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Wonderful video games Reward $2
Created by benchichya, 826 days ago, 1476 views

What is the best video game can be installed on a computer ?
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nihal29826 days ago

hi @benchichya
MY Favorites are

1 . GTA V
2. FAR CRY 3
3. CRYSIS 1,2,3
4 .DIRT 3
5 .saints row 4
6. Rise of the tomb rider
7. watch dogs


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ha14826 days ago


Best, it depends on you, if you want to have fun try
Mirror's edge

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CthulhuSaves826 days ago

In my opinion the best game of all time is "Thief: The Dark Project" as well as its sequel, "Thief II: The Metal Age." Both are first-person perspective games that came out in the late nineties, and can be run on almost any PC, regardless of specs, yet are fully immersive 3D worlds where stealth and thinking are just as valuable as force. The story is superb, and thanks to a huge fan movement you can still download new fan-made "missions" today, almost 20 years later, that often have professional, custom voicework done. And all the hundreds of FMs are free.

Check out for all the info and support you could ever need, and to get an idea of just how much is available to keep playing after the main campaigns are done.

Quality, compatibility, longevity and barely any cost (the games themselves are dirt cheap these days). Thief delivers on all counts.

(Yes, the recent Thief game was based on the originals, but doesn't hold a candle to them. Avoid it and go for the classics.)

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Aravi826 days ago

Hi @benchichya

For football: FIFA16 / PES 2016 (PC)

For action: FC 4 / Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance /Rise of the Tomb Raider

For StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void: StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void / XCOM: Enemy Unknown

For Horror Games: Alien: Isolation

For Shooter GamesL Call of Duty: Black Ops


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lowtyde85826 days ago

i had ot use url shorteners becauause while my refferal link worked, other legit linkis had html output. im going to ask the devs about that.

here is your answer: your best absolute bet right now is to go to

thats my referral link to sign up for g2a and then go to and for $2 you get 10 random games on steam. WITH the g2a shield, (protects discounts games and protects you from losing your money. the shield makes things cheaper and protects you from shady sellers, ( all these discounts come from other people trading their licensed games with the serial numbers that work. so w/o the shield you could get ripped off. so when i signed up it turned out to be $0.99 or you could select games from their other deals they have today or steams daily deals. id suggest csgo or battlefield those are both on sale legion is as well. and they don't tell you you also have to buy the previous expansions, my legion has the base game as well as the other expansions, and the beta for legion (sorry for that advertisement) but honestly id just get as many random steam keys you can afford and you'll have a ton of fun.

for pc, steam. Create an acccount there and one for g2a. (I suggest getting them both secvured because g2a is crowd suorced, so you buy a g2a "shield" that guarentees makes g2a liable for someone scamming you. you can then go to and get games dirt cheap and add them to your personal steam library. here is mine.

see how much i paid and what i would have had to pay?
unfortunatley i sold that account and now have a new one :(

when i say cheap i mean CHEAP. they steam constantly has sales and so does g2a. so when you are looking to ploay go to

and compare the prices on the games. you can go to to exchange games as well.

my personal favorite is witcher 3. overwatch and legion are good, i have the beta (btw i can sell you my witcher 3 and legion account as i make money off of trading games. usually on though its a shady place.

mortal kombat x if you like fighting
gta5 is always good
witcher / legion which i mentioned
the latest street fighter and killer instinct
hearthstone for card games
DOTA2 AND LOL for MOBA type games. (im not into those)
fifa 2016 is really hot atm

counter strike, global offensive is the most popular game on steam, so discounting asia, it is the most played game, so that speaks for itself, i played it and enjoyed it.

(steam has an annual SUPER sale that is random and like black friday. then create a honeypot like i just did its a referral program where people who sign up earn you real money on paypal. so follow mine, and then i will follow yours. then share with your friends ( i can teach more about how to promote, there are tons of tools, you could promote your referral link on a fb buisness account for $2 and 18,000 people will see it. you can also get the chrome extension called honey which runs int eh backgorund and as you browse the web it adds it to a honeypot and when you reach a threshold pays out. i do not shop without it. message me for a comple list of tools i use. i know a lot about social marketing and making money online through affiliate programs and doing small online jobs. seriously, anyone reading this. if you need any help with money i can help, its how the internet works, every article or log you read is affiliated with companies, when they hyperlink to basically anything, its a referral link. i did not have to tell you my link was a referral link. but i dont really cfare, its the same at the end you could sign up and i get a point or sign up by going there manually :) (pls click it tho ) haha just kidding. alot of steam games run on mobile as well, but the best games coming out are for the htc vive headset ... google that stuff. the new virtual reality games are amazing.

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lowtyde85826 days ago

wtf is up with the hyperlinks messing up. euask get your devs on fixing your wysywig. its not using BB some some sort of custom haml based program or markdown.

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Dejmon826 days ago,

Ale pozor, každý má rád něco jiného a co sedí mě, nemusí se líbit tobě !!!!

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olja225588826 days ago

Try to play Ori and the blind forest. I bet you definately will fall in love with this game. It has beautiful sounds, awesome graphic and really good story. Try it and you won't regret. :)

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pustoi11826 days ago

I think" World of Tanks". you only have 10 minutes to play when pressed for time. a huge number of players. I'm not a fan of this game, but much like this game. is played and a lot of girls, you need Internet connection. but I like more "SKILL".

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Hytsa825 days ago

I'm a fan of strategy games, I played a lot at Age of Empire II during my childhood, great memories. I still play sometimes, epic wars with my friends!

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Feeler825 days ago

Starcraft II of course!

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deefdelic821 days ago

probably the Sid Meier Civilization series... Not a bad game made in 25 years or so... ;)

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