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Good ways to make PayPal money fast online? 5
Created by Elderwand8, 814 days ago, 888 views

I'm 14, and I want to make fast PayPal money online. Survey websites are good, but you often to have to accumulate a lot of points in order to be able to cashout. Also, things like making websites take a while to do, which is not "fast". Thanks!
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zrodfects814 days ago

Pretty much most online work or do it yourself work and freelance etc is not a get rich quick game, but if you want to work with online then your going to have to put in the time and effort, I do work on Fiverr, I am also an affiliate of Apple, meaning every app that someone buys or in-app purchase I get a percentage, I started at 1c to 5c a month for a while, it started slow once I got the work out and set everything up it now pays well, same with Fiverr, I was getting $5 every maybe once a month, once a few people placed orders I got 100% feedback going, if your new people will thing should I or shouldn't I, but if you have work that people can see they will give you a chance, or you need is a couple of people to gvie you 100% feedback and it builds from there, from Fiverr alone I make hundreds a week, business find you there too and I have outside work too as now I have dailyto weekly clients I do work for, just what was started as a fun hobby turned in to a popular business for me, one of many different jobs I do from custom birthday invitation to word searches, crosswords, mazes in any shape or form, I now do this for cafe shops and other online business as their promo's etc, I also create Facebook Headers and data entry for another on going client, plus several other types of work.

I have been working form home for the past 4 or so years, the first 2 was dead slow but over time it picked up, worked out the fastest way to do things that works better for me, still to this day I always better myself in ways to speed my process up, to the point where I don't really need to do anything as work just comes to me now, I get paid while I sleep, I get paid if i go on holidays or watch a movie at home because everything is doing it's self, from links people click on etc,

If your good at drawing art, sell your work, are you good with gaming graphics or web layout, perhaps you can create logo, you can sell what ever on Fiverr.

I do surveys too just for fun, I get 50 surveys in my email every day from 15 different survey companies I am with, you can create tutorials or drawing or some other form of teaching, upload them to Youtube and get revenue from ads...

Search affiliate programs in the fields your interested in, for example I am also an affiliate of Play-Asia who deal with video games world wide and consoles and more, create a Facebook page which is free, spread the word about new products etc people click on your links and you get paid, this can happen even while your sleeping, so your getting paid 24/7 and your only working a few hours or minutes a day adding new things...

The more work you put in the more money you can to build up, again this takes time, so don't let 1c scare you for the first week or even month, 1c to me was a start which means it shows it is going to work.

Do different types of work so if for whatever reason one work area is slow, you have others to rely on, I have new work projects I am working on now to increase more money to come my way, like I said the more you do the more you get, I also do video game testing which helps get the word out with my apple app sales, all this takes no time at all to do once you get it off the ground, I was settign everything up the minute I woke up to the time I went to sleep for months, I didn't get anything for the first couple of months and thought it wasn't going anywhere, while time went past I just happened to log in for a peak on different things I did and noticed 8c so I thought yeah it does work, so I went from there put all my effort in, didn't lose faith because I was motivated by the first 8c I got, and knew money is only going to go up, in all the above money can not go down, humanly impossible, there is no way you can lose money with this stuff unless your buying items to make and sell then this is possible, it can only go up, might be slow might be super quick piling in, at the end of the day you will get there. All that I do is just time only I don't stock anything, I don't buy anything to sell, I do everything on my computer laptop or phone, I don't deal wiht phone calls to customers, nothing, so I am not bombarded with phone ringing etc, I read emails I do my work, just like that, so I can to work on something at midnight, because I don't need to go to the shop or order anything online because my computer is all I need to do graphical work to data entry typing... As soon as Fiverr work comes in I do it straight away, because your not the only one on Fiverr customes can go to, they may not like the previous work they got so they try you, impress them with better work than previous customers or faster times, because 9/10 customer don't care where they get the work done, they care that it gets done and is done right, continue to do this you lock in returning happy customers who in many times that I have done my work, they tip you extra.

Make notes of the different work you want to do or have started, keep everything files make notes if you see you need improvement on certain areas and go for it....

Hope this helps...

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Aravi814 days ago


Kindly refer the below article. The western country's and USA company give some opertunity to earn some pocket money.

But remember all takes some time.

All the best

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sentpastoral812 days ago

I think if you want make money online faster you can doing with Youtube, Google Adsence or become a publisher for mobile network.
If you want study about it, please contact with me.

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moneysek258 days ago

Here is are some good ways to make fast payal money:

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johnrussell194 days ago

You can try paypal casino on to make money fast. I like gambling but I'm not a great fan of it. For me it's just an other interesting way of spending my free time, smth like a small hobby, I've never been obsessed with it. I like to buy lottery tickets time till time, however I've never been lucky with them. It's the same with various sport bettings but this type of gambling is really a rare thing in my case :)
I adore playing different card games with my friends, we rather often play poker, whist etc. on weekends but considering that it's a totally friendly game for us, we never use money as a prize. It's just interesting and very fun, besides it's almost only one type of gambling where you can improve your skills and become a better player. All other types are total luck and it's funny to see how some people hope for winning smth big in that way :D
I tried casinos too, I was in real ones several times and I played online ones paypal casino too. I liked slots and blackjack the most of all, I even won money two times and that was cool. I think that it's ok if you're such a small player as I, gambling is rather often considered as a very bad thing but in my opinion if you can control yourself easily, there's nothing scary in it.

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philipmorgann185 days ago

Yeah, I understand you. I'm trying various online games for slots to make money. Because I adore gambling and was curious to check the virtual types of it. In general they're nice but there's so much scam for them that I've become tired of checking firstly every game I tried... Live casinos and so on seem better for me but maybe my opinion will change in future.

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bredd14 days ago

Hi, If you are an online game lover then you should visit here because they are a professional game provider and offer many exciting games. Let me know your views on this platform?

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