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Chrome or Firefox? What do you think? Reward $25
Created by MianhaeX, 1668 days ago, 2510 views

What is the best web browser to use Chrome or Firefox?
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olja2255881667 days ago

Depends on your PC. Chrome needs RAM, because it consist a lot of extensions plus themes.
Chrome if you need a lot of extensions, stability and reliableness; Firefox if you need stability, reliableness and user-friendly interface.

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dsntuhf1668 days ago

That is the best

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ha141668 days ago


it depends on ony one taste, kind of work you do in your browser...

Chrome is the best browser overall.

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DenisZA1668 days ago

CHROME IS A TOP! firefox nervously smokes on the sidelines

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ignatoleg1668 days ago

Chrome - the most functional and safe

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dglyman1668 days ago

It depends on your preferences and what OS you're using. I used to love Chrome, but experience to many lockups and so I switched to Firefox which has given me no problems. For me, some webpages just seem to work better in Firefox than they did with Chrome.

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emperatriz1668 days ago

i prefere google chrome

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jaca1668 days ago


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maren1668 days ago

Opera is better browser than Firefox or Google chrome.

Firefox is faster than chrome, but not better than Opera. Chrome is Google spyware program. I newer have installed chrome on my PC.
Did you see how many programs and sites offers to install chrome with other software or service?
No thanks
Opera is browser easy to use, to set for your personal preferences. I like what I can continue session from last time.
I usually open a lot of tabs in opera, if I don't finish all of this, I continue next time, with all tabs...

High five for Opera

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KenDriver1668 days ago

Firefox is more reliable, faster, and functional than any of the others. I don't know why Microsoft can't make a decent browser. Edge and IE suck.

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larry124681668 days ago

My experience with Firefox is that it crashes much more frequently than Chrome. I can have almost an unlimited number of tabs open simultaneously with Chrome. My experience is that Chrome is much faster than Firefox too.

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neki20101668 days ago

i think Chrome is better if you are Gmail usser

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Aravi1668 days ago

Hi @MianhaeX

I think chrome have much more good the firefox. It highly supports html5 this mean it requires less external plugins to run programs. It supports wide range external plugins too this mians you can run almost anything in the browser. Its store have wide range of extention then any other browser.

For me From download manger to torrunt I just use chrome.

It have very good debug inbuilt which is alse user friendly. While developing a wesite we profare to use chrome to debug in the office.

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Aircatcher1668 days ago

HTML5 test on each browser: (
Latest Chrome: 495 out of 555
Latest Opera: 492 out of 555
Latest Ms Edge: 460 out of 555
Latest Firefox: 456 out of 555
Latest Safari: 370 out of 555

More tests on "a bit earlier" versions:

You can set them both to clear histories, caches, cookies, etc, when you close the browser,
so they wont get slower from time to time accessing some websites.
(Don't clear cookies if you want to keep such as login information, so you don't have to re-type your username, email, or password next time)

Here's how you do that:
1. Open hamburger menu in the right top and choose Settings
2. Type "privacy" in the search
3. Press "Clear browsing data" button
4. Check things that you want to clear, close the pop up
5. Press "Content settings"
6. On Cookies section, select "Keep local data until you quit your browser", set the behavior to "Allow"
(You can manage exceptions like [*.] for example, so you don't need to re-type your google login)

1. Click the hamburger menu and choose Options
2. Go to Privacy panel / section
3. On History section, select "Use custom settings for history"
4. You can set up like this picture or you can modify yourself:
(Make sure to "they expire" on Keep until section)
(You can choose to clear history when you close firefox too)

5. If you choose to clear history, go to Settings next to it, and set up like this picture, or modify yourself:

For myself, I use either Chrome and Edge, they are both reliable and quick.
You can also make Chrome to stay on background


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Bud_The_BARBARIAN1668 days ago

Chrome is cool because you can log in to your google account and you have you personal browser preferences dialed in and ready for war. Firefox is to Chrome what K-mart is to Wal-mart.

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FaisalAl1667 days ago

I will say Firefox

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Yesido1667 days ago

it depends on what you are trying to do. for example Firefox is great for programs that you would like to down load and run right away, games and using Microsoft Office. Browsing, searching, facebook, stuff like that, I would use chrome. Yet, they both work for what ever. You just get better results breaking it up.

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madfranklin1667 days ago

Yes, Chrome is great for the extensions, if you use them much. After trying out a bunch of them though, I find it best for speed and effect to keep them to a minimum.
Firefox is a nice change, but feels like a red haired stepchild.
I am having good feelings about Opera.
I must say it seems as fast or faster than Chrome.
And it includes a nice feature called speed dial to help manage bookmarks.

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aliouliou1667 days ago

Live. The best place?
Quiet valley. bird be shout, insects in called

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ahmadgov1667 days ago

Chrome 64bat

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WinXPert1666 days ago

Firefox. It's the addons I used that don't have a Chrome equivalent.

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abhi112931666 days ago


Definitely Chrome,

1. You can sign in to Chrome and save all your login id and password automatically at

2. Support maximum HTML5 functions.

3. Chrome extensions are coolest and you have more choice compared to others.

4. Sync all your extensions, history, bookmarks etc on all devices(Login Required). I love this feature the most!

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yanka4571666 days ago

Firefox is wayyy better period! It handles all tasks much smoother and doesnt glitch alot like chrome. also i have worked with affiliate marketing and one of my business leaders informed me that firefox credits offers the best chrome doesn't. So Firefox is the best choice

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jendubb1665 days ago

I like Chrome better. Just because I've used it way more than Firefox. I like the apps that comes with Chrome best like Drive, Youtube, Gmail, etc. I find it easy, and very sufficient to my needs.

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Rebecca1665 days ago

Chrome by far sureior vast interface fast relevant to searches.

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Dorzhi1665 days ago

Chome my life)))yes

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aureliano1665 days ago


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napostol1662 days ago

I have WIN 10 and use Chrome. I love it.

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Chienyp1661 days ago

Chrom munber one

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wildcat1661 days ago


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Yaseko1661 days ago


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kjeffers461661 days ago

I have used Firefox for many years, I switched to it when there were so many hack attacks on Internet Explorer. I have been told by my IT Department that Firefox is on the way out.

I am now using Chrome, with supplemental use of IE and Edge.

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zachary1658 days ago

i love it too your the best

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lyazid1658 days ago

mon favori chrome

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deefdelic1656 days ago

Easy...... Firefox is the best browser because with a little knowledge you can customize the browser in EVERY aspect.... You do need a little more care in the selection of plugins installable.
You can ruin your browser with a few wrong plugins found in the store...
Google is a little more active in banning bad plugs.
On the other hand is the program adblock these days thanks to google a half baked tool that blocks only commercials from (i think..) their rivals...
On Firefox blocking is really blocking everything you ask it to do...
Install uOrigin.. It works beautifully...

Do not kill commercials all the time tho... Companies would probably end up bankrupt or making their service/product costs a lot higher..

Dilemma's... Dilemma's.... I know what i'm using...

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prm2211655 days ago

chrome, porque no fox com certeza,voçe ira usar ,qual, buscador na internet!!!!!! google

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compexp1652 days ago


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WESLEYFeRoN1652 days ago

Prefiro Firefox, É Mais Rápido E Prático.

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principiante1643 days ago

crome perchè e' funzionale ha praticamente tutto, Firefox non e' male ma e' in dietro con i tempi rispetto a crome , sol questo, per me crome, ma firefox e' ok ,, ciao buon pomeriggio

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LucGameYT1643 days ago


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BlackFoot1643 days ago

I am using Chrome

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