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What are the must-watch events in the Olympic games? Reward $2
Created by walcott, 895 days ago, 2153 views

What are the must-watch events in the Olympic games?
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Lex894 days ago

For men surely women indoor/beach volleyball and women rugby. I prefer indoor volleyball because it enhances your fantasy where beach volleyball is just somehow inyaface. For women clearly diving. :D
Away from this quite sexist point of view it depends on what sports you like. I like to watch football, athletics, cycling, gymnastics and tennis.

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DUB_STAPS895 days ago

As i think there are 3 must-watch events during the Olympic games:Weightlifting,Swimming and also Gymnastics.These are 3 main interesting sports with a different stile which i suggest you to see.If you want to see something really cool you can watch a BMX riding which is also at the Olympic games

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pustoi11894 days ago

How many gold medals will benefit your country.

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Aravi894 days ago

Hi @walcott
They are gymnastics, swimming, tennis, beach volleyball, Men's track and field 4x100-meter relay, basketball, boxing and weight lifting.


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nihal29894 days ago

Hi @walcott
My must watch games are SWIMMING , HOCKEY , ARCHERY ,AND SHOOTING . oh boy they were so much joy to watch them.

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