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How to Live? What is the thing that makes you look forward to tomorrow? Reward $45
Created by Pravy, 1722 days ago, 1696 views

Yes, That's the question. I want to know how you guys actually live or so to say your life motto. I sometimes get super depressed and no matter how much i try it doesn't seem to leave me.
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SetupComputer1719 days ago

How to live?

You need a reason and a purpose to live.

Some reasons could be:
- At least someone will be happy when he / she sees you tomorrow
- You've got a great destiny ahead of you, it's up to you to reach there faster
- You've got a ton of problems, but everyone does too -- it's a testament of your strength to be able to solve them as time marches on
- There are many places you haven't been yet, at least die when you've got to them

Some purposes could be:
- Your people needs you to alleviate their suffering by inventing a revolutionary tech stuff, by establishing a charitable foundation, etc.
- Your family needs you so that you could help them reach their dreams and aspirations
- Since you are unique, some problems of this world would only be solved by you
- There is a noble task you must do before you die

Why you wouldn't want to die now or tomorrow:
- Dying by drowning, freak accident or crime would be senseless and would not leave footprints in history so that people will continue to remember you
- Your loved ones would surely be filled with grief, since they loved you so much. You wouldn't want to hurt them
- You haven't realized your full potential:
* Have you tried a great challenge, like jumping on the middle of a sea, or skydiving?
* Have you conquered your fears?
* or something along those lines
- This world is wide, there's so much to do

I won't force down your throat specific religious ideas since I don't believe that you would obtain a good reason from living from those. Lines like "I exist to serve God" is just a pipedream, knowing full well that you will in your entire life never perceive or have a presentable evidence of your perception of a God. Besides, what good will it do you to "obey and serve" an incarnate God who shrugs in indifference to many suffering people of this world?

Don't get convinced that having the concept of "God" will maximize your potential. Wrong - you study in a school, you work to gain experience, you set up a startup business, you grow your network, you build up your finances so that you get ahead in life. No God will do that for you, only yourself.

Please look positively for tomorrow and see it with brand new eyes. You aren't meant to rot in a casket without even leaving a part of yourself to this world that will linger indefinitely.

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badabumchacha1722 days ago

being honest, i did sometimes felt that way. For me, music worked in somehow, i know it sounds stupid. When i was down i listened to music, specially sad songs, don't know.

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Gaia1722 days ago

If you can not change yourself, just accept who you are.

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Yuri1722 days ago

Faith in God helps me to live.

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paul201722 days ago

Learn to meditate and set goals that you are passionate about. Meditation will teach you to live in the moment and your goals will give you passion with purpose each day. In developing goals, take each one and spend about 2 minutes each day visualizing/say what you will receive/want.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

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yassinhm1722 days ago

Each one of us has his own way in life, "differences" as they call it. But the reality is that no matter how different we were we live, there are facts, and the values ​​and principles of our control. These facts simple and general, if you try and trying to get to know them and apply them in your life, you'll find a big change can happen.

This fact gives some people a chance to find their place in this world to live their lives to the fullest. While others who do not look for acquiring knowledge, their lives become very boring, difficult and miserable.

How do you live your life to the fullest?

Know the answer to make your life happier as they should be.

To begin with knowledge and learning and the realities of living the good life is life to the fullest.

1) Live today:

The past can not return and the future is always uncertain and only God knows. Today is you you're experienced, so I do everything in your power to adopt lectured happy.

2) Keep the balance:

Your life affected by the four ingredients; mind (brain), passion (heart) and Spirit (faith) and the body (the body). Learn how to maintain the balance between the four sides, as it is known. "A lot of bad thing."

3) Sameh and forget:

The only person who suffers when they do not tolerate is you. The other person who offended Thee probably does not know or care what it feels like. Be compassionate with yourself and forget. Forget what he has done from the mother and enjoy what you have positives in the present.

4) accept the change as part of life:

As often as possible to adapt to change, it becomes your life easier; because the change could open more possibilities and opportunities better for you, if you will accept it.

5) Visit the places not visited before:

To see a new place enables you to discover and learn more from the things that you Ottaghlha in your life. Knowledge help to expand your horizons and your outlook on life.

6) reading:

The best way to live is by learning constantly. Try to be better than you are now. Keep expanding your consciousness and growth through reading.

7) continue to learn:

Remember that you are whatever you're too old, you can learn and discover new things in life be helpful to know how you can be happy.

8) Create memories and recorded in his pamphlet:

Do not wait for that memories occur, make you. Find time to create memories with others. Record every moment do not want to forget, happy or sad, good or evil. Read what noted in Kracetk from time to time to see how far you go or take advantage of. Sure, you will also find these memories of what makes you smile.

9) stuck moments:

The ability to retrieve the memory weaken significantly with the passage of time that were not backed up with pictures, and video clips. Begin in the compilation of those images that would like to remind you of the beautiful moments in the past.

10) He smiled:

Nothing beats the heart and the mind-Saeed, who filled with joy. Be happy no matter what was done to Alayam.anzer always positive. Make the world a better place to live. Sharing your smile with those around you. Smile on your face reflected inside and on the face of all who see it.

11) Learn tender:

The adage is always true, "The more Attaik, many what you receive." Human value in what you can give and not in its ability to taking. Begin the deployment of goodness by what give it and give it to others.

13) Open your ears for adults:

Listening to the older age makes you wiser. Remember, the best way to learn and avoid failure is by listening to the experiences of others.

14) Accept failure and management:

Do not be afraid to Takto or fail. Most successful people have passed through multiple failures. Failure inside there is a great treasure of experience and wisdom and lessons learned.

15) take the risks:

Life is full of opportunities and you do not live if you do not take them. As they say, the higher the risk the greater the size and the possibility of success.

17) If you want to weep:

Who said that the big boys and girls do not cry? Every man needs to cry, because it reduces the burden of psychological, plus it will protect us from diseases caused emotional pain. Crying is not a weakness but relieve pressure that may be experienced by humans.

18) Respect for the opinion of the other:

Who wins the debate? No one. Beyond yourself about the controversy. Does not solve any issue by discussing hot. Learn how to listen to what others may say, without objection or support them or even believe them. Be neutral and shut up if you do not like to talk. Everyone has the freedom to express his opinion without being attacked by one.

19) Take a Break:

Reward yourself for working days. Take a break, you deserve it, but you need it to regain your preparing for another day of work.

20) work intelligently, not as strong:

People most pressure are those who do not know how to work intelligently. Do not take yourself to the whole task. Remember, you are not alone in this world. Learn how to estimates and trust in the abilities of others. It's not a weakness to ask for help points.

21) Be yourself:

Do not try to act like someone else just to please everyone. You do not have, in addition to that you will do so. I stand firmly for those who are. stuck to the end, you will discover that deserves to remain in your life as you are unchanged or imitate anyone, from those who are not.

22) Start of attention:

People do not care how much you know, they want to know how much you care. Interest and let people know you're interested. Remember, that human relationships more durable than the achievements and prestige.

23) hopes:

Had cut the time to be with yourself and be silent. This stillness and meditation can be commonly relax the fast-paced life that prevailed, and help you discover more about yourself and how you can become.

24) discovered a specific purpose have:

life is a journey. When you walk along your trip, place your way through the map to direct you. If you discovered on health and health at the place and time the way health. To help you discover this, ask yourself, "If there is no praise or criticism in the world, I'd be?" Once you know the answer, you will know where you are correct or wrong.

25) live with the community:

Do not live for yourself alone; remember that there are people and other creatures surrounding this world. Even if we do not realize it, every step or action we take creates an impact on the others. Learn to take responsibility for your actions. Contributed to the knowledge and experience you have for the benefit of the whole world.

Remember: Life is not easy nor too difficult. Having a good life we ​​live properly is just an option. So make sure that your choice is to live a virtuous life to the fullest.
What is the thing that makes you look forward to tomorrow
Is the future, if a person does not have, does not have Hdv Hdv and no future

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pustoi111721 days ago

I think you are a typical melancholic. there is no universal remedy that suits everyone. You think that would be another you just have to want? man changing conditions and circumstances of life. perhaps your life is pretty bland and boring. Try to do something that would never have dared. eg jump with a parachute, rude boss or the police. until you understand how it is bad, you do not understand how you well. Again, do not think that you owe everything, think first of all about yourselfit's your life, and sooner or later it will end. Imagine that the earth will die tomorrow and you have not done what we wanted really. do it, and then there will be new desires. in short, you can not change yourself if you will not change your life. at worst, get married and have kids then your problems will go by the wayside. in the end, create problemmy and solve them. then you will feel the taste of life. who makes you live the way you live? by and large, no one! Only yourself. and to think less about the future, live in the moment ...
and do not think about what others think about you. they live their lives, and you live your.

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ayoubhaissoune1721 days ago

Many experts agree that one of the keys to happiness is having something to look forward to. Anticipating something fun means that you get to enjoy the happy experience for longer.[1] If you want to work on enjoying life more, there are steps you can take. Work on making future plans that you will enjoy and focus on cultivating a sense of anticipation. Watch for small pleasures in your day-to-day life so you can have something to look forward to on otherwise average days. Lastly, try to work on having a spontaneous spirit. If you're able to loosen up and not stick to a rigid schedule, you'll encounter more opportunities for fun and pleasure throughout the day.

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pustoi111721 days ago

you can not plan for the future with joy, because if something goes wrong, you will be sorely disappointed, leading to future depression. Happiness can not be planned. and most often, you catch the happiness at the very moment when it not expected. do not expect much from life, be content with what we have!

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lechihuy1721 days ago

live as responsible , responsible family , friends ... and himself. and that is the purpose of life.

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Aravi1721 days ago

Hi @Pravy

For me, the dream about tomorrow motivates me forward to tomorrow. I will suggest you to read Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam's (our former president) Wings of Fire. I am sure you will never get depressed because of life motto.

According to me, every young Indian should read at-least once this book to archive in the life.


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braz681721 days ago

I did not believe in depression ... after I began to worry too much about tomorrow, about the future, depressed stayed for three months! I turned psychiatry experiment, and suffered disorders ... effects of prescription drugs.
Today I learned to focus on today.
Tomorrow is far away. Having perception is, live with a certain tranquility. No psychotropic drugs. But drink tea blackberry leaves: give me more courage and willingness!
A word of advice: run away from people who live complaining! Schedule activities to avoid today complain of things. You are very special to me and God!
good luck, my friend!

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MpandA1721 days ago

I've written this moto below for my happiness I strive to find on my journey. Enjoy.

— A Journey To Happiness —

“I am the master of my own destiny

I am the gatekeeper to my own happiness

I am solely responsible for the choices that I make

I will not place blame on anyone when things don’t go my way

This is my life and mine alone, my each and every action, determines each and every reaction

I will always move forward with each and every day

I refuse to let the past haunt me in the present

I will not fear the unknown

I will be grateful for what I have and I will not dwell on what I don’t have

I will learn from my mistakes and refuse to travel down the pathway already travelled before.

I will not look down on other people for they too are on their own journey

I will learn to find peace with myself

I will remember that for all my problems there are millions more suffering more than me

I refuse to say “never” or “I can’t”

I will work hard to achieve my goals

I will not build barriers to prevent me from moving forward

There is nothing that can stand in my way

For every moment, in each and every day

This life, this moment is mine so I refuse to let it slip away.”

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airyl1721 days ago

if you want to know how to live,fisrt of all you need to ask your maker...who do you think your maker?who created you?except your parent of course,there is someone Sovereign who created us..For like he is the potter and we are the a toy to the inventor...ask God what is your purpose...or i may suggest you to read the book of "THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE by Rick Warren...

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KennethWebber1721 days ago

Just realize that life isn't about what you "should" do. Life is what is happening for you right this moment, and that means that no matter what you choose to do, you're living your life equally like anyone else.

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ahmedArs1721 days ago

Just DO it

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ilies11721 days ago

“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drown your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

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zrodfects1721 days ago

Sorry to hear you have been depressed, my only motto is live your own life not through others or done by others, every one is unique so even doing something someone else does won't mean things will be the same, everyone's path is their own, there are no two the same paths, you may cross it, but you will never be able to follow it, and no one's path is pre-set, this still requires work from you, even doing the simplest thing creates a new tile in your path, but the good thing is if you make mistakes you try again or doing something else, this will replace your moving forward tile, don't let things around you bring you down, especially if it has nothing to do with you or situation, people may bring you down or give opinions you don't want to hear, not listening does not make you a bad person, only you can make your own rules and way you want to move yourself forward.

I have my set ways, you can even call me pig headed or even stubborn, but I set my goals and I learn my way, I made mistakes in my life and I worked through them, I want my mistakes to be mine not because of someone else, I can then learn form them better, stubborn to some can be in the annoyance family because they are not getting the reaction one would hope, but stubborn in your own eyes can mean persistence where you force yourself to go where you want to go, how many stories have you heard where people have given their all, lost a few things on the way and got to where they wanted to, I grew up in the video gaming world, and I always find it amazing to hear that back in the day teenagers doing computer programming in their garage day and night while parents disapproved of this, yet they still did it and end up working with the largest gaming companies in the world who love it and still do it today, it is called determination, that is all you need, mix that in with motivation and you got your self a path to follow and call your own.

Some peoples opinions may come in handy and some won't, don't accept them if they don't feel right to you or vise versa.

Hope this helps...

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serezha1721 days ago

Hi! Are you married? Family is the main aim of person's life! Every day I look at my beautiful wife and think - how strong is our love! Every day I look at my little daughter and think - how it can be? It's my baby! Every day I think how happy I am!
Good luck!

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slapshot1731721 days ago

There is NO Future in Suicide.

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rybak1351721 days ago

Вы есть и будете есть.А завтра будет лучше чем вчера.Наркоте-нет!Расслабся и послушай релакс музон.

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nihal291720 days ago

just try to fully utilize your day , make the most out of it , live life the way you like , live it like its the last day ! .

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igor1720 days ago

It's very simple: we hope that tomorrow will be better!

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Pravy1720 days ago

Thank you all for the answers up till yet.
It perked me up. Looking forward to more answers :)

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Jemmy1720 days ago

I have the only 100% true reply for your question ,sir
In fact if you done it , you will be happy at every single second in ur life or after it ...


That will make you happy , strong and even don't care about bad things that can happen to you , cause when you be guarded from GOD ur guarded from every thing :)

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maren1719 days ago

Hello @Pravy
I understand you. Sometime I also fall in similar filling, and reason for my depression is financial nature. I think that most of depression in young people are depressed for financial problems. . According too my nuptial status, (wife and two kids) I try to look forward with him and for him. Family is great promoter and push me forward. For kids, at first place, I look for escapement from financial problems and get growing financial security. To get this, I and my family started with growing RASPBERRY. In very small parcels you can get very good financial benefit.
Especially with some sort of raspberry like "polka" like we called this sort:

With this sort I except extra profit for years that coming. This year was hard, but I believe that my family, (with hard work) don't think about tomorrow, and how to live. So, answer is FAMILY. If you don't have family, maybe is time to get married, FAMILY PUSH ME TO MOVE FORWARD NOT ONLY FOR ONE DAY, BUT FOR YEARS. For family I live, and I believe that you will also find out similar filing when get married.

Regards, Maren

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Olga11111719 days ago

Нужно найти любимое дело и отдавать ему всё своё время.

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SetupComputer1719 days ago

Thanks @Pravy

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sifeddine221718 days ago

I put the goal of my life and trying to achieve it no matter what the difficulties and kept sticking hopeful

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harry92141718 days ago

Outliving another asshole you had to deal with at work.

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nobbysnuts1718 days ago

I wish I could answer, I really don't care about tomorrow anymore.

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