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Created by dragondisastor, 856 days ago, 1177 views

How to concentrate more effectively?
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madfranklin856 days ago

Try limiting you focus. One subject at a time. Slow down. One branch of one thought. Favorite music, loud or soft, to help one screen out the noise of distractions. Solitary study, to lessen interruptions.

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Aravi856 days ago

Hi @dragondisastor

Kindly also find the below article:


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Pravy856 days ago

Human nature us such that when you love something, Your concentration for that thing shoots sky high. And when you despise a work, focus hits rock bottom. Firstly accept this truth and then try changing attitude towards the work you hate.

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Amaan856 days ago

just first try to focus for 25 min and after that take a break and repeat this cycle by increasing time say 15 min and while concentrating your mobile should be in flight mode and it will be better if you kick your mobile in cupboard. Do meditation will drastically change your concentration. Hope it'll help you.

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Chienyp854 days ago

I think to focus more due to your determination . If you are determined to always do the job

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pustoi11854 days ago

first you need to sleep well, but not too long. In order for your time to be effective, you need in the morning to ask him the pace of business. Make it easy enough to begin the task as soon as you find yourself in the workplace. Do not be distracted unnecessary detail. Remember, a good start will lead to a very productive day. In order to integrate into the workflow the average person spends about 10-15 minutes. Subsequent half an hour are the most effective. After 45 minutes from the time you started the assignment, there comes a gradual exhaustion stage. Therefore, in order to maximize the focus on school or work to do ten minute breaks between the stages of the labor process. This will allow you to maintain your performance at the highest level. No need to "sew up" in any case, but at the same time, we should not relax. Try to get used to the regime, when you are working one hours and rest for 10 minutes. Often, in order to justify their laziness, people begin to invent myths about the "non-working attitude," and if you feel unwell. In most cases, it is pretense, started only in order to take time off from work process. Try to throw away such thoughts, think constantly about the result and about how soon you need to achieve it. This will help you maintain a positive and active in the workplace and get rid of procrastination. If so you are really sick, you better get to work after you have completely recovered.

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khaledmus851 days ago

finish doing every thing you think aboutin your mind,after you could concetrate allah 's willing.

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aniket851 days ago

First is the Do Meditation..
Then Reading is a great way to build up your focus. Try reading something without stopping for just thirty minutes, and slowly build your stamina to reading for an hour or even two hours with only short breaks.

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nuklin850 days ago

Don't over-stress yourself, just put your mind to it and try to relate it to the things you can do with your focus, the things already know and can easily feel or see around by so doing you develop a strategy to remember easily.

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yemilinks848 days ago

(1)Find a suitable studying environment.Your bedroom or classroom isn't always the best possible place. Find a nice, quiet place with a large, comfortable chair, like your sitting room, preferably without a television, a computer or a cell phone within your reach.
(2)Collect revision materials,such as pens, highlighters, rulers etc before you study. Do not plan to look for them in the middle of studying. It can be really distracting at times, so prepare everything you think you need.
(3)Collect suitable revision snacks. No energy drinks or coffee, because sooner or later, youwill crash out. Cereal bars, fruit, and water are good, because they are simple and effective at releasing carbohydrates. However, don't use food as a reward.
(4)Find a study partner. Pick someone who is sensible and focused like you are on the sametask. Don't always pick your best friend, as you may ruin both your concentrations by chitchatting. Having a study partner is a great idea, as you can bounce ideas off each other, and see things form a different perspective as yourself.
(5)Take short breaks. After 60 minutes of studying, take a 10 minute break and do something different, but get back to your studying after the break and the break shouldn't be longer than 20 minutes.
(6)Don't panic!When you panic, you make mistakes, so keep calm throughout. If you successfully planned your revision, you will have no need to panic when the exam looms. Take a deep breath, tell yourself "I can do this" and cool down.
(7)Minimize computer use.Especially the internet. You learn better when you write things out yourself. Also refrain from using your cell phone as you will be replying to textsevery minute, which is very distracting.
(8)Get Motivated! If you do your revision welland prepare for the exam, you will do fine. Get to a point with your revision so you can enjoy the exam when it happens. Do not think that the exam is a big deal, think of it as something to challenge your learning.

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carmenlakes821 days ago

getting enough rest can help with concentrating. A healthy breakfast also nourishes the brain!. So climb into your soft comfy comforter and sweet dreams!

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AskEpic797 days ago


Poor concentration can often be traced to a few major distractions. If you’re having trouble concentrating, keep a log of what distracts you. When you sit down to work, what takes you away? Facebook? Your phone? Buzzfeed? Your friends? Keep track of these distractions for a week. Don’t judge yourself, just observe. Once you identify the biggest culprits, plan your study time so that you can avoid them completely. 


If you find yourself unable to concentrate effectively, dig into why. Very often, people will attribute an inability to concentrate to some innate mental weakness. However, the problem may actually stem from things like lack of clarity on what needs to be done, uncertainty about one’s ability to do well, or pure boredom with the subject matter. Exploring why you get distracted can give you some perspective on how to troubleshoot your situation. 


Having a clear plan almost certainly increases your ability to concentrate. Knowing what you have to do and when, in addition to approximately how long it should take, will make it easier to put your head down and complete your work. If you find yourself getting distracted, step back and try to make a clear, actionable list of things you need to do, boiling down your tasks to their simplest components (e.g., rather than “write paper,” try “outline the introduction”). Then schedule those tasks for specific amounts of time. 


In general, it’s difficult to concentrate
effectively for more than 45–50 minutes in one stretch. Take short, structured breaks to prolong your ability to concentrate over a full day. 


Pick an item from your to-do list and commit to working on it for a specific amount of time, say 20 or 30 minutes. Set a timer (on your phone, computer, or an actual clock) and get to work. When your timer goes off, take a short break before repeating the process. This is a simple yet very powerful technique to stay focused. 


If you usually don’t have trouble concentrating but are feeling fatigued of late, it may be the byproduct of being overwhelmed or overworked. If you’re feeling rundown, close the books and take a day off. Sometimes there’s no better antidote to distraction than a little indulgence. Relax and renew yourself, and then get back to work stronger the next day. 

Of course, every person is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all way to increase concentration. If you’re feeling distracted, try some of the strategies above over the course of a few weeks. If none of those work, consider speaking with a qualified organizational coachor healthcare professional to try to build a comprehensive approach to help you stay focused. 

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