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Why Pokemon is most favorite game right now? Reward $3
Created by milonsultan, 848 days ago, 2207 views

Why pokemon is the most favorite game recently?
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pustoi11848 days ago

it is unusual. Finally, a sedentary computer games moved to the virtual-real. where it is necessary not only to think a head and run the fingers, but also able to move his legs. and walking in the air, are beneficial to health. among other things, people are very fond of, is to find,particularly if they are anything not lost and search Pokémon, brings pleasure.

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Pravy848 days ago

Some of them started playing. Others started to follow suit. This is because unlike other games you don't play it in solitude and neither are you fixed to a single place. As you move around people get curious and after knowing they want to follow the suit.
Watch any YouTube interview related to Pokémon go. When asked why they play mostly everybody says that "Everybody is playing".

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stormysarge848 days ago

It's because one: many people are playing, and others joined in because it was the popular thing to do, and, two: it is a new game style for veteran pokemon players who want to be the very best. Lol

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xame33848 days ago

because it's very addictive i gives you an opportunity to experience how to become a real life pokemon trainer and do those things that they do to make a pokemon strong and evolved through time.

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anjumskt77848 days ago

I don't know....

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ymn30848 days ago

It's a game of give Hamas competed and won.

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alexcor848 days ago

Просто нравится

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Aravi848 days ago

Hi @milonsultan

Because it is based on cartoon called Pokemon. It drives millions as crazy with fantasy story of animals called as Pokemon.

It have lots of previous releases which is very successful.

The recent Pokemon Go is at the top because it had all the features which the player was expecting to do with respect to previous version. This had triggered millions of players and now it is the most played game.


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nihal29848 days ago

hey dude , because its POKEMON! the best animation series for kids , in the late 90s , and those kids are grown up and now they got what they were looking for a virtual reality experience game called Pokemon go , this was a huge step playing that game on there phones ! .
people love them just like THE BEETLES songs ! .

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lowtyde85848 days ago

i was born in 85 but i remember people younger than me really into Pokémon cards as a kid. a lot of people would try to get the whole deck and has binders of them and would trade them in class. when you put time into something and see if power grow from your work you get instant gratification. all video games are based off this. Pokemon is unique in that it was and is huge in Japan and far east and to a lesser extent the entire planet. but the thing is this is the first popular augmented reality game that has gotten popular. it shocked wall st and the people in control of currency when they realized they could profit off of this Brand new business model. this is just a small taste of what's to come. Microsoft, Facebook, Google, htc, Samsung, occulus rift, are all coming out with vr systems. htc vive players countless stream games but is $700. it is full competition now in the transitional period initio mixed reality. the headsets will get smaller and turn into sunglasses with Bluetooth earbuds that hook to your phone and watch. the have the tech si artificial objects appear where real things are so you don't get ran over when your in the city chasing pokemon or dragobs or whatever. or at home you won't break your wrist when posting a boxing game where you feel the blows. if say 15 years from today the head sets will be contacts. with a wire going to you're ear. by 2050 we will have Lazer s surgery on our eyes with a gpu and cou implanted in our head. no more need for microphones or earphones then because telepathy will be achieved. the issue there is cyber terrorist just takes a bug in the software for an evil person to start controlling or killing people. you know about ransomware? big companies sometimes have to pay millions but they don't disclose it to the public so their stock prices don't change. my web Host got ransomed recently and has been going uo and down the last few weeks. what if all of a sudden you heard a voice dating i an now in control transfer all your assets including your identity or you will die. if you don't believe me watch this boom you collapse or you vision stops working for a second and comes back on. then you'll hear "now that we're on the same page, get to [certain location], " and long as you follow the orders it's fine but they will kill you if you don't. one day the terrorist may just kill everyone hooked to the neuoronet of the future. i can see it happening because your heart works by generating electricity to feed your brain energy. you eat and drink to get electrolytes and minerals and vitamins to get the electricity. so the chip in your head would be part of you. and a hacker could cause it to some the voltage or something. cyber bio terrorism. either that or the cloud wakes up like skynet in terminator and the singularity occurs. that is a binary path. we better hope when what we call the internet wakes up it needs us or d doesn't mind us. it would behind self teaching itself at an exponential rate and take over the world. but hey at least we created a species if you can call it that. so technically man would be machines god. who's to say since we're electrical as it is that our god isn't an advanced race of aliens or ourselves from the future. i personally believe in multiverse theory, and there are infinite universes. meaning there are infinity copies of you doing living being however whatever. i know it's far out, but a ton of physist believe t the same thing. Stephen Hawking says we need to quit messing with artificial intelligence now. it's too late though. exciting times ahead!

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zrodfects846 days ago

Because the game is fairly new, it has been around now so it will phase out and something as always will take it's place, then we be like remember Pokemon Go, pfft.


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khaledmus845 days ago

i think the reason s big big advertises abt the game made it b afamouse nd much tried to play it.

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xiaoin2845 days ago

Perfekt easy play+sport game. And it is Mainstream. If you don't know and play that, you will have no theme with others.

And Honor。

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principiante835 days ago

ciao tutti, io ho provato a scaricarlo ma non ci sono riuscito, un vero peccato, comunque ieri ho letto che ha avuto un calo di 15 milioni di dollari, vorrei capire il perche? qualccuno sa il motivo??
ciao ragazzi buona giornata

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omarwa79835 days ago

pokimongo is the most spy in the world.

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mohamad1122835 days ago

Because this game is the first of this technique, a beautiful experience something new and amusing's film reminds us of the beautiful childhood

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mischiefno1835 days ago

Pokemon Go offers an interesting twist over most games in that players must set off and move around their physical world. (Blog Gizmodo’s recent headline nailed it: ‘Sore Legs Become Pandemic As Pokémon Go Players Accidentally Get Exercise.’) But beyond that, Go is almost boringly simple: Once you encounter a Pokémon in the wild, Go switches into “capture mode,” where users flick Pokeballs at the creature until they nab it. It gets more interesting a few hours in when players are able to lay claims to Pokegyms, digital representations of real-life landmarks where creatures can battle one another for supremacy.

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Michke774 days ago

Because it's stupid! Stupid games attract people and people like to do and look @ other people and do the same things... Because they think they are "Trendy" in times of today! ;) I don't like Pokémon game!

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