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Why pokemon is the most favorite game recently? Reward $2
Created by tuthuan, 825 days ago, 1207 views

Why pokemon is the most favorite game recently?
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Aravi825 days ago

Hi @tuthuan

Because it is based on cartoon called Pokemon. It drives millions as crazy with fantasy story of animals called as Pokemon.

It have lots of previous releases which is very successful.

The recent Pokemon Go is at the top because it had all the features which the player was expecting to do with respect to previous version. This had triggered millions of players and now it is the most played game.


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pustoi11825 days ago

it is unusual. Finally, a sedentary computer games moved to the virtual-real. where it is necessary not only to think a head and run the fingers, but also able to move his legs. and walking in the air, are beneficial to health. among other things, people are very fond of, is to find,particularly if they are anything not lost and search Pokémon, brings pleasure.

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Chienyp825 days ago

I think because each transmission effects and good PG . Vote for me, please

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aniket824 days ago

Everyone loved pokemon cartoon and as it is diffrent game than any othet normal game, its popular.
It make use of our location and creates and maintain interest of player.

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nihal29824 days ago

hey @tuthuan , because its POKEMON! the best animation series for kids , in the late 90s , and those kids are grown up and now they got what they were looking for a virtual reality experience game called Pokemon go , this was a huge step playing that game on there phones ! .
people love them just like THE BEETLES songs ! .

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lyazid824 days ago

la pokemonia est une longue histoire

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deefdelic822 days ago

Because it is a HYPE.. Just as Garbage Pail Kids once was... PIKAPIKAAAAHAAAAATSCHJUUUUU

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monika821 days ago

pokemon is most popular game because it is another type of google map means if we forget the way on which we want to go the pokemon will give a direction & it will show a next way to go further....

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Togekiss_4011821 days ago

Pokemon in all their games is basically Japanese culture and we've grown to like it a lot. It's also a classic turn based RPG style game that most people adult and kids alike play. It's also the most friendliest of all RPGs and you not only defeat the creatures but you capture them and use them in competition against others. And being able to trade and participate in events is one of the key features of Pokemon as well as other features that make it stand out from other games. There's Pokemon that range from adorable to nasty to ugly to super strong to legendary and even mythical. This diversity feature makes it a great time killer to try and catch them all. One thing to also note is that you don't have to stick with in game challenges either, you can make yourself a new one by doing something like I did, try to play for 1,000 hours and keep going on one single save file. I like to challenge myself to do seemingly impossible things so that others would have to try harder to break my record. But yeah, Pokemon is the most popular turn based RPG you can find, and I believe that you should give it a try if you haven't played it yet. May I recommend you try the emerald version for the gameboy advance? Start early and work your way up to the latest Omega ruby and alpha sapphire versions. That way you'll be able to transfer all your Pokemon from the gameboy advance series to the 3ds series.

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frengkyu821 days ago

because its feel so real and attach to daily life, easy to play....

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yemilinks820 days ago

Pokemon Gois already a massive hit, and now it can claim the title of most popular mobile game in United States history. According tonew data from SurveyMonkey, Pokemon Go reached just under 21 million daily active users this week, beating outCandy Crush's previous record of 20 million.An important thing to note is that Candy Crush had93 million total daily active users at its peak on a global basis, but this report is for the US only. Pokemon Go is not available everywhere yet--it wasonly just released in the UK today.

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yanka457816 days ago

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Tizem814 days ago

Потому, что покемоны заставили поднять свою попу от компьютерных кресел и делать какие-то телодвижения, что полезно для здоровья!

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Hydotyt795 days ago

100 % согласен

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carmenlakes792 days ago

I believe it is something people want to do because others are doing it. A fad.

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Lifeforce791 days ago

Pokemon is loved by millions because of its ease of entry to play. Young people can play it old people can play it. The art style is very cartoony and is easy on the eyes. Because of these things it makes Pokemon a mainstream game.

Pokemon's gameplay stays true to its core which appeals to the longtime hardcore fans. The gameplay is also simple to allow for new blood to be enticed by Pokemon!

Overall Pokemon has been made into a phenomenon it grew very popular in the 90s and it has stayed as one of the most popular games in the world. Unlike many games that were popular but died off Pokeman has only grew more popular with the introduction of the Pokemon Tv Show and Pokemon Go!

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Openroad33785 days ago

Because it a ground breaking fantasy scavenger hunt for different animated animals. Most of the animals the "Pokemon" are in no way like ours here on earth.
Pokemon allows anyone young or old normal or strange to get out of their home to hunt and make new friends on the way.


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Andreo784 days ago

потому что люди начали выходить на улицы на свежий воздух правда теперь они ходят как зомби

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