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I want to learn french and italian online Reward $2
Created by marklander, 898 days ago, 1717 views

Do you guys have any suggest? I will go travel France next year and want to learn enough to speak and understand what they say.
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pustoi11898 days ago

sure it will help you.

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alicesmith898 days ago

Do you want to learn French and Italian together? Learning two languages simultaneously is not much harder than learning only one.

Check out >>>>>

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xiaoin2898 days ago

You can donwload Rosetta Stone. I've use taht learn 2 months spanish. Nice and intersting. You can find some info from internet.

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zukgod898 days ago

Rosetta Stone is the best hands down. I have learned many different languages with their programs, it takes half the time and you will speak the language with ease rather than trying to learn from a book. It's far more expensive, but well worth the expense. If your in another country and don't speak like a tourist you will enjoy the place far more. Think of how you talk to people who don't speak your native language, do you enjoy trying to figure out what they are saying? Do you want to get snails instead of a nice steak? Bottom line is invest in the best up front or you will be spending money twice. The military uses Rosetta Stone for a reason. Enjoy your trip, I hope it's all you expected and more. Be safe.

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xiaoin2898 days ago

Rosetta don't need online, you just need download the software,

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Flashwind898 days ago


I once already answered a similar question.
Perhaps my answer will be useful to you.

Sincerely, Flashwind

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Aravi898 days ago

Hi @marklander
Make a online friends who know french and Italian. This will help you learn them quickly.


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MizzM897 days ago

Hi @marklander

I suggest Rocket Language because it's easy to use and it helps with the pronunciation too. This is a paid online course but you can try the free trial.
Offer -

While learning, watch French movie with subtitle and see your progress from there.

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soul897 days ago

Beginner vocabulary with audio and recorder, a new and easy to learn interactive method. Listen to the different pronunciation and record your voice then compare.
Pick a theme and start learning with audio, many interactive activities, listening, writing… Greetings, Family, Names, Numbers, Animals and much more
Easy step by step method to understand clearly French grammar with what you already know in English. Clear how to videos and quiz or exercises.
Everything about French tenses, moods, sentences, questions, pronouns with the perfect pronunciation.

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Amaan888 days ago

Hey buddy you can learn more than 50 languages in Duolingo. There's also an app of this so you can learn on the go.
Here its link

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aniket888 days ago

It is easy to learn languages online !!

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sonoerin55883 days ago

If you want to learn another language and only speak English, you must first forget everything you learned in English class. English is what a lot of people call sloppy language. The reason they call it that is because the English language puts noun, adjetives, pronouns, verbs and everything else where ever it fits. All the other languages Spanish, Italian, French, Latin, etc. uses the same format. They all built their sentences the same way an in the same order. This is why people that are from different countries can learn every language easily.... except English, English is much harder for them to learn because it isn't structured the same at all.

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yahya1zahiri883 days ago

First and foremost, you must prepare mentally to learn French, and these are some key steps that must be followed to succeed in learning French and Italian.

1- learn the alphabet and especially pronounced way.
2- learn vocabulary words and phrases and traded frequently in order to facilitate the learning process.
3- Since you are just a beginner I advise reading the children's book because it will help a lot, and also the use of a bilingual glossary to explain and translates words incomprehensible to the language that you know.

But there is a website you can learn from the French and Italian languages with ease "; " ", it is a prime location and will teach you everything from the beginning to the professionalism.
But nonetheless it must use the steps listed above to learn the French language in a very permissive time !!!!!

In the end, he advises patience and diligence.

' I hope I helped you my friend ;) . '

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koroleva883 days ago

I would suggest some nice websites and phone apps like, (and here you can find a very detailed guide),, mondly, memrise etc. I'm using all sort of things to learn Spanish so I totally understand your situation.
However, I think you need also friends who can speak those languages so they can help you with practicing. Well I don't know a word in Italian but I speak French so I would be happy to help any time.

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sam55882 days ago


I see someone else posted the same website, I feel it is very good website to start learning any language as a beginner or professional, You have audio and written matches in both English and the language you like to learn.

Good Luck.

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mark51879 days ago

Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that I'm interested in, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know about Examcollection 300-206

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sanbooly879 days ago

You can use the below link to learn in easy way the french...

also, there is Bubble and you can try it first.

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jeetkml878 days ago

Try Flashcards For Learn French / Italian..

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NHaa840 days ago

Try the site below it is very useful for learning new languages :

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