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How do you manage your Windows desktop? Reward $2
Created by timeis, 1530 days ago, 2199 views

How do you manage your Windows desktop?
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Falcon1529 days ago

I don't like my desktop full of icons, so I put them all in the tasbar, doing the following:

Right-click in a blank, empty area of desktop and chose "exibit", or "show" (my labels are in portuguese, don't know how it is in your Windows language), the up-most option.

Uncheck the last option, "show icons on desktop". The icons now desapear from desktop.

Right-click in a blank area of task bar, check "tools bar", and "desktop". All icons now apear in task bar.

Right-click in a blank area of task bar, uncheck "show labels" and "show text".

You might rather have there only the icons you use daily, the rest of them should better be on start menu.

To keep the task bar clean and orderly, you may create folders for all matters you have, no need of "virtual desktop" or "launchers", Desktop is already a good "launcher". Create folders like games, documents, apps, internet, as suggested above, but this way of doing is more simple.

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willie1530 days ago

You should be a little more specific !!!

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kicsi51101530 days ago

Ikonokkal, egész jól! Néha nehezen indul.

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kicsi51101530 days ago

Ikonokkal elég türhetöen4

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timeis1529 days ago

How to keep desktop clean and orderly.

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ha141529 days ago


you can use launchers like True Launch Bar; there should be others depending your taste


files, folders, you can relocate them in your user folder or side slide

you can also use virtual desktops, like one only for internet, another for gaming, another for work

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zrodfects1529 days ago

I don't have anything on my desktop except for 3 only, My Computer, My Documents and Trashcan, the rest are all accessible from the start menu anyways so no need to have your desktop full of icons which slows your PC down and over time creates more dramas...

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lezorby1529 days ago

What is the most straightforward way to organise my desktop icons? I just want to separate groups of similar programs into sections or preferably boxes and give each a group name, e.g. Security Backup Group.

It’s really easy, just right-click onto an empty area of the desktop and select New > Folder. Give it a name then drag and drop the icons you want to include onto the new folder icon. If you want to make it a little more visually interesting right-click on the folder icon, select Properties then Change icon.

For more information (design...) see (recommended).
We can also download Rocket Dock : (Make sure your browser downloads first)
Fence : ...

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ha141529 days ago


your method is good for few applications, once goes beyond 10????

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lezorby1529 days ago

you are really in need?

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Aravi1529 days ago

Hi @timeis

I just do 4 easy things and once in a month 2 hard thing.

4 easy things;-

1) I completely clean every 7 days with wise 365.

2) Every 15 days I scan with anti malware tool.

3) Once in a month I defre my hard disk.

4) I regularly clean temp files using wise 365 under common cleaner option.

1 hard thing:-

1) I check for error and RAM speed once in blue moon / a month.

2) Update device driver and software manually.

Why not automatically / over twinging? Auto update will slow down your computer and twinging too much will crash your computer soon.

I just turn on auto update once in a while and turn them all off.


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dragondisastor1529 days ago

happens with everyone, copying things directly to desktop and then feeling lazy to order and place them in specific forders,
solution is simple
1st> stop being lazy
2nd> just select all ( same types files, all music, all pdf ,all videos and images) and paste in specific folder
take 5 min max
and once cleaned and becomes your habit of minimizing things on desktop,

try to install some different themes, with more wallpapers in it,
as the wallpaper will keeps on changing after some time and will makes you clean your desktop to see diffrent images clearly it will surely hepls you

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olja2255881529 days ago

Just put on the desktop few things you need. Like, main folder with your files, My computer folder, bin and few games (if you are going to play it), main applications you are going to use and no problems with it at all.
Here is my desktop for example:

As you can see, it looks clean and orderly.

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timeis1529 days ago

It is really a good idea. Thanks for sharing.

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timeis1529 days ago

So true. Too lazy to do this kind thing.

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timeis1529 days ago

Your desktop is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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hogtrader1527 days ago

I use Stardock application "FENCES" to group related files or programs.

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jglaser1527 days ago

I keep all of my most important shortcuts on my desktop itself, and move the ones I rarely used to a folder on my desktop titled "Seldom-Used Programs". If I need to use one of the seldom-used shortcuts, all I have to do is click on the folder and then click the shortcut.

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willabee81527 days ago

This is my desktop. Fences puts all my desktop icons in areas that I want. It is very versital.

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icecream1527 days ago

I often create files on desktop, then I will delete them or put them into a folder after I won't use them.

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Shadowjay1526 days ago

My desktop?
2 Nvidia video cards, 3 dvi screens two 27 inch wing screens and 32 inch in center

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sam551525 days ago


Right click on the screen of your desktop and then you will have several choices to be able to personalize your desktop and have several options to manage it.

Also, you can have a software like wisecare to clean it regularly and have the best performance.

Also, you can right click on your hard drive location and then choose properties, where you have several options like fixing the errors, defragments of hard drive, and cleaning old restoring points (some versions you have to go through the computer properties by right clicking on computers and then choosing system protection), also you have some other options and tools to maintain your computer and check things.

Best wishes and good luck.

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jeetkml1523 days ago

create folder for each category

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Falcon1523 days ago

Hello, Timeis, thank you very much for chosing my answer as the best one. I stood proud because of that.

I should give you some more tips, like using Wise Clean products, they are nice, also IOBit products. But keep in mind that there is no better defragmenter than MyDefrag, which has scripts like Daily, Weekly and Monthly. You can use them depending on your conveniences and results obtained. I use it daily, scheduled to 5 a.m. There is an option to schedule on the install process.

Beyond Wise products, there is a nice Register Cleaner, which is the best I`ve used, named AML Register Cleaner V.4.25. You should use it once in a week. You won`t believe, the results are astonishing. Txs, good luck, regards...

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timeis1523 days ago

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us.
I will make it work for me.
Good day!

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