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What will you do if you stay at home on weekend? Reward $3
Created by summersummer, 1548 days ago, 1651 views

I prefer to stay at home at the coming weekend, but I don't know how to spend it. Watching TV? Surfing on the Internet? Reading book? All of them sounds boring. Do you have any ideas?

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serezha1545 days ago

Hi! Write a letter to your relatives or friends. I mean not internet letter but real on paper. It will take lots of time and try to be " wide" in your thoughts. And you can make a wish list for your winter holidays. Turn on the music and do some house work which you have not do for a long time. You can repair smith by yourself or spend some time in handmade work.
Good luck!

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Aleksey237851548 days ago

start party

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Aravi1547 days ago

Hi @summersummer
Plan a weekend out with your friends / family members. Make something new and untried for weekend. You will not get bored.


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pustoi111547 days ago

I do not know what to advise you. Well, call the police and say that in the next house a den of drug addicts. enjoy the scene from the window, and then wait for them to itself. Then, your weekend will be unforgettable. actually it is a joke. although if you're bored, it certainly will not let you get bored.)

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Drmgiver1547 days ago

Well, I'm on schedule, but I work at home so... Lol

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Pravy1546 days ago

I would binge watch a lot of Anime and TV shows. I love binge watching stuffs.

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Chip20151546 days ago

only read some book and find out the profitable method

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nihal291546 days ago

try playing some some or simply watch tv.

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FaisalAl1546 days ago

Weekend.... Just give yourself time for relax

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rasti1546 days ago

my advice is just have fun with your friends

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blissse_lee1545 days ago

sleeping :)

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rasti1545 days ago

@rasti go and do it

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redravensvk1545 days ago

when you stay home you dont have so many choices , stay home alone is boring. maybe you shoud go outside

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Bine4851545 days ago

Faulenzen, Garten, Balkon, liegengebliebenes aufarbeiten

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a10356291544 days ago

Reading or go to sleepXD

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alla1544 days ago

i do what ever i want to do

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