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Why do most people choose dog as pet? Reward $2
Created by walker16, 808 days ago, 1560 views

Do you know the reason why most people choose dog as pet?
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ralphfurgason807 days ago

Dogs remind us that to love is to live. They want to feel affection, enjoy attention. and are never moody! They want to feel love and they want to give love. Even if you were in a bad mood and ignored them this morning while rushing to work they won't hold it against you. They are always happy and excited when you return, and openly show it. Whatever you want to do is okay. They just want to be with you and see you enjoy the moment. Grumble and bitch about life, or people, they lay their head on your lap and let you know you are loved regardless of situations or circumstances. They don't ever ask anything of you, and get excited with even the smallest treat, or sign of attention! They love you unconditionally even when you are in a bad mood and you don't love them. They will wait patiently, and quietly, always ready to give you affection when you are ready! You can completely trust them to be there. They are loyal and will never leave you, control you, deny you, or judge you! That's why a dog is such a blessing, and valued friend!

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rembanad808 days ago

They offer company, security and can also socialize with people. Their noses can catch thieves.

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Pravy808 days ago

A dogs companionship is one of the best among pets. They are comfortable with human more than others. And since ancient times they were our pets so we instinctively choose and prefer them over other pets.

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Drmgiver808 days ago

I dunno, I chose snake.

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Aravi808 days ago

Hi @walker16
Because, by nature, it is man's best friend. A dog have adopted to live specially with human.

1) It can learn and recognize particular commands more then 10 human languages and obey them.

2) It have nearly all feeling that a man have.

3) A pet dog will be highly depended on its owner like a small child.

4) I have very good ability to understand human emotions and act according.

5) It is social animal.

Kindly find the below article details about its intelligence:-


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Amaan808 days ago

Dogs -
• Can easily learn what ever you teach them.
• Takes less time for learning as well.
• Social animal.
• Protect you and your house.
• Makes you active and exercised as they are active.
• And studies shows that when you own them , hormones releases in both owner as well as in dog which makes you and them happy and pleasurable.

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magentadeb808 days ago

dogs love you uncondtionally. I'm sure mine understands everything I say...;)

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Yesido808 days ago

dogs for many years have been portrayed as man best friend, their different stature provides for many different needs and serves many purposes. As a society dogs have cotinue to grow as a companion of ours, assisting humans from seeing, protecting and most importantly a companion. Now, it doesn't mean there are not other animals out there that don't or can't serve the same purpose. Yet, having a lion or an elephant running around freely would be a little too much.

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walker16808 days ago


why do you choose snake as pet?

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walker16808 days ago


love unconditionally will be appreciated, especially for humans.

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walker16808 days ago


Have you got a dog as pet?

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igor807 days ago

Most people choose the cats !!! They are neat and smarter than dogs!Yes, dog friend and defender. Cat-Healer of the soul!

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pustoi11807 days ago

And who told you that more often? simply, dogs not only at home, part of for protection,security. Psychologists say that most of the people who to one or another animal, just trying to find those qualities of character that they could not find in himself. Or vice versa - recognizing in particular being itself. Parents often give birth to a pet is for their child, the baby learned to love the world around him. But baby it is not necessary to teach it, the child is taught that even before birth. He just needs help to remember this truth. Most people give birth to animals from loneliness or misunderstanding of relatives. They so want to understand, love, warmth and affection, and often they get these feelings only by a pet. How nice coming home from work, found on the threshold of "joyful attractive face" of your pet dog or cat. It is indifferent to human cats, dogs and all other animals "on one person." For the owner of the animal, his pet special person that he knows a thousand. People give birth to animals, citing the love of cats or dogs, parrots and turtles, fish or newts. In fact, most of all a matter of the formation of personality. It often happens that a person simply does not care about anyone or do not care enough to.

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walker16807 days ago


Yes, I also love cat. Why do you say "Cat-Healer of the soul!"?

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walker16807 days ago


Thanks. So what is the main ideas of your comment?

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xiaoin2807 days ago

I think the pets are same. They can really feel you, you are the master of them.
If you like kive alone, you can choose dog. If you like bustling, you can also choose a dog. That's very intersting.
HAHA, maybe beacuse the kinds of dog is the most, so you feel that mostly person choose dog as pet.

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pustoi11806 days ago

People do not choose dogs more often people choose their preferences. just dogs and cats are more available for purchase. and more known conditions of detention. and the dogs, though (as I wrote in a similar topic) more dependent on humans than cats, but can do more and useful social functions (protection, guide for the blind, the search for drugs, and, for example, just bring slippers) .

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igor806 days ago

When I wake up in the morning, cat lying down on my chest. I am from this is appeasement and joy. This charge of vivacity for the whole day.

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walker16806 days ago


Yes, that sounds reasonable, you can choose all kinds of pets as you like. Nothing but the dog fits most of the people.

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walker16806 days ago


Yes, the dog's social function is valuable. But for me, the only one reason to choose pet is liking it. Yes, just like it.

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pustoi11806 days ago

That's what I just wrote. I love animals. but the choice depends on your preference. I had, and dogs and cats. all have their pros and cons. important to understand not only what you want, and whether you will be able to care for them adequately for them. any animal requires responsibility from the owner. perhaps you are not satisfied with my answer, but the more I have nothing to add ...

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mihorvitz806 days ago

Dog's whether or not you believe can show empathy when you are sad and joy when you are happy. I believe they can read me by my body language and duplicate my feelings.

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MarianaM21806 days ago

I think it's a matter of preference. There are people who are very happy with cats, fish or birds. I personally think dogs are a bit more needy than other pets. They constantly seek people's presence for food, playing or just company and petting. Also, they need more attention to bath and walk them rather than cats. I think the feeling of being responsible for all those things it's very fullfiling for some people. Others may enjoy the company of their cats and also feel less stressed due to their independence regarding certain things.

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MianhaeX806 days ago

Dunno but Dog is like bodyguard when someone attacked you. But I probably choose cat or rabbit.

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MiguelK806 days ago

Choosing a type of a pet is matter of personality. In this thesis (see: author studied if some human attributes determine which pet one chooses. Results have shown that "Dog people" (55% of participants) described themselves as sociable&friendly and "Cat people" described themselvs mostly as quiet­ (see tab. 3 on page 32). So, using data of this study, we can say, that "Dog people" are tending to be more extravert and "Cat people" tends to be more intravert...

Humans tends to be more extravert in general. You can see graph of human personalities distribution from on image bellow. Types with E are extravert and according to this image it's 65,5% of population. So there is little correlation. However, we can also say, that choosing a pet it's not only decision of individual, but whole family, so that increases correlation mentioned above.

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Bine485803 days ago

Ich bin ein Katzentyp - mein Freund hatte aber einen Hund - also war es doch wohl klar, wozu wir kamen

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walker16803 days ago


Yes, reading body language may be its advantage.

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fantazi803 days ago

Собака самое преданное существо на земле,а человеку порой не хватает друга.

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walker16802 days ago


Thanks for sharing the wonderful photo with us.

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deefdelic794 days ago

because that way i can get a cat....

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cjg2486794 days ago


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ELahiawy769 days ago

Because dogs Zaki song and features human understanding bskao creation as aukhrh animals in this feature

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ELahiawy769 days ago

People who love cats sometimes Wyden in most suit your dog be the leaf with a cat
I also love cats
And dogs to pull her out of the most beautiful creatures
And Aidan smart animals cock owners and associated
Cats and dogs
Like Manh do I have with my animals.

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