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How can i remove the unwanted hair from my face forever? Reward $2
Created by anjumskt77, 863 days ago, 1582 views

How can i remove the unwanted hair from my face forever? Hi everyone. I am male and i am fed up from unwanted hair from my face because i have to spent lot of time to remove the unwanted hair with remover every time i shave my beard.
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pustoi11863 days ago

please see this video. I hope this will give some answers.

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Aravi862 days ago

HI @anjumskt77
What every you try the hair will grow back. It is nature of face hair for all male. The best and easy way to handle them is to shave. Try a electronic shaving machine that can save your time.


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ethan856 days ago

shave more often

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serezha855 days ago

Hi! There is medical laser which is used in cosmetology. You should go to the centre where dermatologist will consult you about this problem. It works! You can get rid of hair for ever .

Good luck!

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Chienyp855 days ago

You go to watch the video tutorial youtube waxing and select the most appropriate way

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willie855 days ago

No comment .... as there are enough doctors around who can answer this question better than any "advises" here !!!!!

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seekerfun855 days ago

pull them out one by one

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khaledmus854 days ago

i hear alot of things that used to removing hair but i dnt knw f they work or nt,one is natural method s to bring this herp plant called cyperus rotundus and grind it as well after that tak som of and put wit water boiling it n fire till it came like apaste after apply it n your skin but you hav to use awax first to remov hair frm its root and after use that paste i told you abt and the other medical method is by laser technic by specialised doctor.

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Susih854 days ago

Some special laser which has to be administered by a medical professional
can remove hair forever. For areas in the face it should not be too expensive,
but still costs quite something. Hair is gone forever when done properly.

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koroleva846 days ago

It's done with Laser hair removal, so you will need to see a doctor.

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maxfemme844 days ago

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Chelper842 days ago

If you join pinerest you can find a lot of different natural ways to get rid of hair pinterest is free to join. but in my opinion I would have to say you could go to a dermatologist and he would be able to get rid of your hair for good. you could also go on line and see what other options there could be for you.

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ralphfurgason840 days ago

You can't. It will always come back!

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Shogi840 days ago

Try this. It has good reviews.

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gala89839 days ago

Навсегда избавиться от лишних волос можно только с помощью лазерной депиляции

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Icuska761 days ago

Szerintem a lézeres technika a leghatásosabb,és fájdalom mentesebb.Igaz árban drágább de mindig jobb mint bármely más beavatkozás.

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