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Should men learn to cook? Reward $2
Created by nanna, 1580 days ago, 4000 views

What do you think of men who can cook?
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nihal291580 days ago

yes , why not ,elder people said that the person who know cooking will never be Hungry .
cooking is very essential in our life .

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thelivewire1579 days ago

Hi @nanna

Men nowadays should learn how to cook and better be good at it. Why?
Today's generation implies that gender-equality is so relevant. Men are not the only ones who work for the family. Even the female now works for the family. Sometimes only the female works while the men stays at home and take care of the kids.
That makes it handy for men to learn how to cook on those instances.
Also, no offense to the girls nowadays, very few girls now are good at cooking. I don't know why but the best chefs now are almost males.
And perhaps, no male/boy is not a food-lover, so it will be helpful if men knows how to cook for themselves.

I look at men like me who knows how to cook as very responsible and husband material. I admire them. Girls often say that they adore a guy who cooks for them, make them feel they are cared so much.

Hope it helps.

Cheers and a high five!

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FaisalAl1579 days ago

Yes, I think guys have to learn how to cook, especially if Married.

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SetupComputer1579 days ago

@nanna ,

Of course! There are many practical situations where cooking skills would do the trick. If your parents have sickness, if your wife is pregnant and needs bed rest, if you camp a lot, if you travel, if you engage on a fieldwork, etc.

A man who knows how to cook can serve sumptuous dishes to his mother, wife and children. A man who knows how to cook can serve meals to the homeless and less fortunate. A male chef can serve meals to customers from the most ordinary to the high-profiled.

I don't actually see why men should shy away from cooking.

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Tina_Moran1579 days ago


Men who cooks are sexy and cool.
It is said that the best way through men's heart is thru their stomach; and thus girls should satisfy the dietary requirements of their men. However, that holds true too for ladies. Ladies want to feel loved and cared too. Our mothers loved to be cooked for. In that sense, men who are good at cooking are said to be the common trend nowadays.


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jaykay421579 days ago

on April 11th,2014, my wife suffered a diabetic stroke, which took her sight and put her in a wheel chair, although she is improving all the time, i , became the cook she needs to satisfy her dietary requirements, previously my wife taught me cooking and now i enjoy doing the cooking for us. i am 74 yrs old and she is 70. it is never to late to learn new things... hope this helps some one else!

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rassler1579 days ago

I started out only cooking the very basics, but as I have grown up, I now experiment with different receipes and find that I have become a very good cook.

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backative1579 days ago

Without a doubt. I am an exelent cook if you ask my mom ant it has served me well over the years. It is a great way to save money on restaurants, the ladies love it, and you don't have to depend on anyone to have your favorite meals.

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Pravy1579 days ago

Absolutely!! Don't you think men with knives cutting away things look cool? I do.
Our friends here have already said the benefits of cooking so i guess there's not much to say right?
I cook because i love food. Gourmet food especially of different cuisine. And god help me nobody at my home wants to make them but love to eat it.

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Aravi1579 days ago

Hi @nanna

I personally always don't depended on other to cook food. It is also necessary for a male to learn cooking. It is important because.

1) You will get opportunity to leave your family for a week to work out of home location.

2) In future, your wife may fall ill, due to pregnancy, post delivery ,due to old age and so on. When you will be in forceful condition to cook.

3) It is not healthy to eat food from outside for longer time. Kindly take it serious, I know how food taste hell, if we eat food continuously third day out.


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pustoi111579 days ago

no offense to the girls, and if you're a girl, I certainly will not be the best answer. but I'm not here just to make money. therefore, tell the truth, and the truth is that men, if they want, better girls, in any case, apart from the birth of children. of course, know how to give birth only to you, but that's all. even the best designer men. just so it happened a long time. man produces mammoth (money), the woman cooks. do you think a man can learn how to prepare your own delicious meal? best cook, by the way, man. but now another time and if it turns out to raise money, it is better you do, the cook must, man. if not, it needs to do a woman. a man killed a mammoth, came weary, but must also prepare and feed a woman? Do not you think that this reduces the value of a woman? yet very simple, one obtains the food it prepares another.

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harry92141579 days ago

Yes. You never know when your going to end up alone

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CoolCat1579 days ago

I think all men are the best cooks by nature.

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arjay1578 days ago

a man who knows how eat will also know how to cook . that's what i have learn in my Dad & Mom ...

because if you know how to cook you are a person who know how to become a responsible person in and out of your house....

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nanna1578 days ago

I'm deeply touched. Thank you!

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maren1578 days ago

Best cooks on the wholw world is mans.

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rickwms1578 days ago

Men make excellent cooks and chefs plus women do not mind having someone cook for them when possible. If you are married most women will not mind if you can help out in the kitchen or just do all of the cooking.
I personally like to cook and so does my wife so she wins out most of the time and doesn't want me doing it unless she is sick and can't get up. I got lucky with her but I do cook whenever possible.
The one thing I cook that she doesn't is pizza. I make my dough the day before and I have a pizza steel in the oven that I made from scrap metal. When I make it the pizza ends up just as good as the pizza's we would buy from the local pizzeria.
Definitely try to come up with a specialty that you are very good at and you can't go wrong.

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khaledmus1578 days ago

I think they are geniuse enough to b learnt coockin.

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nanna1576 days ago

It's true. But chefs do not like to cook at home.

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xiaoin21576 days ago

In China, the man who can cook is more charming. when your girl/boy friend feel tired, thats very happy if you can cook for him/her.

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maren1576 days ago


Dear Hanna, the chefs of cocking for president ex Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito, cock Mica Stojanovic was excellent chief and hi is write book

How I cock History :

Man who cock for hundred president and kings...

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mihorvitz1576 days ago

Definitely. It sure helps when you are alone at home.

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D3a3n31575 days ago

men should always be able to eat even if the fridge is only a ham and a slice of cheese. and even in this moment you can make a meal not only for themselves but for the second half

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Jackmar1575 days ago

Absolutely. If you like to eat good food that you like, you should know how to cook it, so you don't complain about others cooking.
Most women like a man to cook. I love to cook, it takes my mind off of things that might be bothering me,

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MianhaeX1575 days ago

I think women and men can learn how to cook.

It's up to you if you want or not.

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maren1575 days ago

I can prepare some of recipes of Mica Stojanovic like Karadjordje (Karageorge) steak, search for this on youtube, its extra taste

It will be more taste if you make ram sos with mushrooms. I prepare in this way.

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ahmadgov1575 days ago

انا طباخ ماهر اقوم بتعليم الطبخ لزوجتي

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maren1575 days ago

Amd what is this? Look like Serbian GIBANICA, I also know to prepare GIBANICA, very taste,

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HYKVROT1575 days ago

Конечно! Существует множество практических ситуаций, когда навыки приготовления пищи будет делать трюк. Если у твоих родителей есть болезнь, если ваша жена беременна и нуждается в постельном режиме, если вы живете в кемпинге много, если вы путешествуете, если вы включаете на местах и т. д.

Человек, который умеет готовить могут служить роскошные блюда к матери, жене и детям. Человек, который знает, как приготовить блюда для бездомных и менее удачливых. Мужской шеф-повар может подавать блюда для клиентов, от самых простых до громких.

Я не понимаю, почему люди должны шарахаться от приготовления пищи.

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fantazi1574 days ago

Мой муж очень хорошо готовит и он очень добрый человек.Я думаю что надо готовить с любовью.У злых людей даже тесто не поднимется.

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Bine4851573 days ago

Aber auf jeden Fall ! Ich liebe es, wenn mein Mann kocht und ich es nicht brauche.

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Atirudra1572 days ago

man are the best cooks , its good to know , better to be self sufficient on many levels

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buljuk1571 days ago

У мужчины лучше получается готовить, то почему бы и не научится

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jundel1571 days ago

yes men should know how to cook, for his family, the wife and children will be proud of it, and they will be proud of their father to their friends.
Men has different taste in cooking compared with women

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rageye011570 days ago

real men do cook

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serezha1569 days ago

Hi! I think men are better in cooking than women. Some of them can cook everything from recipe-book, some of them can cook only one or two dishes, but they Will be Absolutely tasty. So the deal isn't in learning to cook, but in man's wish to do.
Good luck!

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drjerrylee1569 days ago


Not if you can afford to eat out during all meals or have a in home cook.

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seekerfun1568 days ago

real men knows how at least for his n his partners own taste.

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Cgoding1568 days ago

I do not see why men can not learn to cook just like females do. There is nothing wrong with seeing a man in the kitchen cooking.

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willie1568 days ago

WHY "men " ?????

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loulouanita1568 days ago

yes he should learn to cook

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ready1567 days ago

it's very good.

you can cook for your family and take care of them by your good dishes

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deefdelic1567 days ago



Makes life a lot easier..

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lyazid1566 days ago

en tous les cas,les hommes ont été toujours des cordons bleus,leur cuisine est appréciées,ils ont toujours été artiste dans leur façon de faire,c'est pourquoi chez eux cuisiner est un art

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ralphfurgason1566 days ago

I started to cook when I was a young boy being the second oldest of 8 siblings. Today I enjoy cooking, "special meals," for my wife and family. It has never been something I was expected to do or had to do, but knowing how to cook was a enjoyable skill to have.

When my wife was sick, or away, I was able to step into her shoes and provide good healthy meals for our kids.

Also doing the cooking provided good bonding time between my wife and I, and me and my kids. Get your kids, wife, or relatives, to work with you peeling veggies, making salads, boiling eggs, making desserts, or some other activity you have trained them to do.

We always had a good time with lots of laughs while cooking. Plus I like the analogy of Dr James Dobson, He said, "sex begins in the kitchen," and it works big time.................. LOL

You'd be surprised what can come out of the a wife's, the kids, friends, or relatives, mouths while they work with you that you'd probably never hear about otherwise!

It also gives me an opportunity to tease my in-laws. My turkey is so moist and tasty that they love it, and always ask me how mine is so moist! They hound me for the recipe..................LOL . Their turkey always turns out dry and unpleasant.................. LOL I won't tell them. I say, "you'll have to wait till my death bed," or, "if I tell you then I have to kill them," LOL!

So you see, being able to cook is a good foundational survival skill for any guy adding to his independence! It's also a great way for us to bond with our wives, kids, relatives, and friends. Remember anyone who works together, and plays together, grows together. It's also a heck of a great way to impress a girlfriend you'd like to stay around for awhile................ LOL

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Guycjk1191566 days ago

In simplest terms the answer is YES. Learning how to prepare food as well as care for your clothing are skills everyone needs. 101 ways to prepare top ramen could be a start, but knowing what to eat and how to prepare in in interesting ways will bring a life long enjoyment. It has also be an attractive attribute to the women in my life.

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haroldmarcum1566 days ago

You never know when you will need to

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SiBar01562 days ago

If you were married to my wife the answer would have to be, 'Yes!!!'. If you planned on being a chef it would also be a good idea.................

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cjg24861562 days ago


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mohammadshalaldeh1562 days ago

please me

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awinner1191562 days ago

yes, for self defense otherwise it can get exoensive to eat out.

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sanek_kg1562 days ago

хахахахахах so cool its realy fun

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tfanch331562 days ago

Yes men should definitely learn to cook and actually cook. It is a great way to entertain a date to show your culinary ability and impress the one your are courting. That is if you are a good cook which if needed you can always refer to a cookbook. It is also great if you are married to cook for your family as there is no need for the wife to be the one who always does the cooking. I would like to think we are long past the days of thinking that cooking and cleaning are all the wife's responsibilities. My mother is disabled and lives in a apartment complex for the elderly and I cook for her and her friends and they love my cooking and look forward to it. So I feel that it is a nice gift to be able to cook a good meal for them as most of them do not cook for themselves anymore and usually resort to eating twice monthly delivered frozen dinners.

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quahog1561 days ago

definitely, you just might have to be a survivor some day.

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adolfhuhu1561 days ago

a man who depends in himself he is reliable on none he shall do every thing byhimself

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thuan1561 days ago

yes, good idea

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New_Hope_For_Future1560 days ago

man who can cook is god .-) ! ... every gilrs want man who can cook .-) - love his every day .-) ! ... because we are every day very hungry peaoples who needs eating .-) ... its thousands foods in life .-) ... never want cook thousends foods in life .-) ...

- please sorry for my english i am from Czech Republic .-) ...

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ihenlomen1559 days ago

yes! perhaps it helps keep a relationship tight and secured.

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TTBaooka1553 days ago

Every man and women should be able to cook a meal.

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Cuz1553 days ago

Of course! I learned to cook as a young teenager, and it has helped me much in life. Who else is going to cook things exactly as you like them!

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Rasofficial1553 days ago

yes,,,cuz man can do anything .... world number on cook is also a man,,, & cooking is like art so ,,,everyman should have know it

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Trojanremover1552 days ago

Absolutely men should learn cooking. As i know most of the famous chefs in the world are men. So it is really good to keep this practice going. you never know when you will get stuck in a situation when you will need to take over the command of your kitchen.

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LucGameYT1552 days ago

Es Cierto Los hombres no cocinan odo a las mujeres

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mohamad11221552 days ago

Hahaha this funny work for a man wearing apron cooking but frankly this is a very beautiful thing because it increases the aesthetic man in the perspective of women and to be that the man needs to be cooked often and this act helps him to take the love of friends and family if he concocted a delicious example, imagine yourself in outing with friends and you require to bring food from the barbecue or other kinds of food would be nice if you did have mastered this

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Hydotyt1537 days ago

Я по образованию повар. Я мужчина. Мужчины должны уметь готовить, хотя бы самые элементарные блюда. Повар мужчина сможет оформить любое блюдо с особой фантазией, не такой как у повара женщины. Да и в любом мало-мальски известном ресторане или кафе шеф-повар это мужчина.

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vanny1508 days ago

чоловіки найкращі кухари

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ip9705211496 days ago

yes,this is making difference beetween the best cook's,i prefer to eat the food that been made from a skinny cook,i don't found nothing interessing in fast food .because it has a lot of fat acids.

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