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Which food is the most important that we should eat every day? Reward $2
Created by AF, 1526 days ago, 2770 views

Do you know which food is so important that we should eat it every day?

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koroleva1520 days ago

To be healthy you need a balanced and varied diet. Here are some tips for a healthy eating :
- The idea to stay fit and healthy is to eat everything in proper quantities without anything to prohibit, but favoring certain foods like fruits, vegetables and dairy products at a certain point.
- The breakfast is very important and must have a hot drink, a dairy product, a cereal product and a fruit.
- The lunch and dinner should have meat fish or eggs, vegetables, starchy and a dairy product. You can add a fruit if you want to.
- Eat at least 5 portions (100g) of fruits and vegetables per day.
- Eat 3 dairy products per day.
- You can have a starchy at each meal.
- Animal proteins (meat, fish and eggs) can be consumed one to two times per day.
- Depending on your weight, age, activities and health, it may be very important to limit consumption of fat, sugary foods and salt.
- Drink a lot of water.
- Practice sports like brisk walking for at least 30 min per day.
Good luck !

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pustoi111526 days ago

Of course it is a protein. without the protein and the water just die. Even vegetarians eat protein. most of it is found in meat and legumes (soybeans).

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khaledmus1526 days ago

i think their are no specific food you should eat daily but try your meals to b full of vitamines and minerals

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pustoi111526 days ago

The main sources of animal protein are meat, fish, cheese, eggs. In plant foods also contain protein, they are particularly rich in legumes and nuts.
Man gets protein by eating animal and plant foods, but food proteins are different from those that make up the human body. During digestion proteins break down into amino acids, which are absorbed and used by the body to produce its own protein. The most important amino acids 22. Of these, eight are considered to be indispensable. They are so called because the body can not synthesize their own - it gets them only with food, remaining amino acids are regarded as interchangeable.

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igor1526 days ago

Milk, goat cheese, red wine.

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haroldmarcum1526 days ago

A big Banana every day.

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bilgimuhendisi1526 days ago

cheese. olive. jam. honey. butter. tomatoes and cucumbers . orange crush .. This kind of breakfast

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cjg24861526 days ago


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MOHAMEDBESHER1526 days ago

vitamines and minerals

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Mahayani1526 days ago

Peanut Butter, hands down!

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JPZH1526 days ago

There is no individual food, can meet the needs of the human body. People should eat different kinds of food, only in line with the needs of the human body.

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garylschuller1526 days ago

Apples oranges banana's , turkey

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Aravi1526 days ago

Hi @AF

It is milk / egg.

This is because, milk supply nearly all the vital nutrients required by the body. It is rich source of protein, calcium.

Egg also one in the same, but more proscribed for children who is under 18 years. This is because, egg contains rich amount good cholesterol. Hence, in Adult who have problem of over weight it is not advisable.


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Stoneheart1526 days ago

Fruits and vegetables should be part of every day!

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AF1525 days ago


Eat turkey every day? But I don't think it will be healthy.

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AF1525 days ago


I heard someone said that banana could make us feel happy. Right?

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sanek_kg1524 days ago

eat more rough grain and you in very good health.

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whitbyaus1522 days ago

Oatmeal has many health benefits, not the least being Heart health.

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Konstanten1522 days ago

Это хлеб

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ihenlomen1521 days ago

Fruits....yh! fresh fruits. Good vitamins.

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misam1521 days ago

Egg is an most important food that anyone should eat everyday in breakfast . It has protein and other nutrients that makes a person healthy.

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lyazid1520 days ago

fruits et légumes

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gajmw771520 days ago

это морковь

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MounirMiller1520 days ago

i think all the vegetarian foods are necessary

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maren1520 days ago

For different person - different food.

Each person have some specs.
But proteins is very important.
Someone says that is soybeans is very health?
Its not true! Soybeans today is GMO products and don't
use product which have soy.
Take honeybee if is real, not from market.
Buy honey from beekeper directly!
Some people avoid fat from pigs? But bacon and eggs is god start for day. "Cowboys breakfast"

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gui28291519 days ago

hidrato de carbono

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toribio1519 days ago

anything edible, all kinds of foods should be consumed

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Pamela05251519 days ago

Hi AF, According to reading several articles from professional nutritionist, the answer seems to be beans (any) and green leafy vegetables (any). I hope this helps :)

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voineaadi1519 days ago

Water. Way underestimated in most people's diets. Most important food. Ever!

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lordwolfe1519 days ago

Basically you need your basic groups, Vegetables & Beans, Dairy, Meat, Poultry & Fish, Grain & Fruit. And of course Water should be added as well to keep hydrated. But this is something you want to discuss with your doctor as well. Because if you are not able to get all the basics, then adding a vitamin supplement wouldn't hurt either.

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jeetkml1518 days ago

more info try this link,

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Tizem1518 days ago

Все ответы ниже дают перечисления продуктов. Но главное в том, что в пище нельзя выделить что важно, а что неважно. Наверное вопрос надо поставить так " Какую пищу нужно употреблять, чтобы как можно больше прожить человеку" Прежде всего это здоровую пищу, содержащую 3 важных компонента-белки, жиры и углеводы, в том количестве, котором оптимальны для вашего возраста и веса. Главное-не переедать лишнего. Пища должна быть экологически безопасна! То есть избегать геномодифицированных продуктов, продуктов, содержащих добавки типа Е. Где их взять? Выращивать у себя на даче, в огороде, а не покупать непонятно что в магазинах. И пища. приготовленна из тобою выращенных культур будет ВАЖНА именно для тебя!

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