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Do you read books? Reward $2
Created by braz68, 1727 days ago, 2410 views

Prefer physical or digital book? What would you read again?
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Vanish0071727 days ago

Yes, I read book. I like physical book and I would again read Ivanhoe, nice book.

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Aravi1727 days ago

Hi @braz68
I like digital books. They are easy to maintain then digital books.

I mostly read web designing related books and tips the mostly.


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Elderwand81727 days ago

If you don't want to take up space, read digital books. But I prefer physical books because they're easier to navigate, and I like reading something material that I can "feel".

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badabumchacha1727 days ago

with an ebook reader like kindle you can buy books at a very low price then actual books, they won't cut more trees to make more books if people were willing to read books in a digital format. in kindle or kobo, and others, the screen is not very bright like in a cell phone, it looks like paper, and this won't hurt your eyes. in my opinion the digital is better, i like them real too, but i prefer them in a digital way. also when you find a strange word, when reading with an ebook reader, you can tap the word and it will appear the dictionary function, immediatly. so, there are many additional functions to a digital book that is red in a ebook reader.

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ckoch1727 days ago

I read online now because I get a lot of free books. Why not

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MarianaM211727 days ago

I prefer physical books, but I cannot deny digital books are more practical and easy to storage. I would never change the experience to have a physical book in my hands, though.

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maren1725 days ago

I prefer physical books. Also I'm collector of old and rare books. Its something what come with my other hobbies, antiques, numismatic, horology, etc, etc. But I also like to read digital e-books in .pdf format if is it possible. Mostly about theme HOW TO'S
Its easy for storage and keeping. You can have big library in small disk.
But its cant replace feeling reading book in hand.

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thierry1725 days ago

badabumchacha sets the better definition for a digital book and its features. But that don't replace physical book especially for technical manual.
I often obtain two items. One digital for a speedy reading and one physical to keep information to hand. I don't work on Unix OS and i just have the use of one window.

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pustoi111725 days ago

mechanism of memorizing the text associated with the creation of so-called mental map works. To find on a "shelf" in our minds is the necessary information, the memory uses a series of prompts. For example, it is necessary to recall the place and circumstances where the information was obtained. The role of such unmarked prompts are tactile sensations from contact with the book, the page texture, cover and layout. In addition, the possibility of flipping the pages of paper gives the brain to create a great sense of the scope of work - we can mentally travel through the pages. digital book handy, but lost the "magic" of contact with something meaningful.

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braz681724 days ago

What would you read again?

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braz681724 days ago

Why do you prefer physical books ?

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pustoi111724 days ago

short stories by Mark Twain. Unfortunately, not enough time.

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Aravi1724 days ago

Hi @braz68

It is a list:-'s%20Interviews%20and%20Essays&f=false


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maren1724 days ago

Misha Glenny: DARKMARKET - How Hackers Became the New Mafia

or The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln

About second book:

THE JESUS PAPERS Michael Baigent

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Hytsa1724 days ago

I prefer both !

Nothing can replace physical book. U can touch it, smeel it, even admire it on ur library. U can also recognize the most read book by its cover and page. Its easier to lend with ur friends

But digital book it's pratical, it less expensive, lighter (don't have to choice ur vacation book anymore), and no more bookmark (huge progress!). This allow to discover books from new independants autors.
And u can read easly in the dark without wake up the person with whom you sleep, no more bedside light !

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SetupComputer1724 days ago

Well, I have some hundred books with regards to technical stuff, some about history, some about world religions. The advantages in having physical books is ..... being able to physically turn pages! LOL

Of course, if you have physical books, you can open one or many simultaneously. Unlike the electronic format, you have to close or minimize an e-book to read another book, or split the screen to accommodate two books at best --- but with reduced font size thus straining your eyes.

Ebooks require your battery to be always charged. The only convenient means of reading an ebook is thru the tablet, which of course requires you to purchase one for maybe a hundred bucks.

The only advantage of purchasing ebooks is the very wide range of selection. On hardbound copies, you are limited to the choices in your locality. If you really need a title not available to your area, you might need to order from another country and have it delivered thru courier service, which of course takes some time. Ebooks can be downloaded at will, but many good titles require you to pay some bucks, although at least you can purchase whatever you want from children's stories to space station theory and design.

Another advantage of ebooks is having a wide range of historical writings to be read. Google makes an effort to digitize old books, like the 1611 KJV Bible, or the Babylonian Talmud, which cannot be purchased anymore --- save the reproduced copies which could be very very expensive. Google Books, can, however, provide you some historical books in digital form FOR FREE!

In conclusion, you should have both books, the hard bound and the ebook. It will depend upon your choice on what topics or titles you choose to be in hard bound, and what topics or titles you choose in soft copy form.


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bling1724 days ago

If e-books and physical books are the same price, I would prefer to buy physical books. They are easier to be shared with others.

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airyl1724 days ago

i prefer physical book...e-book or digital book can damage eyes more,than physical book...and i feel happy to see my collection of books in one shelf.

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molps1724 days ago

да особенно фентези

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rageye011723 days ago

yes I read books by Charles Whitting ,Leo Kessler, Duncan Hardy all the same person.

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yabarsi1723 days ago

I like physical books

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lowtyde851718 days ago

@airyl my visision is horrible. opthimoligists have tried to troubleshoot but reading smaller leters is extremley difficult so i often misepell as i cant read. i mostly just type with my eyes closed at this point to help me focus on where i am pllacing my fingers. having said that, i find ebooks superior given the fact i can zoom in,and typology(sp) is evolving. i was under the impression that the latest kindles had far less harmful effects on eye strain than a pc or a physical book. regardless, with the way tech is evolving at an acellerated pace, they will take over (not sure on market percentage today but id guess they already have taken over with the exception of professionals and students. but this is a niche issue. most people don't have these issues. so ill render what i just said invalid :)

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ckoch1709 days ago

I have read the bible over and over and I will keep doing so.

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Akmaljon1708 days ago

Physical books, because as programmer I don't like sitting on computer many hours that's why when I get tired I read physical books. +It's enjoyable and comfortable and it's less harmful to eyes! But sometimes I can't find the book which I look for that's why I have to read digital books at times.

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