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How to kill wall of meet in terraria? Reward $2
Created by KOFF, 860 days ago, 1310 views

Please tell me how to do it.
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DUB_STAPS860 days ago

It is not so hard as you think,you just need to place rails all over the hell and a kind of powerfull weapon like a book from demons,also you need a normal armore

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Aravi860 days ago


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yemilinks850 days ago

The Wall of Flesh is mostly a preparation fight. The first step is to flatten a small part of hell. Build one long, continuous, unobstructed bridge of ash/stone/whatever completely free of lava. If you built a "hellevator" already, I would recommend starting one end of your bridge at the bottom of your hellevator, so that when you want to farm WoF you can summon him right after arrival.Once you have this long bridge the fight is very easy, and you can do it with any weapon really ranged or not. If you are going to do it with a sword like I did, be sure to be in full Molten armor and also try to have several of your accessories with Hardened or Warding prefixes (this adds additional defense.) You may also want to drink potions for defense which are relatively easy to craft.If you are using a ranged weapon, you can get away with lower defense. In particular if you are using a magic attack on him, you may want to use Necro, Forest, or Meteor armor.When you first summon him, kill all of the smaller heads first. They will drop hearts for you. After those are dead, with a swordI just constantly run right next to him whilefacing away. With the right speed, you can just constantly swing your weapon. The windup of the swing should be able to hit the eye that is level to you. During the fight be aware that the middle "eye" will belch worms. These worms will also drop hearts which can replenish your health. You don't really need Heart Statues for Wall ofFlesh.

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Hoshikawa_Momoko841 days ago

Ah, old times. So, if you play in PC, try to make Night's Edge. It is strong enough to kill Hungries (the small mouths with long tendrils attached to Wall of Meat/Wall of Flesh) The bow that is crafted with Hellstone Bars (Molten Bow) are enough to kill this Wall if combined with your favourite arrows. Fiery Greatsword can ensure safety because it is longer than Night's Edge (though stronger than Fiery Greatsword) and has possibilities to avoid you from making contact damage with Wall. Before fighting Wall of Flesh, go to the most end of your world (either left or right) in the Underworld. Make bridges while making your way to the end of your world. Summon it near the most-end of your world. This will give much time to defeat it. Oh yeah, make sure your bridges are straight (as straight as possible). For crafting materials on items I mentioned, search them in the official Wiki.

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