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Is it good to drink whiskey before going to sleep every night? Reward $2
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Is it good to drink whiskey before going to sleep every night?
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mdaffronte866 days ago

NO alcohol will raise your blood pressure and dehydrate you during sleep. Plus over time it damages your Liver. 3 to 4 ounces of wine about 2 hours before bed will help if you keep the alcohol content below 10%.

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Pravy869 days ago

Yes it is, but not more than moderated amounts. You would find excellent reasons here

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pustoi11869 days ago

Many people naively believe that a glass of red wine or whiskey helps to sleep and sleep. Yes, alcohol can cause drowsiness, but robs you of deep sleep and causes often wake up at night. Regular "treatment" insomnia alcohol causes a tendency to increase the dose, in addition, increases the risk for alcohol dependence. and it is not necessary to believe that you, in view of the small doses, is not threatened. regular use leads to addiction. over time, you will inevitably, will increase the dose.

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ha14869 days ago


Alcohol and Sleep
At low doses alcohol has GABA agonist properties – just like most insomnia medications do.

We should be very cautious about drinking on a regular basis. One or two glasses might be nice in the short term, but if you continue to use a tipple before bedtime it can cause significant problems. If you do have a drink, it's best to leave an hour and a half to two hours before going to bed so the alcohol is already wearing off.

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wim869 days ago

There is nothing better as a -Bulleit Perfect Manhattan- for a nightcap.( only one please )

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Aravi869 days ago

Hi @Gaia
Taking any form of alcohol, will make you drowse to sleep. But this dose not mean that I it good to drink before sleep. The truth is, like coffee before sleep, alcohol too disturbs sleep. This will led to sleep related disorders if practiced continuously.

Let's take a simple example, why a drinker get hangover at morning, if he drinks. This is because of the same reason. Many don't realize that they were getting jerked up between sleep when they drink too much.

Kindly find the below article.


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awadhesh869 days ago

Nothingh, Visky is good for health to go to the sleep

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MpandA869 days ago

Drinking scotch before bed used to help me sleep and write deep poetry, quotes and stories about life, nature itself, problems etc. It was my remedy to heal my soul when I was going through a dark phase, you may like some of my writings when I was semi drunk, open and expressive just pondering about our meaning of the life we live today. you can find it at - hope you like it. I don't drink anymore but will still have a scotch now and then, it has saved my life to get through some battles thats for sure.

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alienflyer869 days ago

Every Night? Maybe take a night or three off.

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MickelMalik868 days ago

No Of course !

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igor868 days ago


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rageye01867 days ago

yes if your money is in whisky shares

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Alirio867 days ago

Once in a while, it´s ok! not every night. Whiskey is the only alcoholic drink that actually decreases blood pressure, so it´s ok to drink it after a stressfully day. Take a long shower, serve yourself a whiskey and enjoy it with a nice company. Then sweet dreams

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evgeny1269867 days ago

Visky хорошо для здоровья

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paulryh79866 days ago

no, nor is it when you first wake up alcohol is toxic to your body no matter how you look at it, but it does make for good times with your lady before bed:)

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alla865 days ago

no you shoud not drink at all !!!!!!!

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4919yuriy865 days ago

Мне кажется, что это губительно для организма.

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Atirudra858 days ago

is it good to eat sand every morning?

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brendaniel858 days ago

Alcohol and Sleep
Many insomniacs take a drink of whiskey or wine before bedtime in order to reduce sleep latency. While alcohol does help people get to sleep faster, drinking has been shown to result in low quality of sleep as measured by nighttime awakenings (fragmented sleep) and decreased time spent in REM sleep.

After a few drinks, especially in people who don’t drink much, individuals often report subjectively shallow sleep and frequent mid-night awakenings.  The effects vary greatly; some people experience sweating (a monkey wrench in the body’s sleep thermoregulation process) and vivid dreams (a characteristic of abrupt transition between stages).  Indeed, drinking lowers your body’s core temperature slightly, followed by a rise.  In controlled studies with EEG monitoring, researchers have found that REM is suppressed early in the nighttime, but that the REM rebound can occur in the second half of the night.

At low doses alcohol has GABA agonist properties – just like most insomnia medications do.

The mechanism by which alcohol suppresses REM sleep is not clear.  It does not seem to interact with the neurotransmitter adenosine, which known to be important in REM. It seems probable that alcohol’s general depressant properties reduces brain activity that becomes active in REM.  Alcohol does inhibit the neurotransmitter glutamate’s entry to NMDA-receptors (one of the brain’s receptors for glutamate) and glutamate is the main excitatory neurotransmitter, so this provides a partial explanation for alcohol’s effect on general brain activity.

Sleep-disordered breathing, a dyssomnia affecting millions of people, is made worse by alcohol.

There's a connection between obstructive sleep apnea and alcohol consumption. Drinkers can experience apnea if only for a night. Alcohol impairs breathing in sleep by relaxing the throat muscles and it affects the brain's breathing center by masking the effect of low oxygen levels in the bloodstream, possibly damaging tissue. Even people who normally don't snore do so if they have been drinking the night before. Snorers without apnea can exhibit apnea symptoms if they have been drinking. Hangover symptoms - attributed to the efforts of the body to metabolize alcohol - are frequently partially due to breathing-disordered sleep.

Detailed studies of sleepers’ EEG readings have found that the alcohol disrupts sleep differently in the first half of the night than in the second half. (

Alcohol tends to be metabolized rapidly, so halfway through the night the concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream is down to approximately zero.  The metabolites are still around and the effects of the alcohol persist (that’s where hangovers come from).  But alcohol per se doesn’t directly affect sleep architecture during the second half of the night.  The discomfort people may feel when they awaken during this period could be due to withdrawal/hangover.  This is not to say that sleep cures drunkenness or tipsiness.  Indeed, the military has shown that young adult pilots suffer detrimental effects on their motor skills and flying ability the day after drinking the previous evening.

Alcohol dependence and sleep disorders are often co-morbid – people suffer both at the same time.

There is also the causal arrow running in the opposite direction. People who don’t get a good night’s sleep and are tired during the day may be more apt to drink in the evening.

So it's a choice...

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ralphfurgason852 days ago

Good idea if you want to become dependent! It's better to drink a nice cup of camomile tea. Alcohol, like prescriptions, create hard addictions to stop!

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deefdelic850 days ago

yes and no... i know that it's bad. You should not do this...
And Yes... I say fuck it.... rules suck and most news items are lies these days.. Whiskey can blur that frustration... Take charge of your own life..
Do whatever you want as long as you do not hurt others..


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SiBar0848 days ago

Of course it's good, it's what real men do, look at John Wayne + all those cowboy dudes. Drinking whisky after you go to sleep is a different story, some people would consider that to be a problem, not me, but some folk would, for sure......................

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