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Created by Jazzman, 762 days ago, 1129 views

I'm having difficult time trying to figure out how and what to do to my pc when I log into my email acc. i see my mail click on it and it will not open it in the internet explorer I go to fire or google and no problem when I try to open them so it must be the intexplr.. so what do I need to do..


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ldmff761 days ago

I don't believe it's wise to use IE because I'm pretty sure it's been scrapped, they put EDGE in place of IE but you have to update to Windows 10, I think the free upgrade date has passed, besides Microsoft does support IE so it's very vulnerable out there cruisin' the net. Hope I've been some help and possibly saved you from a lot of grief. Yom Tov,...Shalom!

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Stoneheart762 days ago

Hi Jazz!

Have you tried uninstalling IE and re-installing it? You might need to install something like CCleaner (do the free trial of the professional version) from piriform to do a deep uninstall to make sure all the registry DLL's get removed as well. Then just install it again.

Good luck!

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ha14762 days ago

which mail is in question?

How to reset Internet Explorer settings

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Aravi761 days ago


1) try to reset ie as told by h14

2) make sure you have recent version and installed all updated. Use windows update.

If none works reinstall it:


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Pamoon761 days ago

Wew, your problems are:

1. Your IE browser couldn't load JS, because of out dated IE browser, just install the newest IE browser.

2. Your IE browser couldn't load JS again, because you disabled JS, just enable it.

3. Your IE browser couldn't load the page (or was loading but slow > timed out), check your IE proxy or something that prevent IE from loading mails.

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nihal29761 days ago


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RobertMills760 days ago

Apparently Internet Explorer is no longer being updated as it is phased out

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RobertMills760 days ago

I suggest you use Moailla Firefox or Google

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jwtaylor37759 days ago

@Jazzman if you haven't done it already, run the Wise Cleaner and then try to open your mail with IE. If that doesn't work, make sure you download Google Chrome and use it from now on. Honestly, IE is very vulnerable and not dependable (as you can tell). Just use Chrome from now on and you should do just fine.

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trikki22759 days ago

i just download and install firefox that works just as good ie is only good for updating windows

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Jazzman759 days ago

Thank all you guy for replying to my question If I had it my way all would have the best answers cause I'm from the old school and you guys are great.. lol......

Thank So Much

Jazzman :-)

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misam757 days ago

Hello Jaz,

You should do following things:

1) Install latest version of Internet Explorer.
2) If a problem does not solve then update your pc to windows 10 as it comes along with Microsoft Edge which is pretty good browser and you should be able to access your mails with it.

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Jazzman671 days ago

I want to thank all you guys that has replied to me about fixing my pc it is to old to get windows 10 wish I could get it but when this one dies I will be forced to get a new one I really like all your answers If I had lots of money I would love to give you guys a bit of right now I am in a bit of a pinch for money I am on fix in come but when things change I will be happy to give each and everyone that has replied to this question....

( God Bless All )

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