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Most hilarious sitcom. Reward $3
Created by pustoi11, 1527 days ago, 2008 views

I like to lift your spirits watching comedies. which, sitcom, laugh you?
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Walphai1496 days ago

The last man on Earth - It is a new sitcom, and it is funny :D

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Saba1527 days ago

Rules of Engagement - My favorite

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igor1527 days ago

Jeeves and Wooster;Black Books.

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pengie621527 days ago

hi there my favourite sitcom has to be only fools and horses

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sanek_kg1526 days ago

Comedy club (Гарик Бульдог Харламов) ну или Рева

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Shadowjay1526 days ago

sitcoms made today are not funny. they are insulting and a bunch more words i don't want to type here.
you want funny, check out this link...

you can find season 1 but that person destroys the video then posts it. I'll be posting perfect copies sooh on YouTube.

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Aravi1526 days ago

Hi @pustoi11

Kindly find N2ON2OComedy.

I hope you will like it.


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pustoi111526 days ago

Thanks friend, but I am English not very well understand. and your tongue for me, in general, the riddle. I like the sitcom "The Big Bang Theory." We would like something similar, easy humor and jokes without sexual overtones.

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sonoerin551526 days ago

Fraiser, You have to watch it to appreciate it. It is very funny.

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Aravi1526 days ago

Hi @pustoi11

Sorry, I thought that you know arabic, because you have answered well a Arabic question very well.

And I am not arabic but I only understand it.



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rageye011525 days ago

Artchie Bunnker

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olja2255881525 days ago

Scrub, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, Community, Young & Hungry. I really like those sitcoms.

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MarianaM211525 days ago

How I Met Your Mother!

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Pamela05251524 days ago

The Big Bang theory

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Pamela05251524 days ago

the big bang theory, what is not to like?

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Pamela05251524 days ago


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Pamela05251524 days ago

Wrecked is so funny, silly, but very funny. Likable characters, satire to Lost. Cant wait for it to return

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zrodfects1523 days ago


Older shows were way better in my opinion...

My favourite and own all seasons on DVD or Bluray

Rules Of Engagement
Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
Everybody Loves Raymond
The King Of Queens

Others that I do not yet own but plan to at some point:
Growing Pains
Family Ties
Different Strokes
Family Matters
Married With Children

Current that is on now and also own on Bluray:
The Big Bang Theory
Modern Family

You could also check out ROB, sadly this only lasted like 8 shows, it was cancelled for some reason but I thought it was actually very good, it had Rob Schneider in it as the main actor and I love his movies and was excited to see him in his own but was annoyed it did not last long, he married into a large Mexican family that did not approve of him from shortness to well American, but it was funny, though I had to download the 8 shows as I don't think we will see a physical release of a short cancelled show but if they do and I see it, i'm buying it.

Hope these help


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16331523 days ago

The IT Crowd

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Pamela05251517 days ago

Noi@Hi hands down the Big Bang takes my mind away from reality for a while.

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ldmff1516 days ago

@pustoi11 At present I like "Last Man Standing", "The Middle". "Mom", "The Goldbergs" but from back in the old days watch reruns of "Mash 4077", "Carrol Burnette", "Jackie Gleason", "That 70's Show", those tickle my funny bone. As movies go this comedy/drama is my favorite "Terms of Endearment" with Jack Nicolson and Shirley McLane. I hope you find them entertaining if you have a wacky sense of humor like me ! Yom Tov, Shalom!

L.D. hunkered down in my bunker fending off pinko commies in Lincolnstan, Ne. the Kremlin of Nebraska !!!

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harry92141516 days ago

Still Standing

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serezha1516 days ago

Hi! I'd like to say "Big Bang Theory" but all of them know it , so "True Detective" or "Fargo"are not bad.
Good luck! Funny watching!

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outside1516 days ago


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maren1515 days ago


It can be this:

Only fools and horses - this series is no 1, absolutely!!!

FRIENDS - its always funny

Green green grass - its something like EPILOG of ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES, series where Boycie going from London to willage,
something absolutely unexpected for man like Boycie, and he started new life...runaway from killers

The big bang theory

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alexey11512 days ago

Russian Univer and The big bang theory

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ckoch1499 days ago

I like the oldies, humor now is full of sex and curses. I loved lavern and shirley

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MaRin4ik1498 days ago

@pustoi11 Симпсоны ; Как Я встретил вашу мать?!

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my_asylum1452 days ago

Family Guy & South Park

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