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Where is the safest place to store important files? Reward $5
Created by moonlight, 1335 days ago, 2534 views

Where is the safest place to store important files?

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wim1335 days ago

On a USB Stick together with Folder Lock (used by US Goverment)

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Pravy1335 days ago

@moonlight On Your Home Backup Storage which is setup with RAID HDD to ensure file mirroring in case of HDD failure and is Password protected to ensure maximum safety for files. BTW this is the expensive way.

The cheaper way would be to rar the file with password and upload it to cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. As the files are Rar'ed with password its Frickin super hard to break and cloud storage gives you the security of having the files always available and prevents it from getting corrupted which mostly happens with the local drives, pen drives etc.

Trust me if the files are that important to you follow the Cloud way. I would prefer the cloud way as i don't have to spend a lot. Google Drive already gives you 15gb of space which is mostly enough for all my important files.But make sure to Rar Or Zip it with password.

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SetupComputer1335 days ago

Probably an offline HDD. The only thing you have to worry is physical access to your drives, by family, friends or strangers.

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pustoi111335 days ago

if, indeed, important files, storing only, on your flash drive and browse to the system is not connected to the Internet. In no case do not store on a computer connected to the Internet, and even more in the cloud. subject to cracking, even super-protected files on the Internet. FBI and CIA hack that talk about all sorts of clouds. so get yourself a good flash card manufacturer and store important information there. Clinton, too, did not expect that it will become known secrets, however ...

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igor1335 days ago

Compact disc

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ha141335 days ago


make more than one copies
safe deposit box, using plastic page slips
external drives password protected
use encryption when storing on external drives

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Pravy1335 days ago

@moonlight & @pustoi11 Don't mind me asking but are you a cyber criminal? or a drug dealer, or a money launderer perhaps?
For a average joe, even the purchase bill he get is important or images of the family is important. Unless you are one of the above mentioned criminals FBI, CIA would have no business or even time to crack a good secured zip or rar file. I know this as i am a EC- Council Certified Hacker. It takes a good amount of time and resource if you need to crack a file. That's the reason why i recommended the use of Cloud storage.

Having physical Disks and drives is costly and you always and i mean always have the chances of data getting corrupted waay more than the chances of data getting corrupted in the cloud. The costly process of data mirroring for security is done by cloud services for free and if you were to mirror data for redundancy then i would worry about the cost.

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celina21401335 days ago

in hd computer hd

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pustoi111335 days ago

I'm not going to argue with you. you expressed your point of view, I also have an opinion. what is the problem? I do not trust online services. if you suddenly interested in the state any law enforcement authorities it will be able to access any of your information located on the Internet. and who knows they can use. even innocuous at first glance, the information can play with you a malicious joke. any state is valid only in their own interests and there is no honest government! If you think that in India, are in prison, only to criminals, you are very naive.

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sifeddine221335 days ago

if, indeed, important files, storing only, on your flash drive and browse to the system is not connected to the Internet. In no case do not store on a computer connected to the Internet, and even more in the cloud.

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Aravi1335 days ago

Hi @moonlight
For official files:

You can store in any personal external storage form but in encrypted format. Kindly use very strong encryption format. eg: AES or RSA Algorithm.

But remember, this will only delay the modern day hackers. So kindly keep safe for outsider. Keep it less exposed to outside network.

For normal personal files:

You can store in your personal external device / cloud.

**But always remember to keep minimum 2 copies of the files


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dholon1335 days ago


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Flashwind1334 days ago

Hi, @moonlight

You have decided that cloud is a safe place?
It's your personal opinion.

I doubt the hardness of guarantees of safety, confidentiality and reliability of data storage in clouds. I have never found convincing evidence of confirmation of such guarantees. But I have met the publication confirms the absence of such guarantees and they were backed by evidence.
Cloud services as a tool for ongoing work, group work, but I don't perceive them as secure storage.


1. Your computer. The D drive or any other drive except C. When restoring the system files on the C drive may be lost. Files on the D drive will remain unchanged.

2. External hard drive

This is the best option for system backup. Important files you can also save there.

DRAWBACK: you will have to have it on hand.


Most affordable where files are stored.
DRAWBACK: you will have to have it on hand; there is a risk of disk corruption.

4. A flash card.

The most convenient place of storage. Always at hand.

DISADVANTAGE: limitations in memory capacity.

All of the above is a secure and reliable file storage.
But the safety in addition to storage place can mean more confidentiality, individual access, privacy.
This can be achieved using the options of the computer and special software tools.


You can hover over a file or folder, right-click on mouse and select "Properties".

To provide further the necessary level of privacy you can on an intuitive level.
In the menu, all described in detail.

The Program WinRAR.

You can create an archive and password protect it.

The program Wise Folder Hider hide your personal files, photos, videos and other personal information from your computer for free.

Create a team of desperate pirates.
Grab a warship.
Find it in the ocean a desert island.
Place your priceless files in the casket and bury.

I wish you luck and success for your thoughts!

Sincerely, Flashwind

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zrodfects1334 days ago

I would suggest get a decent size USB not an external HDD just a normal USB memory stick, this is the most safest, also get a well known brand, I would highly recommend Sandisk they are one of the most compatible & reliable company on earth, I promise you this, there are other companies who are good to but you can't go past Sandisk, if you burn files to CD/DVD or even Bluray, if you drop it by accident your screwed, USB memory sticks are quite strong when dropped, just make sure you get a USB memory stick that has a cover of some sort so the circuit part is out of reach from dust etc...

Hope this helps

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Qrow1334 days ago

For the usual stuff, I keep one hard copy offline, one in a cloud service, and one that I use, which syncs automatically with the cloud.
Fot the really, really important stuff, I keep one copy for use, two offline copies at home, one highly encrypted online, and then I have encrypted offline hard copies spread out over the globe. I keep one in Sweden, one in Germany, one in China and one in the US, stored by my most trusted friends. So if they nuke Europe, there is still copies left. If they somehow nuke both Europe, China and the US at the same time, well.. then it's still the safest procedure I've come up with so far.

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moonlight1334 days ago

Yes. Copy is really important.

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thelivewire1334 days ago

Hi @moonlight

I put important files on a box, lock it there, hid it under my bed and leave it there until such time I needed the hard copy.
However, I always have a back-up of my files in my external hard drive and computer as well.
I felt it was secure in there.
I use dropbox also to store important office files and notes.

You can visit it here:

Hope it helps!

Cheers and a high five!

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itius1334 days ago

In my opinion you should the best service to store important files is There are mobile app, windows app where you can upload your files to the cloud. So basically you have 2 places where your files are stored, in the cloud and on your hard drive in special folder. In case your HD is damage, you still have access to your files via cloud service.

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nihal291333 days ago

in google drive , cloud !



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Mazinho1333 days ago

Acredito que a melhor maneira é num HD externo.

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kinzy20041332 days ago

Online is the safest just make sure it is a popular drive no trial periods and off you go. whenever your pc burnt or the external usb storage disks are lost or damaged online storing will keep your stuff when you need it you download it

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lowtyde851332 days ago

SMS 2way auth is not the best, poeople could download pushbullet and if they are in, they gain the code.

the safest location is througgh a vpn on a server running an extremley loked down version of linux. make it appear to be like you are a student learng a program language and need a vps. route it through cloudflare. apply kerberos. adjust iptables so nothing gets in but the vpn protocol you gete but ONLY MEETING MULTIPLE conditionals. such as trusted deviced, located at {your loction} where 5 sqas areanswered... etc. add some scripting to the autthentication on a remote data ceneter that already has expensive care.

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lowtyde851332 days ago

or follow DoD protocol and require biometritcs and those smart card things that have your info oon it. my dad worked high in the gofvt and had to put in a card for his computer to turn on, and aagain to login, and again to open the database.

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xiaoin21331 days ago

Nothing im Internet is safe. Just a notebook is safest.

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Xx_CrazyFilip_xX1331 days ago

On your SERVER!

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MianhaeX1331 days ago

If you want an online storage, probably google drive or amazon cloud.

Also dedicated server is the best option.

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pavel5561331 days ago

банк )))

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D3a3n31330 days ago

external hard drive

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starparticle1330 days ago

The other day a radio report mentioned that the best way for average consumers to lengthen the life of digital files for posterity was still to burn them onto compact disc.

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iwvwa1329 days ago

в своей голопе,лучше места не придумать!

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HYKVROT1329 days ago

если, действительно, важные файлы, хранение на флэш-накопитель и перейдите к системе не подключен к сети. Ни в коем случае не храните на компьютере, подключенном к Интернету, и еще в облаке. подвержен растрескиванию, даже супер-защищенных файлов в Интернете. ФБР и ЦРУ взломать что говорить про всякие облака. так что найдите себе хорошего производителя флэш-карты и сохранить важную информацию. Клинтон тоже не ожидал, что она станет известна тайна, однако ...

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harry92141329 days ago

safety deposit box @moonlight

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whicks591329 days ago

If you can print them out, then a safe deposit box, if not a cloud....everything is a risk its just a matter of reducing that risk.

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jeetkml1329 days ago

USB stick, pen-drive, hard disk with BitLocker Password.

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buljuk1327 days ago

In the USB or disk you can store on the Internet. I personally stored in Microsoft OneDrive

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khaledmus1326 days ago

put them in your own flash usb.

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CM1324 days ago

The safest way to store your files, register in Mega Sync. And keep your all files there. If you are familiar with Ubuntu it's same with storing your files and program in Online.. You don't need to bring USB, its very convient for us, and practical too.

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kjeffers461324 days ago

I use an Ironkey flash drive.

Here is the website, and their information:

Hello and Welcome to IronKey.

If you have not already heard the good news, Kingston Digital has acquired the USB technology and assets of IronKey™ from Imation Corp. Kingston's goal is to ensure a smooth transition for existing IronKey customers and partners – enabling access to products, sales and world class technical support services. Kingston will also leverage its longstanding relationships with Flash memory semiconductors, controller partners and other component makers – as well as our strong channel presence – to bring IronKey products into the future.

In addition, encryption services leader DataLocker® Inc. has purchased the IronKey Enterprise Management Services (EMS) platform which provides centralized management to encrypted USB drives, and has also acquired the IronKey encrypted hard drive business. DataLocker® Inc. will continue to manage the SafeConsole® and Enterprise Management Services (EMS) platforms that both Kingston and IronKey managed encrypted drives utilize.

For product or support information, please click on the product pages and the links will direct you to either Kingston or DataLocker for additional information.

Thank You.

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deefdelic1321 days ago


very easy... Buy a good quality external HDD and put your files on that HDD.
After backup disconnect the HDD and put it in it's original box and and store somewhere safe..
Only use that HDD when you have really lost something and for backup..
Usually a HDD will not damage when not using it and (no factory faults) will outlive us all....
I personally do not really trust the cloud with all my data...

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milonsultan1321 days ago

Portable HDD

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Flashwind1318 days ago

Copying is an important element.
...but in the case of a nuclear war is pointless!

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Flashwind1318 days ago




The laptop is not the safest place.
I recently did a self cleaning of the laptop.
Cleaning done successfully..
Collected badly ...
Apparently you need to ask for help in service.
I duplicated your files in places that are considered necessary for each file. It all depends on the level of confidentiality and the purposes of the application files.
I described the places of storage in its recommendation.
...however, temporarily not working laptop added my virtual life and my real work is small, but painful difficulties.

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anikin1318 days ago

Offline HDD

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omarwa791318 days ago

You can put your important files on the cd , and put your cd in safe box.

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cjg24861318 days ago


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SiBar01317 days ago

The trick with any kind of important files is to back them up, keep copies, nowhere you can keep files is fail-safe, something can always go wrong. A USB stick/pen/flash drive, for example, can be lost, or broken, backup copies are the way to go, you should never put all your eggs in one basket when you can put them in three..............assuming you have three baskets, of course........................

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Shadowjay1317 days ago

I am older then your Grandfather. Keep that in mind.
Files and programs including ISO I DO NOT want to loose I burn to DVD.
Music {2,000 individual songs}, radio plays {2,200 + individual plays}, audio books {Past 3,000 individual books}, tv shows {Maybe 1,200 individual shows} and movies {Surprised to find 100} go on three 3T drives. Three internal in a case, 3 external in a Samsonite briefcase in a closet. The closet has 2 double key deadlocks and some weapons.
I have had more then one system catch on fire and I've not lost a file in many years.

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compexp1314 days ago

@moonlight back them up on an onsite backup server with Freenas, Truenas, or Unraid have the drives in raid 5 or raid 6 for redundancy as well as redundant power supplies and have an offsite backup server as well to keep them safe if not get a portable ssd or hdd with an adapter or enclosure hope that helps.

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JeremyS1301 days ago

In a file cabinet@moonlight

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