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Created by jagadish321, 861 days ago, 1360 views

How to avoid spelling mistakes , in computer I can avoid spell mistake by using software but in examinations I am feeling more problem, really I am very poor in spelling please guide me any one
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walcott861 days ago

copy to Microsoft Word and do auto-check.

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jagadish321861 days ago

thank you Walcott
but just I want to improve my spelling , in manual writing if MS office not available ? for that I need suggestion @walcott

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Pravy860 days ago

Try to split spell things. Let's take "Candidate" for example. You can split the sound of what you hear CANDIDATE to "Can"-"Di"-"Date"
This is the most common way to fix spelling mistakes to a great extent.

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Aravi860 days ago

Hi @jagadish321
The direct and most effective way is to read and practice more. Their are many online games and special article already available. Kindly refer some of them below:-


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pushhigh860 days ago

Hi, I have had the same problem since I was a boy, I'm now retired. I can only tell you what I do to help myself. First of all, I try to calm myself, and imagine the whole word in my imagination. Like taking a photoshot of the word, I then use that picture to write the word. Usually, I know how to spell the word, but I panic that I would spell it wrongly. After having the problem for some time, you need to find a way to approach spelling from a different angle than you have at the moment. You can do it, good luck.

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abhi11293860 days ago

Hi @jagadish321
The problem with today's generation is that we are used to of 'chat' words and we seldom write with proper punctuation and full spelling.

What I would suggest is

1- Never use shortcuts while chatting.

2- While preparing for exams try to take a mock test by yourself, and note down the words where you are getting confused.
Doing this you will know the correct spelling of words which are applicable in your context/syllabus
and you will build up writing speed so that you never miss any question.

Note: You can not learn words without context!

3- Try to link/compare words with each other. The basic example is Where-were, advice-advise, etc.

Hope this helps!

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Atirudra859 days ago

send messages in sign language in jpeg's :) 100 % right, no mistakes

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threeball857 days ago

I was only average as a child,but learning to spell and break down Antidisestablishmentarianism turned me into a 1st or 2nd place speller in our bees,try it and see for yourself.Practice antidisestablish until you can do it easily,then mentarianism,once you have this word mastered the rest are a piece of cake. Best wishes,Travis, ps if u select mine,I do not desire a prize.

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lyazid854 days ago

La seule et unique façon fiable pour ne pas commettre d’erreurs est de lire beaucoup et d'apprendre les réglés d'orthographe élémentaires

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willie854 days ago

Back to school !!!!!

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aniket854 days ago


Before hitting Send, have a friend or family member read over your letter, proposal, or resume to see if there are any mistakes they notice. Having a fresh set of eyes on a document can be a big help.
Read your document sentence by sentence, starting at the end. This allows you to focus on each sentence and will help you catch missing words, misused words, or other grammar errors. Sure, it feels a bit weird, but it really works.

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khaledmus852 days ago

you have to study it as well,try to practice mor and mor and allah 's willing you get succeed.

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nuklin835 days ago

The best way to avoid spelling mistakes is to know the origin of the word and visit the word as often as possible to master it, Goodluck!

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