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Recycle Bin is empty after I delete files. Reward $2
Created by yoursong, 581 days ago, 1150 views

The deleted files won't go to Recycle Bin. How to fix it?
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ha14581 days ago


1) right click on your recycle bin and choose properties
2) uncheck the box: Don't move files to the Recycle Bin, Remove Files immediately when deleted

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nuklin581 days ago

The check box in the Recycle bin Properties dialogue box must be active, to deactivate it, do this: a. On the desktop, right-click Recycle Bin, and then click Properties. b.Under Recycle Bin Location (Global), uncheck or deactive the checkbox option "Do not move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted." Good luck!

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nihal29581 days ago


this will fix the problem

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aniket581 days ago

Right click the Recycle Bin > Properties then unselect the option to delete files rather than moving to the Recycle Bin.

You cannot restore files if the original location of the file was on a removable drive that is not currently connected.

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Aravi581 days ago

Hi @yoursong

Right click on recycle bin > properties.

If you have selected don't move files the select custom size and set a storage size upto 7 GB min. Apply and restart your pc.

Kindly refer the below picture.


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zrodfects581 days ago

This depends too on the file size, with larger files they tend to get deleted straight away without going in to the trash can, though your looking HQ movie file sizes though....

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yoursong581 days ago

I didn't check that box...

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yoursong581 days ago

The file size I deleted was very small.

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zrodfects581 days ago


Oh ok, more likely due to property settings, that perhaps was automatically changed from a recent update or installation.

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ha14580 days ago


did you install any software that deals with privacy

which version of windows you have?

1) make a restore point
2) open command prompt with administrative rights
3) copy paste rd /s /q C:\$Recycle.bin and hit enter
4) Reboot

How to Remove C:\$Recycle.Bin Virus ?(Removal guide)

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yoursong580 days ago

Thank you. I will try this method.

I am using w10 pro

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kinzy2004577 days ago

Shift-delete makes file automatically deleted and don't go to recylce bin
otherwise there matbe third party software that enabled delet files directly without recycle bin like windows 10 manager check

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helensteiner091575 days ago

This depends too on the folder size, with longer documentations they incline to get removed conventional away without going in to the waste can, though you’re looking HQ show folder sizes though....

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zrodfects575 days ago

Are you in admin mode on your PC, as when not in Admin mode you may have restrictions, also are you deleting files from your PC or from say USB, because most if not all deleted files from USB will not go to recycle bin.

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abdo123456574 days ago

the easiest way to turn files into recycle bin is you hold the file insert into recycle bin

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fladykiller574 days ago

you can choose custom size from propertiesn and enter the max number@yoursong

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rageye01574 days ago

put in a good uninstall program like www.10obit .com

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Pamela0525574 days ago

HI if you are speaking of deleting temporary files these do not go to your recycle bin. These are gone after hitting delete temporary files when you restart or shut down your computer. Clearing history works the same way. Cookies deleted also go away when you shut down or restart. Good Luck!

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yoursong572 days ago

When I delete file or folder from desktop, I got the following message:

And I didn't select that option:

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fin572 days ago

заведи себе шредер ,прог полно.. потом и пыли не найдешь!

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gala89572 days ago

Файлы большого размера в корзину не помещаются они удаляются сразу.Можно попробовать восстановить с помощью специальных программ!

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