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Is it safe for a single woman to travel alone in Europe? Reward $2
Created by ruby, 872 days ago, 1294 views

Is it safe for a single woman to travel alone in Europe?
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Hytsa870 days ago

For saying "europe is not safe" did u actually live in europe ?

The earth is not safe at this point. Because of terrorist, health problem, or nature herself.... But it's not a reason to live isolated.

As single woman you just need to respect somes "rules". Like avoid to walk alone at night, or follow easly somes strangers... I think its the same where you live!

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thelivewire872 days ago

Hi @ruby

Of course. I hear it is a good place to travel especially if you are a single person. Also, there is no security threats there. The place is very safe for tourists and travelers who just want to visit the beauty of the continent. Don't worry about being being single going in there. Who knows you might find your romance there. You gotta be ready about it.

Travelling alone makes you discover something in yourself, makes you trust yourself more, meet new friends and step out of your comfort zone.
Going to places alone, especially when you are single is a must do before settling in. You got to be more independent and responsible to your self having tried travelling on your own.

Hope it helps.

Cheers and a high five.

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Geronimo871 days ago

To travel alone in Europe, we need a number of single man).

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Aravi871 days ago

Hi @ruby
It varies depends on place and time you travel. But keep a bottle of pepper spray / gun always with you.


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maren871 days ago

In these days when #JIHAD started their war is not safe for mans, why should be safe for womans.
But, its depends from country where you want to go.
Like you can see these days, Germany is not safe. France is not safe. All countries what participate
in war in Syria, Iraq and other countries is not safe.
Its members of NATO pact but even if you want go in some country member of NATO pact, maybe this country is secure
- depends from this is this land participate in action against SYRIA, IRAQ, etc etc....

Where you wanna travel? Maybe we can help more if we know your desired destination?

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Djarexs871 days ago

You need to watch the film "Taken"

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SetupComputer871 days ago

Nope, Europe has already been islamized, and you might just be a victim of sex offenders.

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pustoi11871 days ago

if you listen to all, the only safe in solitary confinement). and to the influx of refugees, in many places, it was not safe. it is necessary to carefully examine the place in advance of their trip. read reviews online, ask friends. to the security word, with people, even close to home can happen something bad. and that, now do not leave the house? just be sensible. in the company, of course, more fun, but in the journey, you can find new friends.

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igor869 days ago

Russia, the safest country in Europe !!!

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khaledmus867 days ago

i think women must nt travel alone nt only europe but all the places.

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Peel866 days ago

Yes it is. I did many travel in Europe, alone and with friends. Nice and strange people did help me alot in my way. You will never get really alone in Europe. European are polite so don't mind about women or not.

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harry9214866 days ago

Not sure but not wise

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Atirudra859 days ago

depends on your karma, for some yes for some not

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