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Nvidia Shield K1 battery/charging time Reward $4
Created by Qrow, 811 days ago, 5242 views

Does anyone else have problems with the battery life of the Nvidia K1? I run stock rom, did not root it yet, don't have a lot of apps installed, but it still runs of battery in max an hour of use, and charging is usually around 500-600 mA when not used, screen and wifi off, which means it take forever to charge it.
I'm an IT technician, so I know I've tested everything but flashing it and replace the battery. Different cables, adapters and whatnot.
Could it be a software issue? In that case, flashing it would maybe fix it. Or did I just get a defect device?
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DaoThanh811 days ago

I was like you . I find it just that " Please wrap sealed batteries 1 nylon box and put it in the refrigerator to prevent freezing during 24 hours and then taken out to defrost " . But I 'm not sure that's true . And now I have not dared to try. You can refer to web site:

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pustoi11811 days ago

high, something even unique performance Tegra K1 turns high power consumption. Tablet worked 1 hr. 50 min. and received approximately the same estimate as the Tegra Note 7, which has a battery at 15.17 Wh. Consequently, increased appetite SoC NVIDIA along with its performance. "
In fact all that is necessary to speak about the chip. Many do not mind to cram as much as possible the video card, but to do so it fared when it is difficult. In fact we have a sports car with a powerful engine, but everywhere the speed limit 120 km / h. guzzle processor cores in generally. Cortex-A15 - terribly voracious thing. conclude the matter in a very high consumption of energy, with a weak battery for such purposes.

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Aravi810 days ago

HI @Qrow
Even if you change battery and flash your mobile will make no difference. As told by pustoi11, it is high performance device with low capability to save power. Further, the charging time problem is also faced by other users too.

Kindly find the below complaint in

I think the engineer should have provided good battery support and provided some attention towards charge speed. Otherwise it is a excellent device.


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Qrow809 days ago

Well, I would dare to try. I'm not too happy about it as it is, so why not? I'm in the middle of a big move right now, but I will give it a shot later!

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Qrow809 days ago

Thank you for the link! I have done a bit of testing to find out what's draining the battery so fast, and it is always, always screen. So obviously I set brightness to minimum and turned off all fancy graphics stuff. It did help, just a tiny bit. So I'm thinking - what if I flash it to a rom with better power management options overall? Can't say which one, I need to do a bit of research on that, but I'm sure there is something..
You don't think that would, not necessarily fix, but at least help out a bit?

@pustoi11 So... the way to go is to get another tablet? It's such a shame, I had high hopes for the K1, but I cannot work with a device like this. Simple as that.

Then, the natural follow-up question is - what do I replace it with?

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pustoi11809 days ago

all this is another question. Well, I will answer. consider this option. Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 MSM8994
Capacity and battery consumption - is still a sore spot mobile devices. big architecture. LITTLE Qualcomm's needs to squeeze a few extra hours of work, using the gadget in the "simple" tasks. But power in a more resource-intensive applications and games is unlikely to improve any noticeable. All the benefits of a finer 20-nm process technology thrown at enhancing productivity, and not to reduce the electrical appetite.
or to buy an external battery,higher capacity.

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Aravi808 days ago

HI @Qrow

You may try. But , this will surely affect the performance of your K1. You may simply try to kill some unwanted background apps too, which can help you more.

Also find some tips from


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