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Best place to live? Reward $220
Created by MianhaeX, 861 days ago, 2273 views

What do you think is the place live?
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soul861 days ago

Best place to live in first New New Zealand which looks at how tolerable it is to live in a particular place given its crime levels, threat of conflict, quality of medical care, levels of censorship, temperature, schools and transport links.
also it's the first place I've been to in years that's actually given me some sense of optimism for the future of the human race.

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madfranklin861 days ago

The best place to live in my experience has been San Diego, California.
The weather is so great one wishes for rain every now and again. It's really "the same old sunny day" here over and over.
The city is like a clean New York. Lots of new Downtown development, airport is ten minutes away. The gorgeous Pacific Coast. And Mexican food like you've never had at Taco Bell. If you really have a wild hair, there is always Tijuana just 30 minutes away.
It's everything you want from California, without the crime and grime of LA or San Francisco.

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coreleone861 days ago


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Amaan861 days ago

The best place to live is EARTH. It depends upon you where you want to live.

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Aravi861 days ago

Hi @MianhaeX

The best place to live is your home land. It becomes best, if you are living with high social status in your homeland.


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zahidawan861 days ago

Best place is where your heart satisfy ... where you FEEL comfort ...

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maren861 days ago

Like @soul say, best place to live is New Zealand.

If you want to migrate there, maybe this link can help to you:

Also check this:


If you are on list, you can now apply for citizenships

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lowtyde85861 days ago

note this is coming from a white man my answers would be different if i had darker skin, in a lot of areas around the world white guys get harassed, in central america and northern SA for money (they probably hate americans because of how many of their democracies we overthrew)

a long long rant ahead but final answer is mountain view california followed by salt lake city. ill run around the globe, then delve into some history of why areas are messed up, how we could be headin there again so any place could be potentially dangerous, and return to the main point, i may draft this and turn it into a blog article. if you don't like to read.... stop.

i'd say there are cons to everywhere, new york is amazing but can be dangerous. parts of cali and miami are amazing but can be dangerous and annoying with eh loud tourists. I think the best place for me personally would be north east sub burbs of hollywood im talking an hour away too. where the prices get realistic. Canada has amazing locations. Toronto and British Colombia are awesome. I hate where i live (nc and myrtle beach sc) , the best ploace to live depends entirely on your personality imo. i code so i'm content in a small room, all i need is a pc, phone, bed, couch, tv and woman. so anywhere that isnt loud is cool for me. everyone says hawaii. false. it gets old quick and the natives have disdain for americans. aIreland sounds nice but the weather is shitty and there is potential for war there if they get rampped up about leaving the uk like theyve been doing for a hundred years. australia is awesome but australians and no offense, tend to be immature. the 12 or so ive met have all appeared the same way, im sure my stereotype is completely inaccurate, its like they all have adhd. lol im sorry i have aussie friends! id love to live in south america, specifically Buenos Aeries Argentina. Its a huge city, a hell of a lot safer than northern SA, cheap to live in, friendly, and their neighbors in guatemala are so socialist. its no favila land. it has its poverty but its the golden state of south america. its also really socialist and for the people unlike certain nation states. id love to visit bogota COL, or ALL of brazil and experience the amazon, but unfortunately that happens to be a hot zone for americans and you aren't allowed to carry guns so if you're white youre potentially screwed. ive been all over europe, In order as of before migrant cris: germany, denmark, italy, france, austria, belgium. for the lower, for the upper all of scandinavia, iceland sounds amazing. like 100k population all related who have the oddest language but the weather is hell. Botswana Africa, almost 100% black, right above south africa is THRIVING atm. We really screwed that continent. in 19th century when nation states were being formed as kingdoms fell, there were european races to conquer africa, well as far back as 1600 really. just like in the us. except we fought back and won :0 (thank you frenchmen and your never ending hatred towards the british) africa was doing fine, it just was along the lines of south america and the far east at the time in its own regard. there was no more bloodshed or famine than other areas in the world then. the world marched in declaring territories to civilize them, since the african people had no borders really, just empires such as the zulu empire, and their own defined tribal territories, chaos erupted when the europeans split africa into what it is today with little african consent. this put enemies in the same territories, and separated, families. century long lasted routes to water and tribal barter of cattle and agriculture were destroyed. famine erupted and millions died. they grew desperate to escape. some left on their own will, other war lords forced the strong men and beautiful women into the hands of the europeans into slavery for very little money in return, which was worth a lot to them given their predicament. don't quote my dates but this was ongoing into the early 20th century. ww1 actually is what stopped it. the same exact thing happened in the middle east, except it was all UK this time. they the shias and sunnis in separated naturally, until the british came over to 'civilize' aka conquer and take resources. same with india but india was xen it endured it very well and is set to pretty much control the world one day. they are some SMART PEOPLE. its so difficult for eastern and western languages to speak the other. like for you to speak chinese and understand the numerical systems etc, china has not entered the programming scene comercially on a major scale because they don'tloearn english for the most part. most japanese do not care to speak english though it is the international language of business and is poised to be the one universal language that will evolve (oriental people are pretty traditianal and isolationst and hate it when outsiders screw with their culture) most of europe speaks english. a lot of russians do. a lot of middle easterns can. south americans even (of course to various degrees) but both koreas, japan, china, vietnam, thailand they pretty much say hell to the no. probably best globalization eurozone and united states has started is a tricky road that could lead to ww3. you see the signs. this is exactly like the 1890s. were dividing and conquering africa and the middle east again on purpose for resources. (china is in africa now heavily getting diamonds its sickening) us is only in the middle east for competitiveness and bravado at this point. a nation beating its chest. we aren't actively stealing resources. there is no evidence of stolen oil. our game is just to keept he world on edge so we can profit off of arms deals. its why obama started the coup in maiden ukraine that lead to a standoff with russia (who happens to have their only foreign base in syria) so then russia entered syria as a show of force because now they are in our face. we sent a 200 mile long convoy from germany to finland in retaliation. then it has been proven russians blew up that plin fulol of australians and and europeans 2 years ago, those 300 lives were one chess move of putin's. obama retaliates by destroying the russian economy with some north korean level sanctions, now they are suffering. turks (nato member who we are obliged to defended if attacked) then shot down 2 russian jets where one russian was carried through the streets before being killed in syria (they never entered turkey thats why fuck turkey.. the russians NEVER ENTERED RUSSIAN AIR SPACE.) turkey fucks greece and us now apparently repeatedly. now their own govt hates their leader so much the military tried to take em out and the current situation is if the united states does not send a turk expat who sought asylum fearing his life from erogen years ago as we was part of the early rebellion, they will not partake in the critical role they play in the migrant flood and battle against isis. currently they have SHUT DOWN POWER AND 12,000 united states troops are in turkey relying on power generators until this is figured out. they need just build a fucking between turkey and south eastern europe. fuck the saudis and the turks, im american but were not innocent either. but putin has had a bad rep. he took crimea. crimea wanted to be russian. thats why there is a civil war. around half the people want to be russian, half euro. the western half of ukraine ofc wants to be euro. this is a gigantic geopolitical game afoot with the same level of division of culture between religion, value, virtue, economic policy (hitler hated socialists more than jewish people, and killed more russians he considered socialists subhumans, fun fact einstein was a german (i think jew) socialist who fled to america and helped build the a bomb. thanks albert! ) but ww1 wasn't started by the single shot to that duke or archbishop/we google it 's head , it was started by the exact division the world sees today. and i think division is potentially sparked by a rise of communication power. quicker transport via car back then, telephones , radios, boats got steam engines then real ones, so the world communicated a lot quicker all of a sudden causing a rift in the status quo, which is something you dont want to fuck with. when you do , dictators emerge. populists rise in power each time a nation is divided. ourelection is rigged but if it is not rigged trump will win because of this. the hate. watching his nomination speech at the rnc reminded me of hitler and id vote for him over hillary as his foreign policies are pro europe and russia and basically saying look the us , europe, russia needs to unite. the middle east, thts a scam, we all know it, its for making money for a military we cant afford or need as much of (though he negates himself to appease republican voters, i know his history well enough and statements hes made to know he is left wing just read like the first 5 pages of the art of the deal "in order to gain leverage when losing i will not hesitate to lie" or something along. HE ADMITS TO LYING that is the definition of honesty itself. the man obviously doesn't hae a teleprompter and doesnt ve a fuck what he says , hes far more honest than hillary. hes also been mentionining the wall alot less recently as i knew he would after he won, that shit was for his republican base after he won that hes abandoning the wall shit. immigration is at a low, it is illegal, but a wall would only inflate the prices of heroin and cocaine and like BIG said mo money mo problems. so youd have moreblood shed and the cartel may just start operations here. how hard is it to patiently go thru the visa process, move to cfolorodo, start a farm of whatever grows there, produce popppy , marijuana, and coca, giving you the means to make heroin, crack, and strong weed? they face potential prison, but not family execution like in mexico. the whole race baiting thing is a narrative of the media diviing us on purpose to distract us from the fact that our debt is 19 tn, mathematically if it hits 21 tn wed have to go bankrupt and lose super power status an dnot be able to pay the military, and russia and china would likely force up and take advantage of that. but the current plan is to do as we have been doing, have the FED continue to generate our fiat currency (with women on the bills now, such change! harriet tubman was one of thousands of brave people standing out for what was right against abusers at the time, fucking edward snowden is doing that today. amerilia aierheart shoulda got taht shit. or maybe a primary head of the sufferage movement? if were going to consider diversity i think MANKILLER how ironic should win. look up mankiller. she was the first female chief of the cherokee nation and also involved in the womans sufferage movement. they should earhart, rosa parks, tubman on the back with mankillero n the front, with the native american woman on the front. that would show some real fucking girl power. no one mentions the millions on millions of indians that were massacered (look at me stioll calling them indians because they look similar to to peple from india what a socidety)) but yea eeryone got fucked, even the whtie man untilt he 20th century. kings protected the peasents and in return the peasents woked for the kings, no questions asked or death. ireland had it prety bad in particular. thats hwy theyre so pissy about the britian. just lke we were at the time. they were to serve the king for scraps of bullshit foot and were basically starving while the brits lived in relative luxuroy. so they said fuck this we are going to govern ourselves. and the british fcame and slaughtered the m with bows and arrows and swords. they kept it up until the british were droping bombs, to this day northern ireland demands its freedom from the uk. i guess canada and australia doesnt really care. therew as actually a war in 1981 or 83 between uk and argentina. the queen and prime miinister mararet thatcher sent a ROYAL presence all the way from england to the southernmost tip of south america over a tiny ass island with like 10,000 people. asa result about 800 argentiains and 50 brish were killed. (actual figures on wiki) i mean one fucked up thing they dd was use a superior jet to drop superior bombs on an argentienian boat containinging a thousand soldiers. i think around 300 died when it sank. there is no perfect place to live. it is in mans nature to conquer those who areweaker. not everyone conciously does this all the time. but a percent of people constnatly plot on how to gain power from the weakness of the kind and the dumb. its fucked up. usually the more right wing someone is the more thats how much evolving they have left to do because their chromosones havent diversified enough to see through such petty things as pride, and predjiduce, a highly reccomendonded book that goes far deeper than i ever could about why man is how he is. but yea. best place to live is likely of all places mitt romney ville. salt lake city idaho. look into it. its close to the pacific and vegas, colorado, has amazing mountains, low crime, cheap housing, benefits of a metro area, huge party area, im going to have to say the mountains again, desert, and the largest lake in the us outside of the great lakes right out of city limits, where younger ppll party in the summer like its miami or myrtle beach, and older people cfan relax on different ty pes of boats based off their income. i ultimatley want to live in colorado or slc (would prefer mountain view cfalifornia and that is my answer for best place to live but it is too expensive )

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maren861 days ago

@aravi & @zahidawan

Best place can't be homeland if in this country happening some like this:
Brutal terror, fascism !

No, this is no country where I want to live!

open second link on youtube:

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Aravi861 days ago

Hi @maren

Best place to live is not the one which is excepted to come from sky. It is a place in a earth, which we should made as best with our sweat and blood.

Make your homland heaven and try to live their.because these are the problem which can arise any where. So instead of running other place why dont we face and solve problem.

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maren861 days ago

@I agree with you @aravi , but there will be more blood than sweat if I and other people try to make this country better.

Did you watch video? Did you see what municipal police work? One man is killed in this terror.

Just because sell watermelons... But this man was not member of leading party!

There is time for REVOLUTION!!!!

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Aravi860 days ago

Hi @maren

This is some video and news from India

But the public of India ,all together, use to kick their ass within few days. If the PM of India is responsible, then after 5 years.

For within 5 years, It is a big list: -

We don't try to become hero in single. We try to become protester in group.

Always remember a country is not owned by current ruling party. It is of citizens. If public is united then no one can act as shown in above video without any proper reason.


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jeetkml860 days ago


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GoodThinghappen860 days ago

The best place to live is in Heaven :D

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pustoi11860 days ago

According to a study conducted by the analytical center of the Economist Intelligence Unit ( EIU), the best place to live on our planet is the Canadian city of Vancouver. During the research, the EIU experts ranked 127 cities in terms of personal safety risk, the level of infrastructure development and accessibility of various goods and services.

Among the North American and Western European cities in the top of the list EIUpopali places in Canada, as well as the capital of Austria and Switzerland. It is significant that, according to the study authors, these cities are not considered terrorists as objects of their shares. "There is nothing surprising in the fact that in modern conditions the people most drawn to the place where the terrorist threat is minimal," - says John Koupsteyk editor EIU report. Judging by the report, the most serious cause of discomfort for the residents of the cities of the "top ten" is the local climate.

London was in the "second ten" list, dividing the space with Dublin and Los Angeles. At the same time, British capital lost to Manchester one position, four positions Berlin, five - Tokyo, and six - Helsinki, Frankfurt and Stockholm.

Describing the state of affairs in Latin America, experts EIU notes that "... no city [in the region] can not provide the ideal conditions for life, and, at the same time, none of the local towns can not be categorized as especially dangerous ". The most adapted to inhabiting South American cities EIU experts call Montevideo (Uruguay), Santiago (Chile) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Accordingly, the cities with the worst living conditions in the region have been recognized the capital of Colombia, Bogota and the Venezuelan capital of Caracas.

In the Asia-Pacific region, experts EIU noted the high quality of life in cities of Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China and Taiwan, as well as in the major port cities of Australia.

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maren860 days ago

HI @aravi Yes, I know that violence and brutality of police exist on whole world, but this is not police.

Its POLICE OF ONE PARTY, LEADER PARTY, its incredible to something like this exist in normal world, but there exist.
All employers is members of leaders party and work for party, against low and order." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

And yes, we protest, like in this video.

Or in this photo in profile page

Look how many people is there

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MiguelK860 days ago

have a look at

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olja225588859 days ago

Place where you feel good, comfortable and free - this is the best place to live. :)

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lunadark859 days ago


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KOFF859 days ago


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JDonthebay859 days ago

you can't really answer that without first knowing what the person likes or dislikes!..for they prefer the quiet out of city life style where neighbors are not nearby, or do they prefer city type lifestyles? are they outdoorsy and like to take part in fishing or hiking ..or they more gym, movie goers..type.. it hinges on that type of personality for most

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Lex858 days ago

I think your heart knows, when you find the right place to live, because you have to find that place in yourself.

When you watch people leaving "home" to build up something better they struggle everywhere with either the same or completely different problems. But they struggle as they have been struggling before.

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Turb0858 days ago

My best guess, based on the science, Earth.

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Atirudra858 days ago

the best place to live is always a different place . For sometime in one place , than we move to another . Change is the spice of life .

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serezha858 days ago

Hi! I think the Best place to live is where your sweetheart and relatives are, where somebody waits for you!
Good luck!

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nihal29857 days ago

totally agree with you .

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buljuk857 days ago

Where is the best place to live is Dubai

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Hytsa857 days ago

Best place to live is where ur dream to live, depend on each person. Admire irish people, but i always dream to live for few years in (South) Korea and taste every street food and dishes, and visit each temple!

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benchichya856 days ago

the beach

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Akmaljon856 days ago

The best place to live in is Uzbekistan babe!
There are too much reasons!
Special reasons: the lowest crime level all over the world, fresh air and very friendly population!

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dragondisastor856 days ago

best place to live is in "Present"

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kreinders856 days ago

All thats need to be said..............VERMONT

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Pravy855 days ago

The best place to live is in one's own subconsciousness. This may sound cheesy but hey you never said it had to be a physical place in the first place. I say so because subconsciousness is your personal bubble and it will be what you want it to be.

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ready855 days ago

everywhere on the world is also the best place to live.

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henlington854 days ago

Edinburgh!!! beautiful city lots of archetecture, lots of history and entertainment. also very near, seaside, and countryside

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drjerrylee854 days ago


Key West, Fla. is great. Flip Flops, tees shirts, shorts and a cocktail are legal on any street downtown.

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jundel854 days ago


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jundel854 days ago

Try our Place Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines, make a research on our place

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DiogoWarfare854 days ago

America do norte, Canada

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ymn30854 days ago

The best place to live in the place that has the security, stability and democratic

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attie854 days ago

hi mianhaex i would love to stay next to you

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knyaz854 days ago


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SheBomb854 days ago


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Rasofficial832 days ago

best place to live : where Pure Love exist... anywhere even in a hut,,, pure love what you need

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nuklin832 days ago

Where ever you have peace and tranquility, and you are able to do the things you like to do or aspire to do without fear of the unknown.

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siele831 days ago

hi @MianhaeX
I think the best place to live is your home land. it's all your live with everything that you know and you see from you was a child

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bike831 days ago

Developed countries.

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rageye01831 days ago

the moon so quiet

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WASP831 days ago

лучше жить везде и не тужить!

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harry9214830 days ago

Western Canada

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HatsuneMiku827 days ago

I would personally say the U.K we're the only country in the world to offer free health care, free housing, free education (even university) not just that but if you can't get a job you go on the doll and get money and help with your bills FOR DOING NOTHING ^^ rains a lot and the small amount of heat that we get is very sticky and uncomfortable, and none of us seem to talk properly, we all talk like chavs and in slang

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WAJID823 days ago


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start819 days ago

Taiwan ,You can travel will know why.

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