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Would you buy a phone if it had no headphone jack? Reward $2
Created by timeis, 1540 days ago, 2678 views

Would you buy a phone if it had no headphone jack?
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Turb01540 days ago

Have not used a headphone jack on a phone ever.

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nihal291540 days ago

hi @timeis , i would buy a phone if i love it even without a standard headphone jack . because most of the smart phones which are coming without headphone jack they are having there own alternative via USB type c , or Bluetooth etc . the phone which i like is having a USB Type-C digital audio technology named CDLA . device name is Le Eco Le 2 = . CDLA =

so there will be no issues as they also give a headphone adaptor ( usb type c to 3.5mm jack ) . One can definitely buy a phone without a headphone jack.


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ckoch1540 days ago

I use a headphone jack at bedtime when I can't sleep because my mother and I sleep in the same room. I don't want to deal with Bluetooth too much hassle NO I will not

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lowtyde851540 days ago

Sure, im about to list my $12 wireless bluetooth earbuds on ebay. iphone/android have bluetooth. just get bluetooth stuff. 3.5mm cord headphones are far cheaper thogh ($1 on ebay vs $12-70) for bluetooth, mine is very good quality and listing at 17. defeats the living hell out of the jack, in addition, next generation iphone is REMOVING it. i anticipate most android devices will as well, reason is this is now the component that makes the width of the device the thickest. so next years thinner phones will have no headset jack and require bluetooth, next to go is the charger controller on the side to replace with wireless charging. that tech has advanced. this will allow bendable oled phones that look more like credit cards than cellphones. moore law man. tech is getting cheaper, components are gettings stronger, and it creates a rebound effect among the means of dropshifters in asia to innovate to tech and colab with us pros. the next 5 years will see the most extreme change in technology in recorded history, and every year beyound that will break the record, cortana and google now now talk to each other. i can text not using voip but my phones real number from my computer using cortana. i ai.api (assistant app) is the first self learning app on android. right now we have teh shift to the cloud, home automation, explosion in global knowledge, augmented reality, virtual reality, holograms, chabots, machine learning, millions of kids to old adults buying $30 rasberry pis and making them automate their homes. you can now buy smart mirrors, smart everything. singularity is incoming, and its the cloud. (a cloud is just a server, but microsoft, amazon, google, tons of others all have huge server data centers that they call clouds) its just a catch phrase. important underlying concept is we no longer purchase the hardware as much, but the cloud resources. i have unlimited cloud storage on amazon, i should just sell my hard drives. except for a 128gb ssd that holds windows and mount the programs to my localhost using webdev and alter system variables and boom. my pc now has 1000000tb of storage. :)

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brendaniel1540 days ago

@timeis Yes, if I really do love it... Love comes with sacrifice...

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pustoi111539 days ago

perhaps we should say that wired headphones save battery power unlike wireless. and there are a lot of gadgets using the headphone jack, not only for the headphone. for example, you can plug the phone into a more powerful flash or a moschny microphone and so on. so that the connector is sufficiently useful.

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Valentin84211539 days ago

The socket for earphones a necessary thing therefore I wouldn't begin to buy phone without socket for earphones

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jundel1539 days ago

I prefer phone with no headphone jack, you will not be tempted to listen music or news, or anything from the phone while doing something that will distract your attention and alertness, that would cause your accident

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Aravi1539 days ago

HI @timeis

I will buy USB Type-C then a headphone jack. Because It provides you more good quality sound then a headphone jack. It provides single socket multiple functionality.


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olja2255881539 days ago

Depends on phone features. If it has really good camera and another stuff, then i will buy it. In other case - definately no, because i use phone mostly to listen to the music or make a really good photos.

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yanka4571539 days ago

Noooo wayyy I'm sorry but no cos come on now so many things can be done with a headphone jack like you can stick and aux cord in to use with your computer speakers your car speakers and some of the best sounding over the ear headphones uses a headphone jack and you can use a headphone jack to hook it up to a stereo DJ professional speaker music system. And get the best sounding quality plus there are other things you can do with that little hole like you can plug in an extra convenient attachment to it like a Selfie Light which I use all the time that lets you take front and back pictures with perfect lighting the headphone jack can also be used as a button for a Selfie stick or a charm bracelet gem like accessory to make your phone look more stylish too. I bet you never really thought of the many things you can do with a headphone jack i hope this helps

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ZachAsk1539 days ago

I'd say yes because I rarely use my phone's headphone jack.

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santhu20071539 days ago

yes, if it comes for free...............(without paying)

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silent_ua1539 days ago

Wireless headphone - BEST OF THE BEST! =D

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adeb1539 days ago

No, rich people are idiots, wireless comms give radiation so leave us with 3.5mm jacks please

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zrodfects1539 days ago

Technically radiation is worse on phones than wireless headphones so really your not missing or gaining much, though the headphone jack is convenient, but you can still go buy a bluetooth wireless set, but people would only see this as a pain since most likely they already have standard ones, so it is more the point of being lazy getting a new pair and the fact they have to spend more money on something they already have and can not use..

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dragondisastor1538 days ago

Sorry to say, but the answer is no,
talking practically,
suppose if you are in bus/train had have to travel for 1 hour or more distance,
how to pass my time, by playing games or listening to music simple is that,
headphones are very important accessory for a phone , it would be pleasant to plug your earphones and play music and lost in your own world of music and enjoy your time,
hmm ,,Another example would be , while driving motorcycle, instead of stopping vehicle and attending call in traffic, if one of the ear plug is in your ear then a person can directly receive and say it directly, i'm driving & will call you later, much better option if not attending and been seen as a miscall etc,,

conclusion of my thoughts is,
paying money and getting thing which is not fully functioning is actually a waste of money,
i recommend not to buy such phone.



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timeis1538 days ago

Very interesting view. Thanks!

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laurieparks1538 days ago


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Yaseko1538 days ago


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Pravy1538 days ago

I would only keep such phones on option if they provide good wireless earphone buds bundled with the phone purchase. Otherwise i would not prefer a no headphone jack phone.

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Chienyp1536 days ago

Headphones have a lot of gadgets. Therefore , I will not buy the phone without a headset jack

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lyazid1535 days ago

le casque indispensable,une seconde oreille,

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khaledmus1534 days ago

am not sure but i might do it.

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Linnea1534 days ago

I decided that I would not buy it

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TheUltimateAnswerer1518 days ago

You are probably talking about the iPhone 7, which I am waiting for, I'll buy the Plus version. I am not big on headphones, so I don't mind. The Lightning Earpods that will come in the box are okay for me. Or even better, they'll ship an adapter with it. The headphone jack doesn't make any major difference for me, as long as Bluetooth exists, I don't care. And if it is a stupid phone, with or without the headphone jack, I won't buy it. Good phone, with or without the headphone jack, I will still buy it.

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omarwa791518 days ago

the answer is yes . ther are a lot of solutions like blutooth headphone.

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Adot1505 days ago

No. It's easier to replace a lost or broken pair of headphones than to possibly have to replace a bluetooth headset. Also, it will be easier to walk off and leave a phone with a wireless headset than with headphones.

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res1091503 days ago

купите недорогой plantronics m20 bluetooth и можно 2 дня слушать музыку без подзарядки

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omarwa791501 days ago

yes of course.

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