresses your data, or if you realise you don’t actually need to use anything but public Wi-Fi, the raw fact is this: using less data will save you money.Cutting down on your data might even let you enjoy your Android phone or tablet a bit more than usual, leaving room for more streaming videos, radio or podcasts, among other things. We even have a fewmore tips for reducing your data usage.Do you use a mobile Internet compression app? Perhaps you have found a solution that we’ve overlooked here.

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