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Which is the queties cat breed? How much it cost and how to buy one? Reward $2
Created by Aravi, 876 days ago, 1165 views

Which is the queties cat breed? How much it cost and how to buy one?
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Pravy876 days ago

@Aravi ah I see. But still I could say that cat ain't no easy task. I would have preferred for any birds instead. And birds are easily available in India as well.
Kudos to finding a pet for the kid.

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badabumchacha876 days ago

the persian, the ragdoll also

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Drmgiver876 days ago

The siamese definitely. Never makes a sound.

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Pravy876 days ago

The quietest one is the NoCat breed. It costs nothing and you can buy it at free time for other stuffs store.

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Pravy876 days ago

@aravi seriously bro why do you need a cat? I remember you saying somewhere you lived alone atm. Keeping pet is a responsibility and it aint easy to keep one. Trust me I have 3 dogs.

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Aravi876 days ago

Hi @Pravy

this is for .my relative kid who is cry for a pet for last 5 days. Not for my home. Her mother don't like dogs. I convinced her mother for a cat.


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Stoneheart875 days ago

I would say your relative child should know how to look after a pet before getting one. Children cry for many things when they are young :) but a cat lives for 15 - 20 years, so is a big commitment.

I would suggest to try the child with a small pet, like a pretty fish, a fancy rat or a guinea pig. If they prove they can look after it for a year, then a cat. If mother does not want to look after an animal, and the child grows bored of the cat, then the cat will be homeless and that is very cruel and sad.

To find the best cat, go to a cat shelter and adopt one, you can find many cute and beautiful cats there, no need to spend a lot of money.

Good luck!

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Aravi875 days ago

Hi @Pravy

The baby girl went happy with a parrot. Dual problem in my cousin brother's house solved.

Thanks bro!!!

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Pravy875 days ago

@Aravi Glad that the kid was happy with a parrot. And Thanks for choosing my answer. It seems this time going against the question was the better option. :)

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Aravi875 days ago


Yes bro! solution was the important point in this question. You have gave me the best solution.

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ralphfurgason819 days ago

I think a Himalayan kitten. They cost from $300 - $1200 dollars depending where you buy them.

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