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Created by adolfhuhu, 856 days ago, 1317 views

Do you believe in god
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adolfhuhu856 days ago

he is the first & the &last & the creator & the powerful & the great and our master oh my god protect us

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Pravy856 days ago

No I don't believe in God. Plain and simple.

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Stoneheart856 days ago

No. I believe we create "heaven" & "hell" around us right here on this earth. Whatever good and evil exist, come from the heart of mankind and is what we do to each other and the world around us.

We make up gods and devils to avoid responsibility for our actions.

The question should be, what comes from your heart? What do you put into the world around you? Good or evil?

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Patsi856 days ago

Absolutely not

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zukgod856 days ago

Without a doubt I do believe in God, what is there to lose? The New Testament bible tells us to do all things good to others. If you believe and there is nothing, which I don't believe to be the case, or you don't believe and live all of eternity in Hell eternity is a long time. So what harm are you doing by believing in the Lord? Do good to others and love thy neighbor. What would life be worth if it was just lights out when you die? Sit back and think about all of your thoughts and beautiful things you have seen just being gone, your nothing more than worm food. I just can't fathom that, there is more to this world than we can see, there are far to many things that happen to think there is no God.

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redravensvk856 days ago

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Stormix856 days ago

I believe in God and because God is me, I believe in me !

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SimpleMan856 days ago

I believe in God, but not which has a son Jesus and which has created everything, I believe in God who just somewhere looks behind all, but does nothing because can't, not he is main

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bri856 days ago

I just look at the miracle of creation - NOT evolution - although the bible says "Worship the Creator rather than the Creation;" I feel that I am viewing the presence of God from the perfect design of all things; even flies, designed for a purpose - don't know what. Look at the moon, for instance. From our standpoint it is the same size as the sun, enabling us to view, possibly, the most awe inspiring show from God; a total eclipse of the sun!!
Also, still with regard to the moon - the same face is always towards the earth, meaning that it rotates once for every trip around the earth. It is all down to mathematics. Can you imagine the maths involved in working this out, taking the weight of the earth and separately, the weight of the moon into consideration? I was late in coming to God, but I thank him that I did from the bottom of my heart.

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Aravi856 days ago

Hi @adolfhuhu

I do believe in god, but I believe no god help you until you help yourself. Another thing which I believe equally is the Science.

Remember, believing god or not believing him won't harms you. But you should believe yourself, humanity, social justice, truth and other coexist thing in your lives.


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iMikky856 days ago

I believe in God. Even though my family generally claims to be Christians, they act otherwise so I can't say I was raised to be a Christian. I was always forced to go to church and hear the long-winded preachers talk. Sometimes they'd talk about food and other things that could wait until after church. The other church-goers were terrible people. They'd gossip in church and act wild the other 6 days of the week. When I was old enough to decide if I wanted to go or not, the there was an African preacher who kept looking at me and he even touched the collar of my shirt to see if he could see my boobs which were also covered by an undershirt. I stopped going. These people are not Christians and when someone who isn't a Christian comes along, that's exactly what they're going to think all Christians act like.

Instead I read my Bible and treat people nice. If someone needs help, Christian or not, I'd help them because they're choices has nothing to do with me. Helping someone should come from your heart, not from your ego or pride. Maybe I have never seen God before but the fact that my prayers are answered being as "impossible" as they may seem says something. When I pray I'm praying to someone who could help me in ways no mortal can and it feels amazing!! I'm not going to shame anyone just because they don't understand me and I do get that plenty sad things happen but those things aren't limited to few. Everybody goes through things but it's how you handle it that determines who you are. Whether someone else believes in God or not shouldn't change how you feel, because if it does then maybe you never really felt that way.

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ymn30855 days ago

I do believe in god, but I believe no god help you until you help yourself. Another thing which I believe equally is the Science.

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Stov855 days ago

A drop in the ocean
As there are individual drops in the sea, that make up the ocean, you and I are individual drops, pieces of divinity that make up God. You, are a piece and a part of "God"

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pustoi11855 days ago

I believe. But God is not something that usually. it does not look like a man, he does not need flesh. what God can not be understood. we are too stupid to grasp the immensity of his mind. our world, obeys certain laws, which are available to us. do not ascribe to God human qualities, he is not human. we live by its laws, for God no laws and conventions not. in this world there are anomalies that are attributed to God. but it is not God. blindly believe in God, as stupid as to deny its existence. the world is not such a narrow and flat as you think. God is something that we simply can not understand. You even can not imagine that, in fact, waiting for you after death. people can only think of what you own, worthless, a theory based on their very not developed, Knowledge. and finally understand, religion invented is not God, but the people. God is there, but not in the way we imagine.

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Lex847 days ago

it really depends. i believe that all nature is god, we are all connected. do you count that as a god? we are actively destroying what made us, do we destroy god now? tricky question...

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yanka457845 days ago

@Pravy are u crazy you know darn well God is real how do you think we came into existing we popped up into thin air ?

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Pravy845 days ago

@yanka457 Shall we turn this to a argument or should be deal with it like adults who respects what one thinks?
I prefer the later one.

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Caio839 days ago

This Isn't a short answer, so please be patient. The answer is inside you, just ask yourself broad and exhaustively about the most simple and basic fundamentals of existence, existence as it is. How the existence is possible? Not so much the why, but the how! Every thing you find that seems wrong have an explanation. No explanation can be accepted just by the reason, or just by the faith. The most important answers of the life are obtained from a balanced bond between the faith and the reason, and study, with a humble and persistent heart. Be humble, very humble, and start searching for this answer, if God exist. Be prepared for some surprises. Put it to the test.

The religions argue with so many things, but their deep core is the same. So, don't worry so much with discussions like "which is the right religion?" because everybody is right at some level and wrong at another level.

I'll also anticipate for you: yes, God exists, and this is a true that I experienced in the reality of my life. But this will only be a true for you in the moment that you have an experience in the reality of your own life. You will get this experience, or better saying, you will notice such experience, if you have a heart that seeks from humbleness and true unconditional love.

English is not my native language, so, sorry if the text has errors. hugs!

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vickyph84818 days ago

@yanka457 you took the words out my mouth lol

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vickyph84818 days ago

yes i do believe in God always and forever.

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NHaa805 days ago

yes,I believe in God .As every invention has its inventor also and without any doubt this great world has its creator.

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espinhel775 days ago

Não. Nunca ninguém provou cientificamente a existência de Deus. Deus é uma criação dos Homens, para darem resposta aos problemas que desconhecem a solução, servindo, em simultâneo, para uma classe social, minoritária, escravizar a outra, maioritária.@adolfhuhu

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